Wednesday, June 17, 2009

WVW- Feet that make you go Ewww?

Another week...another crazy word montage.
No thanks to anything that I have done on my own....
this is all the handy work of those crazy blogs we all call home!

Toedurtee (Toe-Dirty)

What are you telling me Word Verification???
I mean just because I spend 5 nights a week at the baseball field does NOT
give you the right to tell me that my feet are dirty!
I guess I might just be offended enough to go buy a NEW pair of shoes..Sheesh.

Mustown (Must-Own)
submitted by: Rachel
Since he is telling me that my Toedurtee, I Mustown a spanking new pair of these:

Now yes, I realize that these might NOT be practical for a mother of 2 but SO WHAT!
They are awesome and TOTALLY out of my budget.
Its all Word Verifications fault and maybe Rachels for submitting this LOL !!!

Polish (Polish)

Now he is giving me authorization to get a pedicure! Some days I just love Word Verification, I mean one day he is calling me pantstight and the next day Polish your Toedurtee blogger girl;)

Havana (Havaiana)

Well OK so, I might have completely changed the word to work in with my theme but have any of you ever tried Havaiana's???? They are soo awesome and Word Verification knows it! He has been telling me to order a new pair and these are the ones on the list;)
Slippher (Slip Her) (Slipper)

Now at first I thought what a mean Word Verification to Slippher something in her diet coke (unless we are talking about sleeping pills..he can ALWAYS slipher me one of those)!

But, in the spirit of the theme...I realized that he just meant Slipper...he wants me to relax in my slippers. So thoughful this Word Verification man is, after he has treated me to my MUSTOWN Dolce and Gabbana's, then pampered me with my POLISH(ed) nails, he now wants me to be carefree in a pair of these bad boys...

Maybe Word Verification and I got off on the wrong FOOT,
but obviously he is trying to fix that! I accept your apology Word Verification......
"You had me at hello Toedurtee!!"


  1. those are too funny... I love how you tied them all together this week! I think of you evertime I have to type in one of those word thingies now

  2. guess what you really need is a good pair of sneakers to wear to baseball then you won't have toedurtee and can show off your polish in your mustowns the rest of the day

  3. Wow there was quite a theme going there. LOL!! Must be a sign!!

  4. What fun shoes those would be to have...maybe not so fun to see me walk in, though! You always make us laugh! So glad you WV man made up and you are all pampered now!

  5. Suddenly I have this urge to go get a pedicure and buy some new shoes... :D

    Love these word verifications!!

  6. Oooh, I'm loving those last ones. :D Thank you for sharing these!

  7. Got a pedicure on Monday....I needed that time or at least I justified my spending the money.

    Thanks for sharing, andrea

  8. Too funny! Love the cute pink shoes, and I am so in need of a pedicure right now!!

  9. You're so funny, Tarah!!! For once, Mr. Word didn't stick his foot in his mouth (well, except for when he said you're Toedurtee). But, I guess he made up for that very nicely. Love those shoes!

  10. So hey, I got the WEIRDEST word verification while commenting on Christina's True Story Tuesday. It was about 'ghosts' and I told about my own personal scarey thing, and then the word verifciation was "demonsar". Kinda freaked me out!

    Your word verifications sure WERE themed this week. And like Lori said, I think of you every time I see an interesting word verification, Tarah!!!

  11. How funny☻!

  12. Too funny. And you've seriously got me trying to make a word out of every WV I see-and I've seen some funny ones!!

  13. This is such a cute post! For the record, I'd break my neck in the red shoes, but the Havaianas look very do the slippers!

  14. lol love the foot theme today! you rock girl.

    Ok now you know you get mine too hehe.

    teasdem- He wanted my cookie so I teased him with it.

    bando- A band full of banjos.

    howdow- similar to a hoe down but of the native american origin.

    kermera- what Kermit's parents were going to name him if he were a girl.

    an my favorite this week
    owlet- where teenage owls go to shop

  15. Seriously. This is the reason I look forward to Wednesdays!!

  16. Word verification Foot Theme? How funny!!

  17. Too funny and although I do love those sandels, not on me! I would probably break my neck, although I do love a good pedicure and polish and flip flops and slippers! So much fun!

  18. You are too funny. I love those pink look at but not to wear, cause you know I would totally biff hard.
    Love the toedurtee...cause you know mine are from wearing cheap flip flops

  19. Maybe I need to listen more to what word verification is telling me to do. I might just end up with a whole new wardrobe!! Then I can tell my husband..."WORD VERIFICATION made me do it!"

  20. I think Mr. Word Verification is trying to tell you to go by shoes! Lots and lots of shoes!

    I especially love the pink ones.

    And just what business is it of his to call you toedurtee????? He lives in a computer for pete's sake!

    He has no idea of what it's like to wear flip flops out and about.

  21. Ok, so I got one to day and it said "carocks". So what does the car rock? What are we in the 80's here, or what?

  22. So did you schedule your pedicure and shopping trip yet?? And I would beg to differ. As the mother of 7 I think it is still amazingly important to wear great shoes...somes days that is all we moms have going for us.

  23. Word verifications are REALLY weird sometimes - and sometimes I want to tell the person I'm leaving a note for what it was. :)
    This was really cute! :) I'll have to start collecting them someplace ....

  24. This is such a fun collection of shoes. I don't think there are a single pair that I won't like to have in my closet. Thanks word verification! :)


  25. You are too funny girlie. Most of the words I get don't even resemble anything funny or that I can turn into real words!

  26. Too funny!! The only bonus to the word verification is the occaisional silly almost word word that I come across!!


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