Monday, June 1, 2009

Who's Your Blog's God-Mother?

Okay so all of you responsible bloggers out there: Do you have a WILL written up --- just in case something should happen to you?

I do. It tells who gets what, who will take care of my kids, who will be responsible for things, etc., etc.

But ya know what I failed to mention in that will? MY BLOG! Who the HECK is going to take care of my personal blog? This blog will be fine... it has four other mommies that will take care of it! But what about my personal one?? I don't mean on a daily basis because OBVIOUSLY that would no longer happen. Afterall it is... none other than MY blog. If I cease to exist, so will it.

HOWEVER, my loyal followers will come back looking for my next post only to find what? They'll continually, forever, for the rest of their living days come back only to find what? My last post? They'll be stuck seeing my last post... forever!!!! Goodness, I sure hope it's a great last one! That's a lot of pressure!

Has this thought ever crossed your minds? I mentioned it to Sara and got her to thinking too! In fact, she did an entire post on it. I don't think she'll care that I'm blogging about it too, since I'm also linking you back to her post as well. Right Sara?

But seriously, if I die and go to Heaven (which IS where I'll spend my eternity because I know Jesus as my personal Savior and Lord...) who will tell you guys... my bloggy friends? How will y'all know about my fate?

I'm thinking I'm going to add a BLOG CLAUSE into my will! I'll write that "In the event of my untimely death, please notify (insert name here). Tell her how I died and tell her my blog's password is *******!"

Cuz goodness ---- Nobody knows my blog's password! Nobody besides me! And none of my family would even think to bother to tell any of y'all that I was gone?! Heck, they don't even KNOW any of y'all... and obviously I do know y'all.... and they sure wouldn't care that y'all know. They sure wouldn't think that y'all know me enough to care! And of course you WOULD care --- cuz y'all love me. Right? Right!

So hmmmmm. Which bloggy-friend wants to be my blog's Godmother? Which one of you promises to take the very best care of 'her'? Which of you promises to take me out in TRUE ERICA FASHION and tell what happened in a great way without depressing my readers? Who promises to make my readers smile as they cry and hear about my horrible motorcycle wreck that took my life? (Just kidding - I don't ride motorcycles, so that's not how I'm gonna go out!)

Yea, think about it people! Our blogs all need a Godmother or Godfather in the event of our untimely deaths! You'd better get to thinking about who yours will be? And then be sure to leave it in your WILL once you figure it out!

I'm sitting here laughing at the thought of y'all reading this and going "Oh wow...she's right!"
You know you're thinking it! ha ha ha

Have a great Monday!
R.I.P. .......or......... B.I.P. (Blog in Peace!)


  1. You are way too funny! Good thought, though. I'm guessing my N.O.K. (next of kin), my dear hubby, will have to take over. Poor thing. He'll be grieving and lost and will have to go to my blog to write his very first post. Since he's a great writer, maybe it will be the thing that finally gets him writing.


  2. You know, you have a great point. I was good friends with a guy on myspace. One day we were chatting, the next day he had walked over into glory! Seriously, no warning ... just gone! Thankfully his sister left a comment on his page and informed all of us, but on blogger, some comments aren't approved until read by the owner -- and people might miss a comment.

    You've got my wheels spinning.

  3. All I have to say is...if I don't post one day on my personal blog & I didn't give you warning...then consider me gone. Because I post one post every singe day come rain or shine. Like the post man.
    I may have to give my password to my cousin though:) Just in case!
    You are too funny!

  4. When I first started reading this...I thought it was Nan...then started thinking "Nan doesn't say Y'all!"

    I would hand over the password to Alex...because he always checks my blog {what a cute little follower!} and he just knows these things...he will probably hack into it before I even die!

    I would love to see what posts he would come up with!

  5. Good post but now I have to agonize over who I'm going to give my beloved password too!

  6. My husband, because he does know y'all!! He reads my blog and I talk to him like I know my bloggy friends in IRL! "Honey, So and So said something hilarious today and I have to tell you!" It's find of funny the he knows the blogs I follow!

  7. If we don't see a post for a few days without your previous warning, we will consider you dancing with Jesus.

    My hubby will probably hack my blog if I'm dead, and he'll put casket pictures of me in the post, so you'll know I'm gone. He'll probably have me dressed all wrong in my casket, so pay no attention to that. With that said, I'm changing my password today and giving it to someone who will dress me right.

  8. I think that you sould right a last post and leave it as a draft until that happens. Just leave blanks where the details go. Even if you do have a Bloggy Godmother, he/she will never take you out in the way only you can. That way they can just fill in the blanks and move on.

  9. very clever and only mildly disturbing how attached we can become to blog land.

  10. After reading the POST and then the comments....I'm for sure thinking to there an Executor of Blogs? Maybe this is a new position that we need to create...or maybe even a blog. People can submit blog name and password and draft a "final" post...Kind of morbid but it would make everyone think....but what if it got accidentally submitted...YIKES!

    This is too funny...but kinda serious!!! ;)

  11. It'll all work out, right??!!? That's what everyone always says.
    I haven't made my WILL, so maybe I'll include it since you have advised us all to do so. I don't want you and everyone else wondering what happened!

  12. You just HAD to go and mention motorcycles didn't ya? I seriously was thinking about this as we were riding the Harley this weekend. Have a great Monday, my friend =)

  13. OhMyGosh!!! You're so right! My blog is like my second baby. It needs someone to watch after it and protect it. I'm getting teary eyed just thinking about leaving it all by its lonesome. Nobody's gonna love it as much as I love it. Hopefully, we'll be able to grow old together and the Godmother will be just a thought.

  14. This is way too funny. I thought surely I was the only one that would have a thought about my blog IF something were to happen to me. In fact about a month ago, I told my husband that I need to give him my password in case something were to happen to me. He just looked at me like I am sure most husbands would, and said..."Lets not talk about it." I am thinking the Blog Godmother is sounding pretty good. Glad I am not the only one whose mind went there.

  15. Well, I'm an unpredictable blogger as it is, so people would no doubt just wonder if I stopped blogging! (Of course with 4 kids a regular ole' will would be good!) But I'd know something was up if I didn't see a post from you for a whole week!

  16. I'll do it. Unless of course we are camping together and get eaten by a bear together. Then, we are done for.
    Maybe we need 3 fairy blogmothers?

  17. The crazy thing is...I have been thinking about this lately...does this mean: Great minds think alike? or are we going to need this clause sooner than we think? Maybe it just confirms I need to do something about it.

  18. It is so funny that you mentioned timely. My friend in real life, Elaine @ Matters of the Heart and I were just discussing this last week.

    She will be my Bloggy Godmother.

    I have had one blog I follow disappear off of the face of the earth and a couple of others go completely silent.

    It makes me wonder if they are OK!

    Have a great week ladies! Lovin' this blog!

    p.s.Oh, I am laughing at the words "unpredictable blogger" E, I always know a can pop in and catch NEW cute pix or have a laugh!

  19. I would love to be your bloggy God-mother, but I may not be the most responsible person for the task! I hate to admit it, but Ryan and I still haven't created our REAL will. We keep saying that we need to do it, but it never gets done.

  20. Oh, my! I hadn't even thought of this. Guess I need to update my will. Dh reads my blog, but he doesn't know my password.

  21. ya got me thinkin! MiMi has may password, if she still remembers it, but with her CRAZY life and 2 blogs, I am not sure it would be something that she would be willing to undertake! I could pass it onto my hubby...he does read my blog along with a few others on a daily basis. He is starting to get it too, case in point, yesterday he asked me to get my camera and take pics of him learning a new trick and then asking me to post about it, which I will do on Friday!! So who knows...

  22. This is so funny because I was actually thinking about this the other day when I was convinced that I had the swine flu.. thankfully now I know it's JUST severe bronchitis!

  23. See, because I'm a planner I have already thought of this! But, what if my hubby goes with me? I could give it to my bloggy friends, but what if they lose the password?

    I am on facebook with a few of you all, so maybe somebody on facebook would be a pal and go post on my status and alert you, but that wouldn't go on my blog.

    What about my poor blog?????? You know, somebody could make money off of this idea!!!!

    Thanks Erica, now you have thoroughly got me in a tizzy......who will get my beloved blog??????

    O.k., so I guess eventually you will figure it out if I never, ever come back.

    My hubby would be traumatized if I asked him to write a post on my blog now, while I'm alive.....can you imagine him doing it after I'm with the Lord?

    Oh, and Carrie.....I do say y'all!!!!

  24. Oh, for goodness sake, Erica!! You've got a good point but...gee, that is just what I needed on this stressful Monday...something else to worry about.'s good. I can stop worrying. My daughter has promised to tell everyone when I go to Jesus that I died and make them mourn me forever.

    She did suggest that we could just write our own blog "obituaries" now and then have someone assigned to post it when we've taken our last blogging breath...

    Isn't it a good thing that God gave us teenagers to figure it all out for us???

  25. completely true. my hubby doesn't even READ my blog, much less KNOW how to log on to it. oh dear. i could probably give it to amelya. but then again what if we die together. or what if the rapture happens? then we'll all be gone. or or or or.....the list goes on. but really it's true! what would happen? and i totally would want to know IF it did. :0) thanks for the giggle.

  26. Just found your blog through Mom's The Word. So cute!!
    As far as who gets my blog if I go home to heaven... no one! It shall remain as a shrine to all who tread there in the future. Maybe with a few tributes to me from vairious people... LOL!!

  27. Okay, you're right. I'm thinking it. Hmmmmm, Uh hubby will you be my blog Godfather?!? lol

  28. I just told hubby and he said he just read Smart Computing Magazine has an article something about this. There is a website that sends you periodic email reminders and if you don't answer in a timely manner the site assumes something has happened and they send an e-mail you previously wrote to remind someone to take care of your digital stuff, such as pictures online, etc. I assume it's for blogs too. Too funny!!

  29. Interesting! to say the least! i will keep that thought in mind!

  30. Wow, gets ya thinking.


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