Saturday, June 13, 2009

Say It Ain't So! Saturday

• Say it ain't so that my summer clothes are a little to tight around my waist!!!! ~ Nan

•Say it ain't so that Tuesday is the day I move to level three on the 30 Day Shred...Say it ain't so! OUCH! ~ Mimi

• So when I gain weight, I don't get to pick where it goes? Say it ain't so! ~Erica

• M&M's really fit up a child's nose nicely....Say it ain't so! ~ Tarah

•So do bracelet making beads...Say it ain't so! ~ Mimi

• My sister jammed beans up her nose when she was little and they started to sprout!! LOL!! Say it ain't so!!! ~ Miti

• Christmas is only 195 days away. Say it ain't so!!! ~ Nan

• We'll be ringing in 2010 in ONLY 6 months...say it ain't so!!!! ~Miti

• So, I can't find my retaliation photo of Tarah and I won't spill my nickname until I have it...Say it ain't so! ~Mimi

• You mean to tell me that Speed Limits aren't merely "suggestions?" Say it ain't so! ~Erica

• Say it ain't so!! Being 8 months pregnant won't get you out of a speeding ticket! ~Miti

• So I am not the prettiest MOM blogger...WHAT? Say it ain't so!!! ~Tarah

• WHO THE HECK said that to you Tarah?.... uh... I mean..... Say it ain't so?! ~Erica

•Say it ain't so that the hanging flowers I bought on Wednesday are already dead. Say it ain't so for real ~ Mimi

• Say it ain't so that there are calories in chocolate! (That explains the summer clothes) ~ Nan

• They should make car mirrors out of just bounce back when they hit the garage...Say it ain't so!!! ~Tarah

• Say it ain't I've got that Weezer song stuck in my head. ~ Miti

• Me too... ♪ ♫ ♪♪ ~Erica

Happy Saturday!
~ ♥ The 5 Moms


  1. Say it ain't baby is turning 2 today! Oh and I can't believe policemen are such jerks that they would give a pregnant woman a ticket!! So rude!

    P.S. Tarah, you're gorgeous!

  2. Say it ain't so The Wings lost Stanley : (

  3. Mimi, you are doing the shred?? How's it working for you?? My Mom just started it and I was thinking about it. I'm scared of being to sore and not being able to pick up my 6 month old.

  4. Say it aint so....I am exhausted at 43....

  5. you ladies are funny. It is SO!

    I cannot believe that someone spoke of CHRISTMAS!!! LOL!

  6. Oh, I just like to give everybody a little something off the wall to think about...I mean the whole point of my comment was to make sure that all the OTHER MOM bloggers know that they are BOO-T-FULL!!!!

    ((HUGS)) T

  7. Say it ain't so that Mimi does not have a Saturday post up, at her personal blog. (yet?) What?! How can that be?

  8. You girls are just the silliest! I am with Stephanie...say it ain't so...MiM's LATE on her blog with a post! but knowing her the way I know her...IT will be up before the end of the day cuz she don't's her OCD!!! Happy Saturday!

  9. You five of you are so funny!! Hope you all have a good weeekend!

  10. Say it ain't so about Christmas. Better get shopping. LOL

  11. My husband and I got pulled over on I-40 at 1am on the way to the hospital when I was in labor. The trooper told us to slow down because we had plenty of time to get there. How'd did he know?!?! You may say it ain't so but it sure was...JERK!

  12. Say it ain't so that my hubby and I will become "empty-nesters" in August...when our youngest son goes to college! :(

  13. say it ain't so that wrinkles don't look better with age...shoot!

    {I got pulled over on my way to work at 5:30am on the interstate...and had my scrubs on and said I HAD to be there by 6am! I did just get a warning...did he think I was a doctor? I didn't say! I'm not by the way!}

  14. LOL! Thanks for the fun today. :D Say it ain't so that I have a load of clothes in the washer that have been waiting to be moved to the dryer for a couple of hours, but someone is too lazy to walk to the basement to do it. LOL!

  15. Nan, I cannot believe you brought up Christmas...sheesh...something else for me to worry about!

    Mimi - everyone seems to be doing that 30 Day Shred...and liking it!

    Miti - being 8 mos pregnant also doesn't get you out of the "must have two to be in the carpool lane" ticket, either!

    Tarah - pony beads fit up a child's nose, too, as do rocks and popcorn kernels...don't ask.

    Erica - you mean they're not just "suggestions"?

  16. Say it ain't so...I have lost my willpower to eat healthy! I have had a bad couple of weeks!

  17. Level 3 isn't that much harder than level 2. So don't worry too much.
    p.s. WARNING: level 3 has lots of jumping! Wear tennis shoes!

  18. I'm commenting here since you don't have a blog. Yeah, that was MY bad, sorry! Just trying to bring on some panic here, lol!

    ~ Nan

  19. Funny stuff. Looks like you're having a lot of fun with this ladies. I bet it is so. Enjoy your weekend and thanks for your comments this week.

  20. Say it IS so, that I have lost 4.5 lbs. since starting school three weeks ago! Okay, but say it ain't so that I had to spend sooooo much money on school to get me off my behind and lose some of this excess poundage :(

  21. Very cute & hilarious! :) Thanks!

  22. Cute Say it ain't so's....I will look through my collection Mimi.


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