Thursday, May 28, 2009


Dearly Beloved Bloggers,

All this talk about CCD and funny word verifications got me thinking about how WILD & CRAZY we are about speaking in code to each other. You know exactly what I'm talking about. We all do it and we do it so well.

Shall we begin with the expression of laughter. Of course, you've got the tried and true LOL. What would we do with out it? Sometimes I just have the slightest little {giggle} on the inside and, somehow or another, LOL still manages to sneak up on me. How does it do it? Are y'all seriously sitting there at your computers engulfed with a crazed, uncontrollable laughter? I always wonder about that. That would be GREAT if that were the case COS,I gotta tell ya, I LOVE making people laugh.

Sometimes that truly is the case for me and for those moments I like to use a more intense version of LOL. It's called ROTFL. Now, if you ever see ROTFL in one of my comments then yes, picture me on the floor rolling around with my feet up in the air, holding my belly and LOLing like a mad monkey. It's true! I wouldn't lie to you. Well, except for the times when LOL wants to sneak up on me and I'm NOT literally LAUGHING OUT LOUD.

Oh and then you also have the sound effects that we all just can't get a nuff of. Yes, it's the {hahaha}s and the {hehehe}s. It's so GR8 to actually be able to hear your laughs. Hmmmm...ironically, y'all all have the same laugh. When y'all read those comments, do y'all really read them with a {hahaha} and a {hehehe}? I do. Makes me feel a little silly and giggly (on the inside.)

There also comes a time when you want to express some sort of disbelief or excitement. You know what's coming. It's the good o' OMG! If you ever need to give a comment a sense of WOW, then OMG is the code to use. I guess you could just simply say WOW, but I think the "G" in OMG trumps the whole wow-ness of WOW. Am I right?

When something makes you wonder, it makes you just wanna say hmmmmm. And when something makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside you just can't help but say Awwwww. And then you've got the creative use of colons and parenthesis to draw the cutest little faces :0) Aren't they just adorable! Don't forget about all the body language too {wink} {wink} & {HUGS} {HUGS}. Yes, you can really let your personality shine through with all these sound effects and crazy codes.

Or, could it be that we just LOVE to use these codes cause we're just a tad bit lazy? JK. Yeah, that's just me JK-ing around with y'all COS I love to JK every now and then too.

By the way, did I mention the BTW. It's a classic. There's all sorts of acronyms that make the comments grow fonder, but BTW is one I LOVE COS it makes the comments grow longer. Yes sir-y, the longer, more full of personality your comments are, the more I love them!

So keep on
{wink} {winkin'}
{huggity} {huggin'}
hm hmmmm-ing
OOOO and awwwwww-ing
Til the cows come home!!


  1. so while reading your BLOG I was like OMG, so cool!!! and then I started I saw your cute pics and went Awwwww... but those monkey pictures got me doing this ROTFL... Yep that is me, ja ja ja-->that is laughing in Spanish{WINK}


  2. Thanks forthe morning get meup laugh!

  3. I had a clever comment all planned out...Rocio beat me to it! (I'm lol-ing @ you Rocio. Yes I just verbed that!) Funny stuff :0) You can't go wrong with monkeys...monkeys are just plain funny!

  4. how true how true!!! at least we all know what we are talking about, unlike when we try to read some of the things our kids text to each other! EEK!!! (oh, there is one you missed!!! (wink, wink) LOVE IT!

  5. How clever! Those pictures are too funny...hee hee! I know, I can't help it! I think I {hee hee} in every comment I make! I really do!

    It took me a long time to figure out what ROTFL meant...I know I'm a little slow...

    Thanks for LOLing!

  6. ahh the universal code of internet lingo. woot woot :)

  7. Too FUNNY....Although I usually do the OMGosh...along with all of the others cuz serioulsly those were gr8 and you had my LOL thru out! Have a happy one...! What about *sigh*!

  8. Well, I say the "G" in OMG stands for GOODNESS if I'm sayin' it. Just wanted to clarify that! In fact, I type OMGoodness, so people know. ha ha ha

    Great post, Miti! I keep wondering who of the five of us will be the first to 'run out' of wit first! Wasn't you! =0)

  9. Well I didn't ROTFL but I did lol a little. ;o)

  10. That last picture is the cutest....gotta love codes :)

  11. Great blog, great pictures, and great posts. I am "old" and still trying to keep up with all the codes...many times I have to get my young adult and teenage kids to translate...boy do they LOL.

  12. Those pics are cute! Love the Ostrich.

  13. Oh are too much. I love this post. But I will no longer use LOL in any comments. Unless of course I truly am.
    I use OMGOSH all the time...but always add the gosh.
    You got me coming back every Thursday until those cows come home:)

  14. This post really brightened my day.

    I love comments and as a newer blogger I was missing some if this vocab. (ROTFL is a great example-went right over my head before)

    I'm like E in the OMG- Goodness factor.

    You can always count on me for a trademark- ")

    One of my all time favs is a {giggle}, never use it, but love to get it!

    Seriously, a delightful post. Thanks!!! (no such thing as too many exclamation points in my book!)


  15. This was too cute. I would ROTFL except I'm at work on my lunch break and someone might think I'm weird! Hey, what am I talking about? After 32 years they know I'm weird!! hahahaha

    I certainly am enjoying your all's blog. Keep on keeping on with it!!

  16. HILARIOUS and SO TRUE! I sure did LOL at this post!

  17. Loved it! I was ROTL and let me tell you, I have not swept in awhile so now I have dog hair all over picture THAT!!!!!

    My son and his friends get a little "wierded" out when us grownups use some of "their" secret texting language. I'll have to have him read this, it will send him into therapy for sure!

  18. Holy ROTFLMBO batman!!! He He HE...that is toooo funny! Girl, you are so good at your posts! I neva know what you are coming up with but it is awesome!!! ;)

  19. You are too funny girl! It makes you wonder, huh? About all that...I had a friend that I was IMing and I had put, BTW. She responded with BY THE WAY, was does BTW mean. I made her figure it out. :o)

  20. I love ROTFL. I know I will use it now!

  21. Yep, when I type LOL or hehehehe I am truly doing just that! What's with everyone copying my laugh, though, that's just NF (not fair) :D

  22. OMG! Girl, that was so GR8!

    I had to do it. I really did enjoy reading that, though. I'm not very good at using all those "codes." But I like to see them, I think they're cute. & I love the little pictures you found to go with that!

  23. LOL! Gr8 Post! <3 all the short ways!

  24. these ones I have but here's the thing. Two years ago when my mom got a cell and starting texting to keep up with the grandkids...she said I don't get all the codes. So, I being the helpful daughter I am, went on the internet and printed her a page of the most common codes used by teenagers for texting and emailing. Now, I can't translate my soon to be 70 year old mom's messages! Do you have code department I could forward them too???


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