Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Word Verification Wednesday...Tres Screwe....

Hello again my lovely ladies (and a select group of gentlemen).

This week was no exception to the ridicule, rudeness and repugnant words that your word verifications have spit out at my expense.

I have had a couple of suggestions for this week and I want to mention that they will be high lighted on next weeks post. My own running tally was getting a bit long so I am crossing a couple of the never ending list!

Here we go again:

Sockels (Sock•elz)

This would be socks that take on the characteristics of Fraggles. Remember Fraggles? I used to love that show...I might be showing my age but they looked something like this:

So this is what I imagine a Sockel to look like.....
Billudun (Bill•U•Done)

(Insert your best country accent here...for lessons, please visit Erica ;)

Has there ever been a Billudun forgot about? Something like a car payment or Electric bill? What? You never have.....Good to know that Billudun made has been paid.

Yep, subliminally I am to go out this weekend and see a movie...
almost feel like I am in some sort of hypnotic trance...

"Yes word verification, I will do as you ask and use fandango to see a movie". "You are my master". *SNAP* OK...I'm out of it...wait wait wait...there is a theme here...PUPPETS..

Maybe, I am missing my calling...I should be a puppeteer...SURE, that sounds fun!

Chilblanky (Chill Blankie)

I always find it ironic that word verification puts words together that DO NOT belong. I mean if you are chilly, you grab a I right? So, if you blanket is UPSET at you do you tell it to Chill? Possibly. I've thrown mine across the room in a tangled mess....maybe, I need one of these:

Now that is a Chilblanky if ever I saw one....

Have a great week...Keep checking back daily for another Mom's take!


  1. I always love these... billudone sounds like something that larry the cable guy would say

  2. heehee! I remember Fraggles like it was yesterday! Alex wanted a Snuggie so bad for Christmas...but Santa did not bring him one...bummer! LOL! Too funny!

  3. Okay.... I don't know how many of you are Southerners but there is no makin' fun! We can't help the way we talk!!

    My favorite phrase that we use around here is

    Jeet yet?? Meanin'- Are you hungry?


    Preeshayed it - Meanin'- I appreciate what you have done for me!!

  4. HAHA! Now that I've read your word verifications, I can start my day. These were too funny!

  5. Wow! I swear I learn everything I need to know on the Internet. Case in point: I now realize that I own a pair of Sockels.

    Who knew? :)


  6. Very Funny! This post gets me thinkin' that maybe someone has too much time on their hands, lol!

    Love ya!

  7. Now you have me thinking that I want to go to a movie. Great list of "words"!

  8. Okay, first of all, the Sockel is CUTE!

    And would that be a SNUGGIE? Cuz trust me, I have one of those!

    And just cuz I say things with a bit of a Texas draw, doesn't make me weird. It's all the things I do and what I'm talking about that make me weird!!! Get it straight, Tarah!

    Thanks for the linkage. Peace out! ((did that sound Texas? I think not!)) Yee-haw!

  9. I had forgotten about many of these...soooo cute. Blessings, andrea

  10. Hilarious! What a great idea for a weekly post!

  11. Hey Tarah. I'm just sittin' here chillin' with my blanky. You know, Fraggle Rock used to be one of my favorites back in the day!!! If I were a sock, I'd wanna be a Sockel too. Lovin' that sockel doo too! That Sockel would've been a gr8 addition to the cast.

    GIRLLLL, Udun got me laughin' again. hehehehe

  12. Who knew that word verifications would be so funny! and before I NEVER even thought about it, I just typed what I needed to type and away I went, BUT now, I am overthinking every one saying to myself...self, how would Tarah say this and what would it mean! Seriously!!! And I am even leaving them for you cuz it's killing me, I tell ya, just killing me!!

  13. Too funny! I remember the Fraggles...they are kind of creepy now. Also the smurfs.

  14. i had this one this week, atadmesi
    oh so true! haha

  15. I need me one of those chillblankeys!!!

  16. I remember my baby brother watching Fraggle Rock as we ran for the school bus in the morning.

    Could Sockel also refer to the ones missing mates on top of my washer. Or what you might do to an annoying sales person?

    Thanks for giving meaning to those oh so annoying word verifications.

  17. LOVE IT! I look forward to these posts every week! You know you've started something and you're gonna have to keep it up now!!

  18. You know I love talking in my southern accent that I picked up for about 3 years while living in Virginia. Yee Haw Ya'll I got the bill & I dun paid er.
    You are so funny and I so want a snuggie for the basement in the winter when i blog! Agent makes fun of me for wanting one.

  19. Now you've got me singing the Fraggle Rock song....thanks a lot!!!! I just got the Jack in the Box "mini sirloin burgers" song out of it.....

    You are too funny, girlfriend!

  20. You guys are just too funny!!!

  21. I like the billudun the best.....and dun it over and over and over.

  22. Very cute. I like the idea of "Sockels".Thanks for the giggles.

  23. Just tonight I was comment on Nan's blog and had to agree that it was, in fact, a "dillight" to be commenting.

  24. My verification word just now on Nan’s blog was... SAPPYRAT

    I thought you could appreciate that one. *smile*
    ~ Hope

  25. Wow, are you serious? Those are real word verif.

    Those people are definitely on drugs!

    Always love this WV post, Tarah!


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