Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Cooking Week +Word Verifications = Funny

Have you ever turned on a channel that is cooking related and wondered what the heck they are talking about? I know I have for sure.

I am a BAKER by love but a chef, I am NOT!!!

This week, take a peek at the funny little "Cooking" words that word verification has DICED up for me
(and perhaps for some of you too)!

Oventif (Oven-Tif)

Ah, the proverbial definition between my oven and myself. We are always having a tif...a burned cinnamon roll, an overcooked casserole..he just doesn't like me some days. Although, sometimes he is on the same temperature as I am, making me lovely Thanksgiving turkeys and beautiful pies and cookies. So, maybe it is not a Tif but a Spat!!

Cruked (Crook-ed)

This is what my lovely little guy says when he asks me to make chicken fingers. He would like me to Cruked them in the oven..not the microwave. In case you were wondering, he IS The Naked Chef
(go ahead and is CLEAN, I promise!) *

Smoldeyup (Smoldey-Up)

OK, so this one might be a little embarrasing on my part but yes, in the cooking arena I have had a couple of things that have been Smoldeyup. This is where your entire dish goes up into flames and we are NOT just talking about a little charring on the side..I am talking about accidentally putting plastic saran wrap in a 425 degree oven and watching the flames in sue!!! Ahhh. Of course this was WAY before blogging or I would have an AWESOME pic to show you guys! Whats your Smoldeyup story?

Messtobe (Mess-To-Be)

Word verification really knows how to air my dirty cooking stories...



Long story short....This was a MESSTOBE for sure! Nothing says "cooking" like your 2 year old opening the hot oven and sticking a whole can of unopened re fried beans into the oven and then NEVER telling you that he did it so 20 minutes go by and your STOVE DOOR blows off, you think you are dying and your little guy says..."I was helping you cook mommy". Yeah.....

What will the theme be next week...;)

*I think I might be the 1st of the 5 moms to actually drag a photo of a child over to this blog. It WILL NOT be a regular occurrence. I just could not pass up the opportunity since it was in the theme! Thanks for playing along!


  1. This is great! You crack me up with your word verifications. Too funny. I couldn't get the link to work (but of course, it could just be me) I seem to be having problems with that today.

  2. I couldn't get the Naked Chef link to work...haven't tried the others, yet.

    Cute WV's! They always crack up!

  3. That's so funny how the WV's come in 'themes' to you. I'm so NOT a chef either. I like to eat it, but I prefer to let someone else cook/bake it! =0)

    PS - I fixed your "Naked Chef" link so it's working now! Very cute, by the way!


  4. Such a funny post. I too am 'culinarily' challenged! (Yep-made that word up on the spot) Thank goodness my husband is a way better cook than me, and he actually likes to do it!

  5. haha those were some funny ones day! I had no clue that re fried beans would explode in your oven. that's some good fyi!

  6. T,

    Those sound like my kitchen experiences. Well minus the fire. LOl
    You are too much. All I know is that WV loves you. It just keeps giving you better and better material.

  7. ~smiling~ I am sure we all have those stories of 'cooking gone wrong'...don't you love the blogging world where you can spill the beans about all your cooking adventures!

  8. Seriously are you in my can you see all that I do?! Scary..what am I doing right now? OMGosh, that's right, I AM blogging, how did you know?! I, too, am a baker and NOT a cook; as anyone in my family will tell you! For instance, just 2 nights ago I was making cheesy bread in the broiler and forgot about it (naturally). I remembered just seconds before it burst inot flames (it was a little crispy to say the least!). So needless to say there was no bread for our pasta! Although I haven't had the experience of having a child help me the way that yours did, I probably didn't need the help! Thanks for the morning giggle, or should I say ROFLOL!!!!!

  9. Cute...thanks for making me laugh!

  10. Wonderflu Word Verifications Again! You never cease to amaze me!!

  11. Wow, and I thought my youngest kept me busy! Your stove door blew off? His future wife may want him to stay out of the kitchen!

    I had a humiliating experience with some marinating meat once.....oh, and I was cooking and my oven mit caught on fire as it was lying next to the burner. So I've had my share, lol!

  12. Too funny!

    "Young Chefs" certainly have a way of keeping us busy in the kitchen. Don't you just love it when they "wanna help?" Then you blink and they get like mine and see it as "work." Time flies by too quickly.

  13. messtobe lol..that is the best.
    Sorry I didn't have any good ones this week. It's been a busy week for me. But I can share this funny tidbit.. my small son not sure how small he was at the time but small enough to still be found innocent at the trial; put a pot holder in the bottom broiler section of stove unbeknownst to me. Short while later the smoke alarm is going off and smoke is pouring from the oven. How bout that for some smoldeyup?!

  14. these are great... you certainly seem to be having a great time playing with these... ummm words??

  15. Ok, ok, ok...Now that I have caught my breath from have got to go over to your blog & tell the whole story on the can in the oven :0) Too funny!!

  16. Tarah you are just too funny! Hope to see more of you in Vlogmeo!

    I just love these word verifications you come up with.

    Love and Prayers,


  17. Ha! I think you must be getting all of the great word verifications and themed at that. The ones I get never make any kind of sense.

    Did you laugh or cry when the refried beans can blew?

  18. Cute words there, Tarah. The can of unopened beans in the oven scared the heck outa me. I'm glad no one got hurt.

    Thanks for the laughs.

  19. Yikes! did that really happen?! {you know I'm sometimes I can't tell if you're kidding or serious! LOL!}

    Sounds like some cooking around here! I have forgotten to take foil off before inserting in microwave...oops! But no major blow up! whew!

  20. Hey Tarah! This was a good one! I especially love the pic of the Naked Chef. You never told me you were the mom of that famous chef. Who knew, huh?!! Too cute! This just goes to proof to that Mr. Word that you CAN take the heat in his kitchen.

  21. OK. I don't see the picture and I am DYING to know how you managed to fix up that mess and how long it took before you were able to overcome the terror and eat refried beans again??

  22. Mess-to-be...haha! I think you described the appearance of my house on most days of my life.

    Love this series of posts that you write. Always makes me laugh.


  23. LOL! Love the word verifications this week! :D

    I've had a couple of incidents in the kitchen - One was about 6 years ago when I was making brownies. Dh came in the door and said "Let's go out to eat". So we all went out to eat. I realized halfway through dinner that I had pizza in the oven. Bells were going off. I was imaginging a fire truck at my house. Thank God we got there and all I had was a smelly kitchen and super brown-brownies. :D

    Another incident my son wanted to warm some milk in the microwave for cocoa. He put the milk in my metal coffee cup and put it in. I was asleep. My daughter came running up the stairs and said there was a fire. Thank God I came down and it was small enough to blow out. No metal in the microwave, son!

  24. i am always putting thought into WV thanks to youTarah! Makes blogging even more interesting!

    Did you really have an explosion? OMGosh, Scary!!!


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