Friday, June 5, 2009

Mom Brain

Since having children my Brain has totally taken a vacation. I no longer have the College Educated Brain I paid so much for, no...I have something even better...THE MOM BRAIN!

Definition of Mom Brain:

A place where a bunch of useless information hangs out & crowds out all of the important things you should know & remember.

Let me enlighten you if I may~

How many of you can remember all of my children's birth dates, weight, height, social security numbers, but can't remember that you were doing laundry 30 minutes ago & need to put those clothes in the dryer so you don't have to rewash them for the third time? Oh, I'm the only one with Mom Brain? I think not...

Hold on to your dirty gets better~

When speaking to my children, I go through all of their names & throw in a few names of kids that don't even belong to me because I just can't spit out the name of the face staring right at me. Please tell me I am not alone in this? I sometimes give up & say..."Hey you with the head!" That way I am for sure to get it right!

How about this talent~

I actually amaze myself with my ability to know exactly where all of my kids lost items are & can rattle their hiding place off without pausing when asked where they are, but cannot for the life of me remember what outfit I wore just yesterday or what I had for breakfast.

Shopping with Mom Brain is always fun~

My trips to Target go a little something like this...leave reusable bags in the car, forget to use the coupons that are in my coupon holder right inside my purse & finally leave the store only to realize when I get home that I forgot the most important item on my list back at Target. I love when that happens. Grrrrr!

A.D.D doesn't help Mom Brain either~

I love it when I am making dinner & I forget to add an ingredient because my A.D.D kicks in while I am looking for the ingredient in the pantry & decide to organize the shelves instead. Those are always my award winning dinners. YUM!

I realize this disease is self diagnosed & totally made up, but I swear I have it. Cards & emails would be appreciated to help me get through this crazy time.

*I am not really sure if there is actually a cure for Mom Brain, but I am guessing it starts about 18 years after the birth of your last child. I am just saying...*

Do you think you have Mom Brain?

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  1. MIMI!! You are the most awesomest blog friend ever!!!

    I so have mommy brain! My last child often gets called AlMacaJosh! Poor me, I also suffer with ADD so my dinners often turn out like yours or it takes me 23987 hours to clean the house becuase I will leave the kitchen to take something to the bedroom and get all sidetracked!!

  2. I have always heard it called "Placenta Brain" depending on how many children you have, you use a little brain with every birthed placenta!

    I just read back over that it sounds really gross!! Sorry :)

  3. I so have mommy brain. I've usually got 5 things go on at the same time and then get distracted by something and forget to finish all of them!

  4. I have had mommy brain for 10 years now and I don't see it going away any time soon. HA!

  5. Mom brain...learning how to listen to about 3 different conversations at the same time! LOL!

    I usually call my kids Skipper, too, because he's one of the kids too...that makes them laugh...and then I don't remember what I was going to say to them! ha ha! And I always forget something on my list, even when it's right in front of me! {sigh!}

  6. Oh thank you thank you thank you!! My "illness" has a name and I am not alone! Mom Brain-it totally makes sense! Your post was too hilarious and! I totally relate. Have a great weekend Mimi!

  7. I SO have Mommy Brain! I haven't used the "Hey you with the head" line yet...but I might have to soon!! I always forget to use my coupons too...and I put them in my pocket to try and remember!

  8. oh yes. i absolutely get irked everytime i'm in the store and my shopping bags are in the van. argh. i don't even clip coupons because i know i won't use them. even with my kids having different 'sounding''s usually ame-breigh. br-amelya. am-br-caitlyn. dustin isn't old enough to be called something else yet. and heck i've called my husband, oscar...our DOG'S name. and have called the dog, shaun!! then my sil's dog who is here is oliver. i can't get the DOGS straight now!! and i can remember my kiddos birthdays like the drop of a hat. ask me mine and i'll stare at you awhile!! lol. sorry for the novel...

  9. Oh yes, I do have mom brain! And so did my mom. And so did her mom! I thought it was just hereditary, didn't know it was a worldwide epedimic! I call my sons my brother's names, and my brothers got called my uncles names. I used to get called the dog's name, and... Oh wait, have to go switch out laundry.

  10. I've call my kids the dog's name namy times.
    I've call the dog by my kids' names before too.

    I can't even remember my name half the time.

    Forget about remembering sizes, SS#, or even ages. If I don't have it written down you are out of luck.

    Heading over to Christina's now.

    Have a great weekend!

  11. I tell my husband all the time that there HAS to be better things I could be using my memory for. Bio-chemistry or something, ha! For now, I'll continue being the keeper of all things, finder of all that is lost, walking phone book extraordinaire!! I also call my oldest son by my brother's name & don't get me started on the dog...he'll answer to anything, lol!

  12. WOW!!! I think you have diagnosed me Dr. MiMi!! Totally LOL! And I call my kids "hey you with the head" ALL THE TIME!!! (did you get that from me?!) As far as dinner, I don't cook, so that DOESN'T happen to me, BUT starting to clean in one place and finishing in another IS me so that my house is never clean ALL at once! *sigh* Oh well! Love me for who I am! Great Post and Happy Friday!!

  13. Oh that is too funny!!! I do all those things (and several more!!) Well, now since you've seen my post you know this is an actual SCIENTIFIC FACT, my friend!!! You have an excuse. ^_^

  14. haha, love it! Yup, my baby is only 16 months old and I so have mommy brain!!! I can see it with my mom too... and I'm her baby (and 22 years old)... Sad to say, but I think Mom Brain lasts forever, since we'll be mothers forever... :)

  15. Yup, I absolutely have Mom Brain! I'm convinced that when our babies are born and begin to nurse, they suck our brains right out of us. That's my story, and I'm stickin' to it! LOL ;-)

  16. Mom brain -- I like it! I just got up and went in to the kitchen, where I found last night's leftovers nestling in a lidded bowl . . . left right on the counter all night long. Ugh. Might that be mom brain at work?

  17. Definitely have Mom kids have given up on me. Not only do I not know their names, but I've also noticed that I've started saying things like, "Go get me the ball, when I mean go get me the something-else-that-begins-with "b"...apparently my brain is now just speaking in short-hand and my mouth isn't up to speed. Get in the car can easily become get in the cat. The children are now just shaking their heads and doing what they think I intended.

  18. If those are the symptoms of that disease. I am sure I can self diagnose myself with Mom Brain as well. ooooh!

  19. After reading this post and all the comments, I am thrilled to know that I am not alone. Mom Brains Unite!

    I can't get anybody's name right. Even the cat gets called a different name.

  20. I am so totally and completely with you on the whole Mom Brain thing. LOL

  21. Would this work for Dog's too? Dog Brain?!? Doesn't that sound goofy. Anyways, I will send some flowers...if I remember.

  22. oh the loveliness of of Mom Brain!
    great idea for blogger Featuring christina! :)

  23. There are 7 children in my family and it isn't uncommon to hear my mom call out
    "hey you in the blue, come here."

  24. ummm...yeah....sorry to burst your bubble but it doesn't end at 18 years after their birth. Trust me, I know!

    I usually just wiggle and point a finger at one of 'em and sputter out "YOU! You! Come here please!"

    I hate it when I go to the store and forget why I went there. I end up buying more things, spending more money, and not getting what I went there for.

    Love the post. So funny! Love the shoutout too. I already love Christina's blog!

  25. I don't think I have mom brain... I absolutely know that I do! The story of looking for an ingredient in the cabinet and then getting sidetracked and decided to reorganize the cabinet... THAT IS TOTALLY ME!
    I've also been walk in to a room to get something, and totally forget what it was that I walked in there for by the time I get there. And no, my house is not THAT big!

  26. Oh most definitely I have it. I just never knew what to call it. Mom Brain. I like that I now have a name for my disease. I'm always calling my kids by the wrong name and I only have 2 kids!?! Oh well, one's 17 and one's 14 so maybe I'm just a few years away from being cured. Although, I hate to tell you, my mom's baby is 47 and she still does the name thing! I'm afraid I may be stuck with it for life....I'm just saying. Maybe that part's hereditary and you guys won't have to worry about it.

    Have a nice weekend. I'm off to check out Christina's blog.


  27. Can you have Mom Brain before you have kids? I have very, very clean laundry because I never remember to switch it over to the drier. {having to wash it again of course} My husband is sure his name is Taymatdafig,(acombination of brothers and father there) I mean at least he answers to it, albeit with a smirk and a giggle. I can not count the number of times I have left a pot of water to boil down or been startled by the smoke detector reminding me that I put oil on to heat up. My lovely sister Erin suggested that I set a timer no matter what because it will at least remind me I was doing something in the kitchen. I have and it helps although sometimes I forget why I set the timer and keep looking for something to pull out of the oven. I think I have early onset Mom Brain as Husband and I are in the process of trying... Maybe I'm just getting ready?

  28. During my first pregnancy, I was just hoping it was 'pregnancy brain' - I was wrong; it continued...after that I was hoping it was lack of sleep due to having a newborn - I was wrong; it continued... then I got pregnant with baby #2 and it got worse. Now that baby #3 is four years old - I am convinced that it is in fact "mom brain"; especially since I have all of the symptoms you speak of!

  29. I totally DO NOT have mom brain..I did not just forget to check this blog until 5pm at night...I mean I a part of this team or will I be the outcast?

    Mom Brain = Tarah = Still super cool although slightly stupid ;)

  30. I can really relate to these "Mom Brain" issues.It's frustrating. I feel old & out of it. So I'm not alone UR saying? I think that's a good thing.

  31. Cracking up about the 'placenta brain' comment! The worst part is, after 5 kids, I can totally assure you it's a real thing!! It doesn't get better, ladies. It really doesn't.

  32. Yup, I have Mom Brain and so does my Daddy. The other day, I forgot to get shortin' for my icing and had to head back to the store. Happens ALL the time. Grrrrrr!!! And yup, I forget about the laundry and the coupons too. Grrrrr!!!!

    My Daddy, on the other hand, has ALWAYS had a problem remember me and my sisters' names. One minute, I was Scarlett. The next minute, I was Josette....then Annette....then Danizza....until FINALLY, I was ME (Yay for ME!!). I guess having 5 made it hard to keep up. OHHHH....I love my Daddy!!

  33. Yes I go through every name even the cats. But, I am applying for a teaching job so hopefully I won't have Mom Brain full time just part time.

  34. Love this post! I am glad to have a name to my problem. I sometimes make it through the list of kids names and still don't have the right name. Then I just say, "You, whatever your name is..." Funny thing is the kid always tells me their name! I was also called many pet names when I was a kid.
    But, I can actually explain this problem. I read that we only use about 10% or our brains. Then I read somewhere else that our brains shrink 3% with pregnancy. Well, I have 6 kids, so 3 X 6 =18. So, I have -8% brain use. I am in deficit spending in brain power!

    Thanks for the laughs!

  35. Good news Mimi. My brain started working again last year. It only took about a decade from the last birth!

    There is hope :)

  36. LOL!! I suffer from all of this BIG TIME!
    As far as yelling kids names, I yell my kids names, foster care kids names, and even daycare kids names..some present and some past. You always remember that 'special' child when you automatically yell his name first!
    The trip to target..where I was suppose to save $40 some bucks with coupons..yep..that's me too. I usually forget the toilet paper that I went to buy too.

  37. I own up to MOM brain. AS a matter of fact I think I discovered it. It is not uncommon for me to be in the middle of yelling at one of my kids and stop to look at them and say, "Hey, what's your name??? And don't lie to me because you live here and I will find out!"

    As of last week I officially (yes we had a family meeting where I announced this) started combining the names of kids who are frequently called together so as to save myself some brain power. For example, I often call the names Emma and Grace at the same time so in the future if I want them both I will merely say "Gemma" and they will come running. Nathaniel (we call him Than) and Aedan are close in age,share a room, are usually together and are often called to do a job together so from now on if I want both of them I will call THADEN at the top of my lungs (because boys don't hear very well if we aren't talking about food.)

    In all fairness, I should tell you Grace isn't even one of my kids. She's just around enough that she is used to me telling her what to do and asking her if she finished her chores.


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