Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Garage Sale Capers....Chapter One

We currently interrupt our regularly scheduled programming to bring you an insane amount of useless information on garage sales...yes, I said it.
You heard correctly, I said INSANE garage sales antics.

Its a new trend, "The Neighborhood Sale". This is where MASS amounts of homes in your neighborhood sign up for what seems to be an innocent little -get rid of my junk sale- and before you know it, your address is given to mass amounts of people on a map. They drive for hours, just to get your kids old bike for $3.00 and when they get there and it is gone they go on a bartering spree that makes the strong weep. "No, I'm sorry, I can not sell you the car parked in front of my house, I realize that you like it but I just can't."
Even though your $15.00 offer is tempting, I have to pass.

Top 10 Most Ridiculous Things That Happened At My Garage Sale

10. A woman ripping a whole bunch of necklaces off a poster board full strength and then had the nerve to tell me that they are broken...Um, Yeah...YOU broke them!

9. The lady that "PARKED" in my driveway for a half an hour, I mean I just politely put my property tax statement on the windshield...since she lives here, she can chip in!

8. The older gentleman who asked me if I happened to have any guns for sale.
One minute, I'll be right back. I need to get the ammo.

7. Receiver actually saying to someone "You look tired and need to sit down. Your old. "

6. Someone bartered with me on a 50 cent item. And then paid with a $20.00 bill. WHAT?

5. A woman telling me that my brand new DVD's still in the plastic that were priced at $3.00 each was too close to retail and I should lower my prices.

4. The man who bought my bike trailer who placed his 2 children in it, and ran down the street with it and it WAS NOT attached to anything but his hand...Nah...that was not weird!

3. The FREE Bin..who knew that you could put ANYTHING in there and it would be gone, I might have put a baggie of leaves from my yard in there...
(I'm just sayin they were gone when I checked).

2. The garbage trucks that came through the "HOOD" on the 1st day and honestly hit about 3 cars ( I am not joking) they could not get through the streets. It was tooooooo tight... YIKES

1. Me, getting rid of more clothes, toys and junk than I ever thought I had..only to realize that I will do it again next year!

So tell me...Do you LOVE garage sales? What are your tales? Chapter Two is up to you!


    Well as a Buyer I have been bitten twice by a dog, pushed about 15 times by crazy people, and Ripped OFF once by a seller! but I still love going to garage sales! IT GETS soooo CRAZY!!!
    Well and as a seller, I will be having my FIRST Garage Sale in about a Month. So hmm! I will tell you then!, jejeje...

    Have a Happy Wed!!!!!!

  2. LOL! Those were so funny! Everyone wants a deal!!

    I like garage sales too, but I don't ever go to any!

  3. those were great... I never go to garage sales, but have held a few in my day

  4. Yup, I said it once and I'll say it again! I LOVE GARAGE SALES AND YARD SALES TOO!! As a matter of fact, we're having one in two weekends. Hosting one is not so fun though. But who knows maybe I'll have some interesting requests too.

    My favorite buy at a yard sales this year is one of those animal print handbags that everyone seems to have these days for ONLY $1.00!!! WOOOO HOOOO! Gotta know were to go to get the good stuff. And I LOVE those "hood" sales. I like to call it one stop yard shopping.

  5. I haven't been to a yard/garage sale in years! I had one of my own probably 5 or 6 years ago and didn't make anything. I just don't have it in my blood to sale... but I love to shop and can't wait to go this summer to some to find some good deals!

  6. I've had several garage sales and been to lots of them too. The weirdest thing that happened to me and my friend who were hosting one together is that a person bought and paid for an item, and then never came back to pick it up. She was out $40.

  7. I used to shop at yard sales more often when my boys were little. They were growing so quickly that I bought most of their clothes at yard sales! I try not to go to them much now...I already have too much stuff, and I always DREAD hosting a yard sale! Lots of work. Too many people wanting to haggle over a price. Physically and mentally exhausting! But, it IS nice to get a little pocket money and gid rid of all the junk that accumulates.

    Funniest story? A box we had full of trash...bent curtain rods, old clothes hangers, stained clothing, old shoes, broken toys, etc. A man came up to us and offered us $10 for the whole box!!! Proof that one man's trash is another man's treasure!

  8. Soooo funny and very typical of what might happen at a garage/yard sale. We have the huge neighborhood sales too and they bring a ton of people. I've only had one in my life and loved the money I made but people are CHEAP!! #5 and annoying! I was practically giving my stuff away and they were still trying to get me to lower my price.

  9. I think I must be lazy because garage sales are too much work for me! I would rather just donate all my stuff and call it a day! We have done a few in the past...but all that stuff you listed up there {especially the bartering} gets on my nerves! Not to mention you have to get up SUPER early! The guy with his kids in the bike trailer is hilarious!!

  10. I love going to garage sales. Having them is not fun. We did one when Natey was 3 months old and there's nothing like having a small child in a Baby Bjorn strapped to you for the better part of a day in August! Ugh.

  11. I've had one once in my lifetime. It is a LOT of work, so now I just drop the stuff off at the DAV. :D I went out last weekend to neighborhood sales and think I'm going to check out some estate sales this weekend. Woohoo!

  12. My mom is the queen of garage sales. She is always on the prowl and then she has a huge one herself. I remember when I was about 6 years old someone tried to get my mom to sell them our horse at the garage sell. She had to keep telling them over and over that our horse is not for sale!

  13. Am I the only one who calls it a Rummage Sale?

    I don't sell my yard, or my garage, but I would let people rummage through my stuff for a price.

    My garage,yard,rummage sale story...a guy bought $100 worth of baby clothes but only had $85. Ya, I took it. The sad part...that I had that many clothes to get rid of.

  14. Ahhhh, garage sales! They really don't stress me out. I rather enjoy them. But I have worked at them with OTHERS who DO get stressed out and that drives me crazy. Come on people, it's no big deal!?! =0)

    I do love finding good deals at them though. I am all proud of myself when talking someone down on their prices too. Is that mean? ha ha ha

    Glad you survived yours, Tarah!

  15. Yikes! So glad you had a wonderful turn out...I'm more of the garage sale shopper, not garage sale hostess-er! LOL! If I could open up my basement and make that count...but it is def alot of work! People are serious about their garage sale tactics...and trying to get anything for less and less! Did anyone show up early before you were even 'open'? A long time ago, I remeber someone knocking on our front door when I was little...and my mom was someone wanting to start shopping our yard sale, before we even had it set up!

  16. This was SUCH a fun post to read since I am getting ready for a garage sale- as a part of our neighborhood garage sale. I haven't done one for a while so thanks for reminding me how crazy it can be!

  17. I LOVE yard sales. Before moving to AZ, I had a 3 day one where we sold, literaly, everything and made a very decent amount of money! Out here, people have them, but more in the winter and only for a few hours which seems wierd to me. IF you are gonna go to all that trouble, why not have it all day....our city hosts a 'swap meet' 2 a year and I have done it both times in the spring...made enough to sign my boys up for football (which is a bonus!) but once again it is only from 8-1 on a Sat.

    The best deal I found was a Creative Memories kit that had tons of, cutters, pens, stickers, paper, I mean everything and was only $50. Loved that deal!! The book alone was $50!

    Glad you had such a great turn out!

  18. LOVE this post! #7 has got to be my favorite...out of the mouths of babes...right?!?

  19. HILARIOUS post...I so agree abt the property tax and the woman who parked in your driveway. When we did a garage sale...people had the nerve to invite themselves in our own home and then ask us if things were for sale. OH the days!

  20. Loved this, hehehe! The unwritten rule for a yard sale is you never park in their driveway. Never!!!!

    It is funny how people will expect to talk you down. We always marked our stuff higher so they could bargain us down.

    I don't host them anymore. Just give our stuff to Goodwill and save myself the hassle.

    When my oldest (the one whose Prom pictures I posted today) was four, he told our new neighbor that she needed to clean her house!

  21. I think it was all worth it in the end. You raked in the dough!!!

  22. I am cracking up at the dad that bought the bike trailer and carried his kids home by hand. too funny. You know my tale of the Liz Claiborne glasses for .5 cents. Really? I am sick over them still to this day.
    You are too funny.

  23. and here I sit with my word verification list in hand ready to contribute! hrmpf. guess I'll save them for next week.

    at any rate, I love yard sales!! I'm gearing up for mine soon. Had to laugh at receiver's remarks to old person. snork!

  24. Hilarious! I don't go to garage sales very often, but my friends always find great things at them. Maybe I should try.

  25. Don't mind going to them...but hate having them. Blessings and prayers, andrea

  26. We do not do garage sales often, (My husband and I made an agreement not to store things when we got married) but at our garage sales, we have sold fruit from our trees bagged in food storage bags for $1.00 a bag. It is great when you have too much fruit anyway. People really like it. Your “bag of leaves” made me think of that.


  27. I just can't get over how much you made. You are a super star!

  28. Garage Sales are SO intereting, tiring, rewarding, crazy...and we do it over and over again.

    Sometimes people are so caught up in bartering that you wonder if they will even try and get a deal on the FREE stuff!

  29. I've never had a garage sale but, I recently posted on my blog about the day that my husband set out a pressure washer and weed-eater on the curb At 11PM that same night, a stranger peeked into our living room window (you read that correctly - our LOVING ROOM WINDOW) and asked if we were really getting rid of the weed-eater and pressure washer. I nearly jumped out of my own skin. We live in the middle of is a big deal if a car drives down our street after dark, so you can imagine my startle. He could have at least come to the front door. Sheesh!

  30. Funny Stories.. Maybe I will share some after our yard and bake sale this Saturday!!

  31. How hilarious everyone is. I agree with Kellie...too much work! I bag & take it to Goodwill like Nan.

    I rarely go to yard sales cuz I already have more stuff in the house than we can stand.

    Have never made a lot of money at yard sales either.
    Great post.

  32. Garage sales have gotten horrible around here. Nobody buys anything. It is almost not worth the time sitting...

    Love the free bin...funny!

  33. I like to sell stuff, but I have an issue with buying other's stuff. It is starting to not bother me as bad, but, know how our family is with sales...i.e. Aunt Sharon.

  34. I am behind in my reading...busy week. This is hilarious. No, I would NOT do it myself. My kids got it in their minds a few years ago to get a yard sale going with the collection of stuff I was donating. Met lots of weird people, made about $15 and they sold my planter, which I had paid $25 for to a lady for a buck! And I still had to make a trip to good will.


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