Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Mimi did a post here talking about clearance sales and not buying something if we really didn't need it, even if it was a good deal.

Well, I was listening but my feet weren't. Because, this last weekend we went yard saling and

.......my feet saw this......

.........and this........

......and this........

Because I am more practical, I questioned the need for a pair of sparkly silver shoes, not to mention a matching sparkly purse. Where would I wear them? When would I wear them?

"To the opera!" my feet yelled excitedly. Of course! I always go to the opera whenever I have a spare evening.......yeah, right.

"On the French Riveria!" I will absolutely have to remember that the next time I feel like borrowing someone's jet and taking off for France.

"To the ocean, walking across the sand on a moonlit night!" Oh brother.....obviously, my feet have been reading one to many romance novels.

"To a romantic castle! With a moat" Didn't somebody say somewhere that castles are rather drafty, and don't they have lots of steps and no elevators? He-loooo! High heels, folks. And with a moat, seriously?????

"To a fancy Ball!" Not being Cinderella, I really am not aware of any fancy Balls anywhere. Besides, I already have me a handsome prince.

Clearly, my feet have been watching to many Hallmark movies or reading to many fairytales.

So, I decided we were leaving. However, my feet were not cooperating. I kept trying to move away, but they remained firmly rooted to the ground. Seriously, at this point I was thinking I might have made a fortune as a living statue. Or perhaps a tree.

"Please try them on! Please! What could it hurt?" Feet whined and begged. People, do not fall for this. Do not. Because once you get the shoes on, Feet do not want to take them off. Good grief, it's like having a toddler in the house. Well, a toddler with size eight feet........

I really did want to take a picture of Feet in them. However, Feet are a little shy. I tried to get some stunt feet for you, but that didn't work out either......sorry. Something about contracts and legal obligations and blah, blah, blah! Talk to the hand, buddy.

However, I did give in to Feet. Yes, I did. Mimi, I hope someday that you can bring yourself to forgive me and look me in the feet eyes again........If it makes you feel any better I only paid $2.00 total for both the shoes and the purse!


  1. A small price to pay for feet and arm bling. What a deal.

  2. LOL! Definitely worth the $2! What's wrong with spending a $1 on your feet and another for your arm? No one got hurt, right?

  3. I love shoes! Thankfully mostly I just love flipflops! My hubby teases that they multiply in the dark!!

  4. Lol, I can relate to that. I went to the goodwill and just had to add to my collection of purses.....

    I am a shoe fan too!


  5. I think of it as an INVESTMENT!!! Store them away for a wedding or fancy party... and think of the TONS of money you're saving when that even actually arises.

    I think you got an awesome deal! =0)

    You go Nan! You are the Garage Sale Princess! {{for I, myself am the QUEEN!}}

  6. Yes that was a steal Nan. I forgive you. and thank you for letting me know how much you paid, it helps because we are having a garage sale and I always like to know what price things go for. Sometimes I feel like I give stuff away. I would have probably marked those a little higher. Great job.

  7. cute shoes... now you have a reason to go out!

  8. I agree with Lori...NOW you have a reason to party!! And look great at the same time! Love the shoes and purse...cute combo! And for a mear price of $2...who couldn't pass that deal up!?

  9. Wow! What a deal! I've been hitting the wrong yard sales, cause all I've seen is junk!! Those look brand new!!

  10. I forgive you as long as you paid cash and that garage saler didn't take a credit card. LOL
    You are too funny. Those are totally worth $2. Now I need to see you in them to prove the need for them:)
    Love ya!

  11. You got such a good deal on those!! My problem would be that I now have these really cute shoes and purse and now I need a dress to go with them...my hubby hates when I do that!

  12. In my experience, Dear Nan, I have found it is not the great looking and amazingly priced shoes you didn't need that get you. It is, indeed, all the outfits I buy to go with them that does me in. Like the adorable red and white gingham Barbie 3 inch open toed slides with bows over the toes that I had nothing to match and have spent the last three summers buying new outfits to go with. Ahem. Oh, I forgot. This was about you wasn't it?!

  13. Those are adorable! Even more so with the $2 price tag!! :D

  14. Love the price tag associated with them!!! So adorable!!! You deserve them after you have not been at 100% for the last couple of weeks!!! Shoes always make you snap out of it!!!!

  15. Well worth the money and I think my daughter's feet must talk to her too!!! lol

  16. $2.00!? That's such a great deal!! I am not good at heels - at all- but I love those. They are going to look good whereever you wear them -even if you just dance around the house! And, I'd be dancing with a deal like that!!

  17. LOL!!! Hey, we all know what the right pair of shoes can do for you...just ask Cinderella!

    I am so glad that you caved and spent the high price tag and all to keep your feet happy, because we all know if your feet aren't happy...Nan aint' happy! :o)

  18. Dear Feet,

    I think that romantic walk on the beach is totally do-able and that Nan would thank you forever for a moment to remember.

    Keep working on her, I think she will break!


  19. To give up a great deal on shoes would be disgraceful in my book!! hehe Great find and great price!

  20. The photo of the shoes is lovely without feet in them, very artistically done.
    ♥ Hope

  21. What a steel! You'll find some use for them...I have a problem passing up good deals too!

  22. GR8 find feet!!! One day, Nan will be kissing you for looking out for her that day. Y'all are gonna look soooo stunning in em'!!!

  23. Totally worth it. I'm am guilty of the exact same thing. (buying something because it was sooo cute) Besides, they were on sale. And only 2.00 too!!!

  24. I'm waiting to see those babies on your feet & that purse. I actually can't imagine it, Nan. Maybe you will need them for a wedding some day. Don't know when, just some day


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