Saturday, June 6, 2009

Some Saturday Quirkiness

We Moms are totally and completely normal. Well, except for the slight possible cases of "Mom Brain" or "C.C.D". We're just your average, everyday, normal, run-o-the-mill moms! So maybe we have a quirk or two. No big deal, right? Right!

• I have to sleep with a glass of water next to my bed. I just like to be prepared, people! ~ Nan

•I cannot go to sleep with a messy house. I will stay up all hours to at least have it picked up & things put in their proper places...lunches packed, clothes laid out...ect. I would really like to kick it & just sleep for a change. Sheesh! ~Mimi

• I can go to sleep no matter how messy my house is. It drives my husband crazy! I wish I was just a tad bit more like Mimi in this department. Oh well! ~Erica

• The cover lids to the toilet seats have to be down in our house! A toilet with the lid up just makes the whole bathroom seem messy to me.....kind of like an unmade bed does in the bedroom. Sorry, was this waaaay to much information? ~ Nan

• I take both contacts out at the same time. It drives my husband crazy but it saves me time. Until one rips. Never mind.~Mimi

• Sometimes I chew gum in church if my throat feels dry. Sometimes I forget myself and blow loud bubbles. Did I mention I am a pastor's wife and sit in the front row? ~ Nan

• I just can't kick the visual of Mimi taking her contacts out at the same time... any others... HOLY WEIRDO BATMAN! ~Tarah

• Not sure why I love my cousin Tarah... but I do. Holy Weirdo Robin!~Mimi

• Tarah & Mimi sometimes scare we other 3 moms just a bit. ~AnonEmous {giggle}

• I have to check the doors and the stove before I go to bed each night. And occasionally the windows (if it's summer). I am a door-checker and a stove-checker. ~ Nan

• I leave my purse in the car overnight in the garage...HUBS hates it...but it saves me time trying to figure out where it is....I'll give all of you my address in a later post so you can break in for a free shopping spree. ~Tarah

• I cannot go to sleep without making sure our bedroom closet door is closed. I will hop out of bed and close it if it's open. You never know what might be looking out at you..... ~ Nan

• Ditto to Nan's above... ~Mimi

• Sometimes I completely forget to make sure all the doors are locked at night. I'll give all of you my address so Sara's ax murderer can find me. ~Erica

• I cannot apply eyeshadow or eyeliner without opening my mouth to do it. I've tried closing my mouth but it just keeps popping open. ~ Nan

• Even if it is 3am when I am getting ready for bed, I take out my contacts & throw on my glasses to walk to bed. No, I am not that blind...I just have to have them by my bed at night even if it is for only a few hours. ~Mimi

• Whenever I put my makeup on, I always seem to smile at myself for some reason. Not because I'm full of myself. It's more like a twitch and it just happens. ~ Miti

• I spit in the sink when I wash my hands. It started when I was SOOOOO sick while pregnant... always nauseated... Now there's no reason - I just can't kick that habit. I did not just admit that. ~Erica

• I twirl my hair around my finger when I'm bored or need something to "fiddle" with. ~ Nan

• Sometimes, I throw my gum out the window in the kids keep telling me that I am littering but I insist NO. Its better than paper right? Am I littering? I just can't seem to KICK it. ~Tarah

• The first thing I ALWAYS do when I get home is runnnnn to the bathroom and tinkle. ~ Miti

• I have a bladder like a camel and can go 10 hours without a bathroom break. Yep, that's me, "Camel-Girl." Been called it before/ Be called it again. ~Erica

SOOOOOOOO, do all you other moms out there have quirks? Or are you PERFECT like us?

~ The 5 Moms


  1. Nan, we are so alike it's scary!!! Mimi, I do the same thing with my glasses but I'm legally blind. Still I could at least make it to the bed without them but I slip them on every time. Erica, I'm a camel girl too! Pregnancy urges were tough on me esp. being in public and HATING to use public restrooms. It was either using them know!

  2. I can go to sleep with a messy house too! Sometimes my doors aren't locked--and I haven't lived with a policeman either. I'm a camel as well. WOW! but holy weirdo, batman, spitting? LOL Nan--I totally understand about the mouth and makeup thing--I spent years laughing at my Mom for it and this is what I get.

  3. Messy house, doesn't keep me from sleeping! I like to sleep with water by the bed. Spit in the sink, not usually, unless I'm brushing my teeth. No contacts, but I have reading glasses all over the place. 2 or 3 in the bedroom, a pair in the TV room and 1 or 2 in the van. And still, I have trouble finding a pair from time to time. I think I need to buy a couple more pair today while I'm out. lol Gum - I swallow almost every piece I have ever chewed. I probably have a wad a gum in my stomach the size of a basketball!!! hahahaha
    Have a great day ladies, quirks and all.

  4. You girls crack me up! I love waking up to funny posts!

  5. I think I have all or your quirks!

    It's scary!

    Love you gals though!!

  6. I hate toenails. I clip mine very very short. Hence one of the reasons I've never had a pedicure..I just can't let them grow out long enough without going crazy.

    I absolutely cannot wear socks or pants to bed. I can't stand the feel of anything binding my legs. And feet need to breathe ya know?!

    If I can't remember the name of someone or something I will go through the alphabet letter by letter until I remember.

    I sleep better alone. After six years of hubby working third shift I just can't get used to his snoring and tossing at night. I also wear ear plugs. Yes it's THAT bad.

  7. Too funny! Messy houses should bother me, but they don't! I HAVE to have water by my bed AND the closet door shut before getting into bed as well as going potty one last time! I also check on my kiddos before hitting the sack. Thanks for the giggles! Happy Saturday!

  8. You girls are too funny! I possess many of your quirks so it makes me feel better that it's not just me! Have a great weekend girls!! :D

  9. I'm just hopping over from Ericas blog. Very fun! What a great idea to start this blog. A real variety pack. I've added you to my favorites. I'll be back. Mwhaa haa haa

  10. I've worn contacts for 25 years and can not for the life of me figure out how you can take them both out at the same time...could be useful to save time, though.

    As for the not going to bed without closing the closets and cleaning up the house...I have that little one, too. However, doesn't bother me at all if the doors are unlocked...that drives my hubby CRAZY.

    I too must have a glass of water...even if I don't take a drink all night. This is a problem, too, because on a number of occassions I have knocked it over in my sleep. OOPS!

    And ditto to toilet seats...I think it goes back to the clean house and closet compulsion?

    OK and add that I can not leave the house if everything is not in its place...doesn't matter how late we are running...I have to run and check that everything is where it belongs. The few times I didn't...guess what? That is exactly whe someone dropped by unexpected and saw piles of folded laundry all over my living room floor.

    I won't see anyone in the morning until I have makeup that a quirk or vain???

    OH, gee I am trying to think of weird quirks and realize I could go on all day...I'd better spare you the details and suffice to say...yeah, I've got some quirks!

  11. Nope No quirks here! haha
    I would have to make a list until tomorrow to get through them all!

  12. I once, just once, spit my gum out the window of the car and my son AJ ended up with it on the seat of his pants. I remember looking in the side view mirror to see it bouncing in the street and never saw it...then I found out where it went.

  13. Good to know we are not alone. Read above comments:) Makes me feel a little better:)

  14. I have 4.5 of those quirks. Not saying which ones though. Let's just say Nan is my twin, and Mimi and Erica are closely related to me. Fun post.

  15. I have the twirling hair issues, too, Nan, as does my dd. :D I have to sleep with a loud fan going - white noise. My bedroom door has to be shut when I sleep. I have a hard time listening to crunching food like chips. Great post!

  16. Quirks? Me? Hmmm...I do keep water by the bed... The first thing I do when I get home is wash my hands...I can't stand to tear cardboard. It gives me chills/goosebumps. You know those tabs on cardboard boxes of laundry detergent? tears me UP to pull those things...goosebumps on top of goosebumps! Same thing happens if I see anyone lick a tissue or paper towel to wipe a kid's face...ewwww!

  17. I love the group posts!

    I have a couple of OCD type habits.

    I have to make my bed before I go potty in the morning no mater how badly I have to go.

    I also have to wipe down all the kitchen counters before I go to bed and again when I get up in the morning.

    I also check all the doors before I go to bed and when I leave the house.

  18. not come to my house...the toilet seats are usually up...the closet doors left's usually a mess, even when I go to bed {Mimi}... and there are lots of half empty cups of water, thanks to the kids! When I do decide to finally tidy up the house, I have a certain order to all the pillows on the couches and beds...don't try and change them up...because I know! ha ha! {this drives Dan crazy! And he's always the one who leaves the closet doors open, and drawers half open...sigh!}

  19. anyone who says they don't have quirks is either lying or just crazy!

    I too have water next to my bed every night... but that is one quirk I'll own up to tonight

  20. OK, this is scary! I do almost all these things! (except spitting in the sink when I wash my hands. THAT is WEIRD!;) And I'm not even a Mom! However I do have 5 youger siblings (and one older) so I guess you could say I'm a 1/4 mom???

  21. How in the world do you take both contacts out at the same time, MImi??? LoL! And I love that you said the reason you do it is to SAVE time!!

    I have MOST of these quirks and several more! I definitely close my closet doors and sleep with a glass of water, spit gum out the window (it usually lands on the car, though and that is just GROSS!), pick up my house b4 I go to sleep, and lately I've been putting all three kids in the car to drive around the block several times (just to get them sleepy!!)

  22. Nan, I do some of the same things as you, but I don't check my stove or do makeup.

    I only take one sip of water during the night, but I have this huge sports bottle with ice water in it by my bed. It seems silly!

    Erica, I clear my sinuses and spit after I brush my teeth and in the shower. Such a gross habit. People get grossed out if I'm at a retreat or something so I have to try and restrain myself when I'm sharing space with other people. It's hard to stop. Gross!

  23. Ok. I figured out a new one.....

    My name is Miti and I'm weird because I DON'T have a glass of water next to me when going to bed.

    Apparently, it's the norm. Who knew? Huh.....

  24. you girls have topped yourselves with this one.
    Love it!

    Now, I would never say you were all neurotic...NO, I didn't say that!

    Hmmm, spitting in the sink, throwing gum out the window...where do I even start?

    I will pass on female bonding and not discuss my mucous! HA! (At least I made myself laugh)

    Thanks for keeping me laughing and smiling.


  25. Ahhh. After a weekend of hosting a garage sale, I am back in the blog saddle and proud to know that we are not alone in the quest for normalcy!!! HA! LOVE that all of us have something strange we have to share!!!!

  26. I would really like to see how to take both contacts out at one time - I'm all for a timesaver! Even if a bedroom is a TOTAL mess, I think making the bed makes all the difference in the world. Thanks for sharing guys. i.can.relate

  27. Ok, how in the world does someone remove both contacts at the same time?!?!? Yikes!

    I can't stand for pictures to be crooked! And I always have certain doors closed before I go to bed. My daughter's door connecting to our den must be closed. I trick myself into thinking if a burglar came in the night, he wouldn't find her first. Isn't that crazy?

  28. My list of quirks would be really, really long...I'm just going to leave it at that...


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