Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My Weight Woes....

Oh, how I long to be SKINNY!
There just seems to be a few things getting in the way of me and my size 4's.
I've been on Weight Watchers more times then I care to admit. I mean how many people actually have to Watch MY weight before I begin to take it seriously???
Jillian Micheals - Been there done that. Not just a little SHRED either, I did the 60 day Making the Cut. Let's just say that I obviously did not Make the cut. I kept the closest track on food that I ever have and although I FELT awesome...the scale did not move much...WHY? WHY? WHY?

The Zone- I am well aware that I have been kicked out of the "ZONE". Total FLUNKIE

South Beach - There is NOTHING fun about dropping sugar out of my diet. Or Coffee...

Metabolife - Now this actually worked for me. I dropped 25 pounds. Little did I know that I was on speed. No wonder my house was so clean, and all my kids clothes pressed and all my grocery shopping done. SLEEP was for the WEAK on Metabolife!!! I could have built a house in 2 days if I had a never ending supply! Too bad the FDA determined that it was not healthy. Thus far no side effects. Unless you count the fact that I put my car keys in the refrigerator, and all my kids clothes in the oven.

Guarana- This is a natural caffeine pill, and I STILL drank coffee on it. Man- I am going to be one messed up SKINNY girl after all of this is said and done!
The one thing I have not tried but I am ON board totally is.....


Oh, who am I kidding? I'm headed to the couch with my bag of chips....;)



  1. I've never really been into diets but I sure would like 10lbs to melt off without any effort! LOL
    I've come to the point in my life (and age) that I'm pretty content with the way I look. I go to the gym, I'm active and happy. But yes, in the back of my mind those size 10 jeans (which is a size 4 to a 6 foot person) still call my name!

  2. Girl this is so funny. i lost so much weight on Metabolife too and lived to tell about it. I was one thirsty girl and skinny. I never slept either. I would lay in bed wide awake wondering what I could organize next. LOL

  3. I am so there with you! I don't even care if I'm super skinny, I would just love to not have my kids pressing my stomach saying "Mommy, you're so squishy". Or, go shopping without being so depressed afterwards that I go straight to the drive-thru and order a #1 combo! In the end, I guess there is no real short cut to eating right and exercising...but if I had the money, a tummy tuck would be calling my name!

  4. I tried that Metabolife for a while too back in the day! It was literally a legal form of speed at the time! I lost a bunch of weight, but one night we had a party at my house where I drank 3 margaritas and felt like I was about to OD from the 3 measly drinks and the metabolife! Needless to say, I put an end to that stuff right away!! Sadly, the only thing that works is a ballanced, healthy diet and exercise with both cardio and weight training. It is a commitment that I hate to admit, I lack. After I attempt to get my body back after baby girl, I may have to resign to just not eating all of the yummies that I love. Sad!

  5. You guys are after me this week. Is this an attack or what. Erica starts the week out with "hair" and now you with "weight." Pick on someone else next week....hahahahaha.

    Hugs, laughs, and prayers, andrea

  6. I love your personality...

    I took some days off from running and did the 30 day shred..she is a bit scary..I think it is her facial expressions but she is in great shape.

    I tried Xenadrine back in the day..heart attack in a bottle. YIKES.

    Cheers to reaching your goals. :)

  7. Is there anyone truly happy with their body? I know I'm not. But one of these days I'll get back on track and lose some (at least that's what I keep telling myself as I'm sitting here eating lunch.)

  8. Weight has never been my issue - don't hate me. It's not my fault. BUT I'm so out of shape because I have no motivation to excercise. I did excercise with a friend a few years back, got so nice and tone, felt better and stronger --- but then when I quit, I quit.

    My tummy is getting poochier and flabbier, my butt is hanging lower, and I KNOW I need to get busy, but I always think "Eh... tomorrow. I'm tired today!" and thus I never get going.


  9. Yeah, those diet pills are awful. A gal I know took Fen-Phen (those are those bad ones that caused all sorts of damage) and it severly damaged her heart.

    They wanted her to wait a few years (if she can) and then they want to do open heart surgery to repair the heart damage. A friend of hers also took the pills and died of a heart attack, so she doesn't want to wait for the surgery anymore.

    It sure is hard to get that motivation isn't it?

  10. Its so sad to think that the older we get the slower our metabolism becomes so that literally by the time you near the top of that 40 year old hill, weight loss is a down right challenge! What's worse is if we don't do something about it before we reach the 50 year old hill we are done for!

    This is just another sign of aging. My hubby is now beginning to experience his 40+ metabolism coming to a grinding halt. I just smile. Been there for 5 years now, not so easy to shed the pounds is it?

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  11. ((smiles)) Who are you kidding? You look fabulous just the way that you are! Enjoy those chips while you can still eat them and be a size 6. :)

  12. I'm old enough to remember Phen-Phen. I lost a bunch of weight, but I talked 100 miles per minute. It's was wacked. I have decided to be on W.W. forever. I just hope someday I can become a lifetime member so I don't have to pay for it any more. WW is my AA.

    loved your post & love you - funny funny lady

  13. Oh, me, too! I loved Metabolife...right up until they told me it could kill me. (Even then, I had to stop and think, "But I'd have a thin corpse!") I'm back to doing it the hard way - exercise, exercise, and diet (not on a diet, changing my diet). And tell Heart2Heart, I'm right there with her. Superman has suddenly noticed that he's 30 pounds heavier than he used to be...and yes, he's 3 years younger than I am.

    P.S. My mom had a tummy tuck (is it any wonder I have deep-seated body image issues?) and let me tell you, that was the grossest thing I've ever seen. She had drains all over her body for a week. It was disgusting. No, thank you! I'll stick to sit-ups.

  14. Ahhhh
    I have to admit - I would much rather be thin - I (right now at 5 months pregnant, it's just not going to happen though!) I can't say that I am "content" with where I'm at when I'm not....but as opposed to my younger years, I am at least not miserable when I'm not thin!
    Funny how some things work for some people, but not for others. The South Beach Diet and Slim in 6 videos work for me every time (that is, if I stick to it! :) ) but you're right - the first two weeks are HORRIBLE for a sugar junkie like myself!

  15. mmmm...chips! haha! I am always eating cookies or chips when I watch The Biggest Loser! Can you tell how motivated I am! it's no fun when the old metabolism slows down and the pounds catch up! You're awesome and look fabulous! Weight Watchers does work {I've been told, haha!} but gets hard to keep counting all those husband is trying it...again!

  16. Well, Tarah, I've got a HUGE problem cause this girl LOOOOVES to eat. I'll eat just about anything and that's no exaggeration. Why do all the things that are bad for you, taste so good?!!! Pass me a chip, I'm feeling a little depressed.

  17. I feel ya! I work in the Jr. Department of a department store. Me who LOVES clothes and I can wear next to nothing in that department. The young girls who work with me have such cute clothes. It makes me think before I eat something I shouldn't and I've actually lost a few (a few) pounds. I really want to get a gym membership, though.

  18. Oh Metabolife, how I loved thee, sigh. Those were the days! My house was clean & so was everyone else's I was allowed in, ha!

  19. LOL! I'm on the see-food diet! :D See food I eat it! :D


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