Friday, October 2, 2009

Just Trying To Get The Wrinkles Out!

This school year, I am challenging myself to IRON my families clothes...with the exception of Agent's work shirts. I pay to have those done. I am only a beginner at the whole IRONING thing. So PRESSING his shirts was not an option.
In the past, we would wear something once & if it needed to be IRONED...we would avoid it or I would call my Mom for help. I know...pathetic.
No more though...because this Mama has decided to HEAT things up & STRAIGHTEN things out!
But I am PRESSED for time.
My girls favorite shirts need to be IRONED.

I started my IRONING Challenge & then this happened.


I need some help!

ANY TIPS you have to get my family on the STRAIGHT, SMOOTH & WRINKLE free path would be greatly appreciated.

Favorite Iron?
Steam or Starch?

*Wishing all clothes were made of Wrinkle Free fabric...*

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  1. Oh, I'm sorry you got burned. That's no fun!

    I don't like ironing much myself, but I do it maybe monthly. I mostly iron my hubby's dress shirts and a few things of my own. I seem to pile everything up somewhere in the house until I can't take looking at it anymore, then things start to "heat up". Get it? Corny, I know.

    A couple of things that I do is to make sure the iron has water in it so that I can use the steam button. Makes for quicker work.

    My friend, Susan, usually damp dries her clothes and then sprays them with "Downy Wrinkle Release"~ seems to work well. Have you tried that?

    Hope this helps.


  2. Ironing-ick. :-P Good luck and be careful!

  3. Girl sad to say but I do NOT iron My dear hubby does that:) But that does look like it hurts.

  4. Put whatever needs ironing in the dryer with a wet washcloth.

    If it has to be ironed I use lots of steam.

    This is the order that I iron buttoned-down shirts:

    1. the collor
    2. the sleeves & cuffs
    3. the front left side
    4. move around the side, back and then the right side.

    Sorry you got burned, I have a nasty iron scar on my wrist - ruined my hand modeling career, lol.


  5. Ouch! I have had a few of those marks once or twice from ironing too! I don't iron much but when I do, I actually enjoy it! Except when I get burned! I like to use lots of steam too! My mom got me an iron as a birthday gift once, I think it's a Rowenta? I don't use it enough to know for sure! Good luck! Dan also sends his clothes to the dry cleaners to be pressed...he knows better than to wait on me to get it done :)

  6. I am a huge ironer. I iron everything! I use a table top ironing board on top of my dresser. I works perfect for me.
    When I iron a shirt I make sure that I have water in my iron for the steam. The steams makes the lines nice and crisp.
    I then iron the back of the shirt first and the front last (just so the front is wrinkle free and you may get a wrinkle from doing the back last.)
    Then I iron each sleeve. I do the right sleeve first. There is no reason I do the right first other then I always have and I am a tad bit OCD. :P
    Then the left and the collar (if there is one) Yes, I iron all tee shirts. My grand daughter goes to soccer practice and game with freshly ironed shirts. Then I iron the front. Then let it cool down before you put it on. It is is still warm it will cause more wrinkles.

    One time I was going to a John Cougar Mellencamp concert and was sitting on the floor ironing my jeans and I ironed the top of my leg.. ummm.. yeah.. painful.. I feel your pain. Mine blistered up with the water stuff inside of it. I was about 3" long and 1" wide. Guess who has a scar?

  7. Ouch! I will iron if I absolutely have to otherwise hubby irons and he does a great job. Learned it in the Navy. My friends mom used to iron her sheets and bras. Strange.
    I guess the first rule of ironing is to keep all body parts away from the hot part.
    I like the steam in the iron.

  8. There is no ironing done in this house because I am afraid of burning myself like you did.

  9. I too am "Pressed For Time" so the company I use for my husbands clothes and my dry cleaning has a drop-off and pick-up service and is called "Pressed For Time".

    I do iron some of my "play clothes" and my girls clothes but according to my Mom, the ironing pro, I do it backwards. I'm not sure what backwards is but apparently I do it. I prefer steam and couldn't do the mediocre job that I do without my Rowenta steam iron.

    Take care of that burn, it looks painful!

  10. OUCHY! I do not even own an Iron, yucky!
    What I do is wash the item, and then dry it for 5 minutes and then shake it out and hang dry it the rest of the way and it's usually pretty wrinkle free.

  11. Mimi- no fun for you! K- STARTCH is fab. I am a big fan, it really makes things straight, sharp, and crips HA! Or try the wrinkle release something or another setting on your dryer if you have that setting. GOOD LUCK

  12. Wish I could help ya, but my ironing board is sitting in a closet gathering dust and I really couldn't say where the iron is at the moment...but I do own least I think I do!

    For a fast press, spritz some water on whatever you want to iron and toss it in the dryer for a few minutes...wrinkles come out and the family gets to put on some warm clothes (great for this cold weather coming up!!)

  13. LOL! I have a giant scar right now on my left hand from ironing. This is something that is one of my OCD traits.....I iron every single day and I iron every single piece of clothing that me or my girls wear, even if it's not really wrinkled. I leave my husband on his own though in that department. ha! I have a fold down ironing board in my laundry room and every morning, I plug in the iron, get the girls clothes that they want to wear that day and I just iron them. And before I get dressed, I iron my clothes. I never use starch, but I use the steam button continuously while I'm ironing. I've found that the wrinkles just don't come out without the steam. I go through an iron probably once a year because I just wear it out. I haven't had good luck with the Shark brand of irons. They leak and spew white stuff on your clothes. Yuck! I have a Rowenta right now that works really well.

    That was probably way more info than you needed, but like I said, it's one of my weird quirks. LOL!

  14. I HATE to iron...and most of the time we either use the dryer to fluff our wrinkles out...or we just were wrinkled clothes LOL!!

  15. I my goodness Mimi! So sorry...that has got to hurt like the dickens.

    I use to iron, but then I got behind, and my husband grabbed the iron one morning...and the rest is history. He figured he can do a better job(I think it has to do with his strength..and he is more picky). So for the most part my advice...get the husband to do it. ;-) Probably will not fly in most situations...but my husband loves to do it.

  16. I hate ironing, too! Sometimes I through a wet wash cloth and a piece of wrinkled clothes in the dryer. It is not perfect, but it beats ironing.
    Blessings, andrea

  17. Ouch! So sorry you got burned! I hate ironing, too...if something is wrinkled I usually dampen it and throw it in the dryer with a towel or two. Of course, there ARE things I have to iron, but the dryer is my best friend...and wrinkle-free clothes! ha!

  18. ugh I hate ironing. I just tend to throw it back in the dryer and let it get the wrinkles out or make the bf iron since he had to when he was in the navy everyday and he is so much better than me at it!

  19. OUCH!!!!! thats a prettu good burn you got goin on there!!

    Ironing is awful.... while I don't call my mom I do all the other things you mentioned...

    This ia a cool blog too! I will be following you here now as well


  20. Sorry...NO help here..I raley iron! OUCH! Sorry about your burn!

  21. Ooh...that looks like it hurt.

    I have to confess - I don't iron. Well, sometimes, if the shirt or dress is really, really wrinkled. But we try to hang up clothes straight out of the dryer. Since we're constantly doing laundry it's not too hard. We pretty much have to keep the dryer empty, so things get hung up somewhat quickly.

    Sorry that probably doesn't help with the ironing thing.

  22. Oh bless your heart! I hate a matter of fact I have a closet full right now. Been putting it off for weeks and ironing kids clothes on a nightly basis. You'll get the hang of it just takes some practice.

  23. I am no help, for I HATE ironing. Sorry!

  24. OUCH!!! I never iron! Sorry! Throw everything in the dryer with a little water sprayed on them for about 5 minutes. That is as close as I get to ironing. LOL

  25. You see, that burn is one more reason *not* to iron, as far as I'm concerned! I rarely iron. Usually only if hubby needs a wrinkle-free shirt for a special function. And that's once in a blue moon.

    Take care of that burn. I hope you have aloe vera :)

  26. Hey Mimi,
    I have never read this blog before, it is very cute!
    So, this comment counts for your Freebie Friday, right?

  27. Hey, leaving a comment here to get and extra chance to win a free item on your other blog! hehe!


  28. Dang Mimi! You sure know how to rack up the comments, don't you?

    Okay, so this may be WRONG OF ME, but I'm leaving you a comment here for an entry too.... but I don't feel guilty about it, cuz this isn't a "Five Moms" giveaway, this is a personal MIMI giveaway.

    Woo hoo! Count me in.

  29. OK, I hate this task and the person who invented things that require ironing. That being said, "Dry Cleaners", leave the required things to the professionals and for everything else, dryer and remove it when it's still hot and fold it.

    Last resort, buy things that don't require ironing. Like lots of cotton and jeans!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  30. Girl! That is just wrong. There is no need to suffer, just say no!

    I used to iron pillow cases and t-shirts and stuff but decided to stop in order to have more time.

    Some of our clothes are dried in the dryer but some are dried over a rack and they wrinkle.

    However, I figure the wrinkles will fall out eventually so I don't worry about it. If it's hugely wrinkled I will iron or toss it in the dryer with a wet wash cloth.

    I rarely iron hubby's clothes. I buy permapress or wrinkle free when I can. Makes it easier.

    I don't buy dry clean only stuff because don't want to pay the money!

  31. Um- why are you hounding me on the phone to leave you a comment when you have like 7000 all on your own...I wish you were not such a comment collector!!! ;)

  32. That's a nasty looking burn you got, so sorry! I agree with some of the other comments - whenever possible, use Downey Wrinkle Free Release or whatever it's called. I spray it on the clothes and then lay them out or hang them up to finish drying. Of course, I have a HUGE pile of clothes that still need to be ironed. My husband just bought some new shirts for his job and he made sure they were ALL Wrinkle FREE!

  33. Ouch!!!! I wish I could help you. My husband loves to iron. (No, I didn't tell you that. He hates when I share that little bit of info.) So... maybe get your husband to iron??? Works for me.

  34. BIG OUCH!!! Burns are the worst! Hope it's feeling better soon, my friend.

  35. I really HATE ironing as well! Our dryer has an awesome very efficient wrinkle release cycle luckily!! But when I have to iron, I like to use that downy wrinkle release spray. It helps to make the ironing easier and it smells good!!

  36. Hey Mimi. Sorry you got a boo boo :o( That sucks. I'm kinda funny when it comes to ironing. Sometimes I don't mind it, like when it's a really cute dress. Then it's worth the work. Other times I just don't even want to deal with it. Today was one of those days. I actually just changed my shirt to go out cause I didn't want to fool with it. I wish I didn't have to iron my hair. But that's one thing I ALWAYS have to iron. It would be a scary site if I didn't. When I don't mind ironing, I do it full steam ahead. I always have a bottle of water handy. It always gets the wrinkles out. Hope this sets things straight for you. Now gotta go check in for tomorrow. Love ya :o)

  37. I hate ironing! Some people that I work with, take their scrubs to the cleaners, to have them starched and pressed. I am WAY too cheap for that! So, I have to iron those things myself. Over the years, I have burned myself many times while ironing (cooking is not much better), but that looks pretty bad!

  38. I just had to come back and tell you ,that I saw where someone had put on Facebook, that they were ironing their sheets!!???? Really?

  39. I have three words for you: Downy Wrinkle Releaser. I hate ironing and ironing hates me. I do it when I absolutely have to, but Downy Wrinkle Releaser makes it so I don't have to very often! (Sorry about the burn...I've had its twin in the past.)

  40. Ouch. Fresh aloe is great for iron burns.

    I know how you feel about the ironing though. If there is one thing that slips in the house work department, it will be the ironing. I shop for wrinkle resistant and will pay more for it knowing the ironing is our fall guy.


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