Thursday, October 8, 2009

It's A Shore Thing

Dearly Beloved Bloggers,

Today I'm writing to you from the Grand Strand of Myrtle Beach. That's right! This momma finally got a vacation and I'M LOVIN' IT! Ok. I know, I know. It may not be the ideal time to head down to the beach but isn't a chilly day at the beach better than a chilly day back home?! Oh yeah, it sure is. I'm lovin' it so much that I wish I could stuff every bit of it into my suitcase and haul it back home with me.

Such as....

The View- It sure beats the one back home.

The Sounds - The waves crashing. The seagulls laughing. The sound of corn colliding with a wooden plank. Wait a minute. Scratch that. Some beach bums are crashing my beautiful sound byte with a never-ending game of corn hole.

Now where was I???
Oh, Yes!

The Golf Courses (Big & miniature) - Just a little somethin' somethin' for my guys to enjoy.

The Shopping
- Just a whole lotta somethin' somethin' for me to enjoy.

The Seafood Buffets - Holy Mackeral!! I'd be as happy as a clam (and as big as a whale.)

The Oceanfront Condo - I might as well stuff it in there too while I'm at it cause we've made ourselves quite at home here. So, in it goes, along with all my other goodies of the sea.

Now if ...
I can just...
this little suitcase...
all up...
then we'll be...
good to go.

It was ALMOST impossible to get it all in there. But I did it!

Opps, hold up! I forgot one more thing.

The Knights in Shining Armour - They're cooking dinner for us tonight and treating us to a medieval of a good time. Hey, if they're willing to cook and entertain, then of course, I couldn't leave them behind, now could I?!

So that's it! My bags are all packed and I'm ready to roll.

Sea ya soon!

Yours (Truly!),


  1. You are so cute Miti! I hope you're having a wonderful time! It sounds like it! Nothing like the beach ... ahhhh.

  2. Yayyy for vacation!! Yay for you! :-D

  3. I love Myrtle Beach this time of year. For several years we went for 7-10 days in November. Yes, as you said it's cool, and sometimes it's even downright cold. But the crowds are gone and the beach is still beautiful. I've walked that beach in winter coat, gloves, hat and scarf and love evey second of it.

    I hope you have the most wonderful trip ever. Bring back pictures for us to see.

  4. Hope you have a wonderfully beautiful vacation.
    GOD BLESS, andrea

  5. And you didn't try to stuff me in your suitcase! I mean I would fit!!

  6. Oh to be at the beach right now. Sounds so fun! I need a vacation.

  7. Here is hoping that you have a wonderful vacation with the sound of the ocean waves to lull you to sleep at night!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  8. Enjoy every second of it...for us all!

  9. We went to Myrtle Beach at this exact time of year 3 years ago. We absolutely loved it. It was one of our most favorite vacations ever. We had a condo right on the beach and it felt like it was our own private beach, hardly any people there. It was still warm when we went though. It was so great. My kids still talk about it. The only thing that I can remember that was not great about that trip was that it was "bikers week." Harleys everywhere!!!! Which is not that big of a deal except they are so loud!!!! even in the middle of the night! :) Is it biker's week there now? We just got back from vacation this year a couple of week's ago. We went to Disney this time and had a blast there too. :) Hope you get everything packed up and arrive home safely.

  10. Oooohhh...I'm so jealous of all you people going on vacation!! Boohoo-I may just have a pity party!! :) J/K. I'm glad you got to get away, and glad you had such a great time doing it! Funny post.

  11. Sounds like you are enjoying every part of MB. I may have missed it but how's the house coming along? I'm sure you need a break!

  12. So glad you are enjoying yourself there in Myrtle Beach. I've never been, but would love to go one day.

    What a fun post!


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