Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Customize or Un-Customize...that is the question!

Well ladies, (and very few gents) I am curious...
Do you customize your blog? 
Do you have *Secrets* you have been dying to share? 
Do you change backgrounds? Make a custom header
Do you create your own buttons? Or pay someone? Do ya? Do ya? 

Or do you just hang with the Blogger background and call it a day? 

Are you a widget collector or a scroll bar master? 

Do you get $Paid$ to be at the top of your game ?

Why do you ask? 

I for one seem to never be satisfied. I will pay for a custom blog design only to be tired a few months it my inner most desire to stay on top of blogging designs? NO. Is it that I get tired of looking at the same old thing day after day? Maybe. 
Is it that I just want updated pics all the time? YES YES YES!!! 

I'm a girl with an obsession
So start spilling folks..I need the dish! What's hot and what's not! 



  1. I have designed my own buttons and customised my blog. I sometimes think I would like to change the look but I have had so many nice comments about the look of it that I just keep it the same! It is a steep learning curve when blogging but it is fun learning about design in the process. I have never paid for blog design. I always try to do it myself first!
    Love Collette xxx

  2. My blog is hot. LOL I love to change the look too, but just don't have the time. I like it when I win blog makeovers. Cute design for the header. YOu should go with it.

  3. I change mine from time to time. I don't pay for a design but use some of the free services. Right now I have a picture that I took as my header. I imagine I'll change it again though, probably for Christmas.

  4. I wish I knew how to design! I can only change my background for free...cheapo! I change my mind too much...I don't really want to pay when I'm just having fun with it! I hope some of you give us some tips! What a cute header! So how'd you do that? :)

  5. I went back and forth do I pay? do I not pay?
    I tend to be like you ~ wanting to change every now and again sooo I searched the internet and found some really AWESOME free templates
    at template mama and for now I have been VERY PLEASED! I Will have to change again soon since I have Fall colors.
    I am afraid if I paid for a cute design then I would feel so guilty after I became tired of the same ol thing and then asking myself "Now was being a good steward with the money the Lord has provided?"
    but I love this question and will be reading all the comments so thanks!

  6. Darling new 'header' Tarah, BUT you need pics of you and the hubs on there, too!!!!!! Come on, you guys MATTER! =0)

    Last year I used the same basic cartoon design... and just changed out slight bits of it for the proper holiday/season.

    This year, I've stuck with this same design for the WHOLE year. I'm fixin'to change mine up again though...

  7. I want to change mine. One of my blog buddies uses free backgrounds by Izzy Grace blogs, and I have one I want, but can't make it stick on my blog...I wish I had the money for a makeover because I would make mine a 3-column with a new header (that I didn't do myself). In the meantime, I'll just enjoy my little 'ol blog just like it is...

  8. Thanks Ladies for the feedback!!! Im getting some great ideas for Free blog backgrounds and I may have to enlist the help of some of you HTML smarties for the button portion of this!!!

    Thanks for filling me in on your Secrets!!!!


  9. I design my own blog and topper, but you know that already. I just refuse to pay someone else to do it

  10. Hey Tarah! I just changed my background and header a few days ago. This time for my background I used I love their backgrounds. I didn't know about them until I saw you using it on yours. So, a BIG thanks to you! I don't know if anyone else has discovered it, but I make my own headers for free by using photobucket. Just click on scrapbook and they have bunches of layouts that you can turn into headers. They can be customized with your pics and you can add coordinating embellishments. Once you have a scrapbook page that you like, click edit image, then save that one page to your computer and VIOLA, you've made a very cute, free, header. Since you like changing your look pretty often, then maybe you can do it as often as you want without going broke. LOL. Your blog always looks great! Great job on the new look!

  11. Love the look of your blog... the old one was cute too! I want to change mine up & need some good ideas... anyone...anyone?

  12. I change my background and picture every month. I match it with the season or holiday. All free.

  13. My blog back grounds were recently designed by Edie at
    I wanted something that reflected who I am. I am not totally done....I still want some gadgets for a cleaner look.

    Blessings, andrea

    PS: Urgent prayer request on arise 2 write.

  14. I LOVE change, but don't have any secrets. I used the free designs, until I had this last one done. I think is always nice to have a fresh new look every now and then.

  15. Well I make my headers and buttons and then add a free background. One day I'm going to learn how to make backgrounds too. Actually I've done my whole blog just by reading and teaching myself. It is time consuming but so worth it. I'm just not into paying for blog stuff; I have a family to feed.

    You can download 30 day trials of Photoshop Elements if you know how to use it. If not, you can watch tutorials. You can also search the 'net for free digital scrapbooking kits. My current header was made with a freebie.

  16. I find free junk and then fiddle with the code. I like to widen my columns and mess with borders and colors. I would pay for stuff, but I change my mind too much. I love fiddling wtih Photo shop and making headers, buttons, and signatures. It's fun!

    Love your new look!

  17. I am a work in progress and probably will be most of my life, oh wait we are talking blog right? Same answer. I am toying with things and learning from others. Will I pay for someone to do it? Probably not, cause I like change all the time and someone would make a ton of money off me.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  18. Well, I won a free blog makeover so that's where I got mine. I have never fiddled with it. I have read to many blogs about people who said that they tried and totally messed up their blogs, so I have a fear of even trying!

  19. I just found MamaTemplate and it's FREE! I even figured out how to switch out the widgets - or it didn't matter.

    I am CONSTANTLY figiting with my blog/design - mainly the pics and other info. Someone may give me an award and it doesn't last long on the display b'c I get tired of it - IF there was an award for changing the blog most - I would get that - but would I diplay it forever - I DON'T THINK SO. ;) LOL!

    So I'm with you CHANGE is a good thing ... my latest blog is lavender fields and I LOVE IT! So check out the button on my blog if you want to check out FREE blog designs. :)

  20. I use all of the free sites. I like to change my background frequently. I'm not very computer-savvy, though. I'd like to learn how to make my own headers!

  21. My blogs are finally at a point where I am happy with the basic layout, design and background. I'm always tweaking and fine-tuning though!

  22. I usually try not to be too negative, but do you know what I HATE? I can not STAND when I go to a site and they have eleventy eleventy million things on their blog and it takes forever to load. That annoys me. And Disquis comment people annoy me too. I guess I am negative today. Do you know what I LOVE? Your new header. You are a super star!

  23. I love changing my blog too! You can find tutorials all over the web about changing the look of your blog. It does require a little bit of time in order to understand html lingo, but once you've done it a couple of times it gets easier.... easier, as in, the urge to pull out your hair goes away! I like to change mine with the seasons or for special holidays.


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