Monday, October 26, 2009

Ahhh, That Winter Hair

So do you have Winter Hair Problems like I do?

My hair is super fine. Not as in like "Oh, I'm so FINE", but as in thin strands. I have been told by numerous hairdressers that my hair isn't really "thin" just "fine". Whatever you wanna call it, it's NOT very thick!

I have a lot of natural wave/curl. SOOOOO, I can't just wear it totally natural limp without it looking like some kinda mess. It's as if half of it wants to look straight and the other half wants to look curly. SO I have to, and I do mean HAVE TO either straighten it or gel it curly. I like having the option of two totally different hair styles, but it'd be nice to just be able to wear it without doing a cotton-pickin' thing to it. I don't have that luxury.

But back to my point ---- in the winter time, it seems to go totally fly-away if I straighten it! What makes it worse is that I'm always cold, so I turn on my little office heater at work which zaps all of the moisture from the room, thus making my hair even more limp... and full of static!

So in the summer, I tend to wear it straighter more often.... like this (Friday):

(Sorry 'bout the quality - taken with my cell phone)

And in the winter, I tend to wear it curly more often.... like this (Sunday):

These photos were taken two days apart. Which do you prefer?

As of right now, I'm trying to grow my hair out again, and I'm in that dreaded "MIDDLE STAGE" where I just pretty much hate it. You know the one I'm talking about, right? The one where you so badly want to just go whack it off again, yet you knowyou'll only have to start all over and eventually you're GONNA have to get through this stage - so you grit your teeth and press onward, all the while hating your hair!? Yea, that's me right now...


  1. I must say I really like the wavy look best! Have you ever tried a styling wax or pomeade? It really help with the fly aways. You just put some on your hands and work through your hair right before you spray your hair spary on. I use it EVERY day!!!

    LOVE IT!!!

  2. I like the curly look...curls are back my friend! and you wear them VERY WELL!! I do hair and I can tell you that your hair grows faster in the spring/summer and slowest well ~ about now. Sorry. But just so you know.

    You are a beautiful woman! Let us know what you decide :)

    Happy Monday

  3. I think I like the wavy look too. You are pretty either way. My hair always gets dry in the winter & looks so brittle.

  4. The straight look is more "professional" and the wavy look is more "fun". So I guess it would depend on your mood!
    I love them both. This from a gal with long straight hair and I do know what you are talking about as far as that "stage" it goes through.

  5. ok...because curly over hear loves the wavy/curl look, I would say curly. But I do agree with 'the real me' and would have to say that the straight look is professional. I truly believe it is your choice. For special events, I straighten mine, but it is think and really curly. So it is your choice :)

    I know, I am not much help!

  6. Erica, I have the same issue with my hair. My hair is that kind of wavy that just doesn't want to do diddly-sqwat. If I just let it air dry then it looks like a total mess. Thank goodness for straighteners and curling irons.

    I think they both look great! I think you should just mix it up. That way you won't get tried of the same thing all the time. And that might make that "in between stage" a little more manageable.

  7. I like both but I am a fan of straight hair. I love curly on you tho too!!! ;) Hmmmm what a quandry..

  8. Ok. I have to be different. I like the straighter look best. I like both of them a lot but just happen to like the Friday look best. Also, my hair does the fly-away thing too. I'm fighting it a lot right now. My hair is really thick but it's very fine, so it makes it look scraggly. I'm in dire need of a hair cut, but for some reason I keep putting it off. I think I'll call soon for an appointment.
    Anyway, in every picture I've seen of you, you always look cute, even when you're swimming and your hair is wet. So I wouldn't worry about it too much if I were you.

  9. You look great both ways Erica! I look like a poodle, but I do know how to get it straight, weather permitting! The curly style makes you look sassy :0) I love the cooler weather, but dread the static that comes along with it. I'm a big chicken, always anticipating the next zap, ha!

  10. curls are daughter wore hers natural today to school. You look beautiful in both.

    My advice: go with the easiest to fix.

  11. Did we really have to talk about hair today? Yours looks great...I like it curly.
    Blessings, andrea

  12. Erica,

    I prefer the wavy look as well, but its great you can do either with your hair. What I hate about mine now with fine hair is that it's breaking off and falling out the older I get. :( Not fun!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  13. I like them both, and you look great either way, which like you already's nice to have two options.

    When you find the option where you don't have to do anything...will you let me know? Thanks.

  14. I think the wavy look makes you look younger! Plus its way easier to style than bringing out the straightening iron.

  15. I love, love the wavy hair. You're beautiful either way, but that look is very fresh looking.

  16. Well, I don't think you have to decide at all. They both are adorable. Just wear whatever you feel like wearing it that day. I wish I had that option!

    You know I said that my hair and I aren't talking until it apologizes to me and so far it hasn't said a word.......

  17. You are in a fortunate position....they both look great on you! So, go with what works for you that day and enjoy your beautiful self!
    Seriously, though, you are very pretty and as is usually the case - our "in between" hair times are always WAY more obvious to us and others often don't even know there is an issue..thankfully! I just have to remind myself of that when I want to pull my hair out!

  18. Love both looks!! My hair is thick and fine and I have a "swirly" in the back. It is neither straight, nor curly. There is just enough wave in it to tick me off. I think it's neat that you can wear your hair in one of two styles-very versatile!

  19. So fun that you get to choose! My choices are to straighten it, don't wash it the next day and have greasy hair, or let it air dry and look like a puff head! LOL! So, I usually have to straighten mine :) I like your hair either way, but like it curly! And my hair definitely flies away in the winter too!

  20. I must say that I love your hair both ways, but straight would be my first choice...maybe cuz my hair is straight!! And the older I get...the frizzier mine gets!!

  21. Glad to know I'm not the only one with flyaway issues. Your hair looks great both ways. :D I found this great stuff that I put on my hair for flyaways. Love it! :D


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