Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hello, My Name is Harriett

Dearly Beloved Bloggers,

Ok, first let me start off by saying,


But hey, I'm all about keeping it real. After all I am Mrs. Yours Truly, right?

So, here it goes.

We all do things for the sake of looking more like a woman, put make-up on, wear pretty dresses and high heels, not to mention we are constantly battling with hair growing where it just seems pointless. I know I have no right to ask Him but, "Why, oh why, God did you make women with hairy legs, just to have us shaving and nicking them all the time?" It's a valid question, don't y'all think? O.k, I know, I know. He is the boss and He makes the rules. I guess I have no choice but to honor his hairy wishes. There's no doubt about it, His wish is my comMANd. You see, I'm not just dealing with the usual hair on the legs.

I'm dealing with this!

Hold up, people.
It's NOT what you think!!
I'm NOT, I repeat, I am NOT a HAIRY MONSTER!


No need to be afraid. It's just a little bleach for my uni-brow, a little more for my stash, and a smidge for the hair on my chinny-chin-chin. You see, this is exactly what I was talking about when I said' "POINTLESS." I mean really, what's the point of women having to go to these extremities just so she can look like a she and not a he?! Another valid question, right?! Maybe God gets a BIG kick out of me looking so ridiculous, God knows my husband and son do. Oh well, that's fine. Who am I to question it anyway? At least I'm back to looking like a lady once the bleach has done it's job. All I have left to say is, "Thank God for that bleach and Sally Hansen!"

Yours Truly!

{ Miti }

(p.s.) This is for all those young ladies out there with hairy roots. Don't be ashamed. Embrace your hairy-tage and then bleach it.


  1. OK, Miti, thanks for keeping it real. You are so funny. I have some Latina friends that I grew up with in NJ. They have the same issue. My issue... well, it's the whole graying way too young business. Just about every 3 weeks I have to color my roots because if I didn't, I'd be totally gray by now.

  2. Isn't life just too fun! That's ok, wait until you get a little older. Seems the hair on my legs is getting thinner and less, but now it's popping out everywhere else!! Oh the joys!!!

  3. I will repeat Carol's comment...gray way to early. Although I have hairy arms. Hmmm I always hated those in I feel your pain my friend. I bleach my stash too:)

  4. Right there with you sister...the sad thing is I didn't even know this stuff was even out there until about 7 years ago(my mom just didn't concern herself with all that), thank goodness for friends that filled me in. I have my stash too.

  5. Miti,

    You are too funny!

    Hugs, andrea

  6. Ok Miti,

    I am NOT Latina and I do this every week!!! Waxing ~ all of us line up....Me, my son, daughter, and DH. OH ya and MY MOM! Lets just say when I wax my mom it is sweet REVENGE ~ the evil little child comes out in me as I yank er I mean remove the wax hahahaha JUST KIDDING but I do enjoy it oh so much :)

    Thanks for sharing your transparency today!

  7. Oh Miti!!! This post just proves you ARE who you ARE! I love that about you. Way to lay it all out there girlfriend!!! LOVE that you even took a picture. Dang, you're gonna get so many women LOVING YOU NOW!!! ha ha ha

    I'm not a bleacher, I'm a plucker! I have the hairy upper lip and chin and I pluck, pluck, pluck away. Luckily my arm hair and leg hair is very light and hardly shows, but I do shave my legs EVERY SINGLE NIGHT... cuz I can't stand the way the stubble feels if I don't.

    But yea, the thinner the hair on my head gets, the thicker the stuff on my lip and chin gets. Ugggh.

  8. Don't feel bad! I have to remove the hair on my face too. I have avon's facial hair remover and use it for my brows and lip. Just in case ya know! BTW that picture is so cute of your with your facial expression and your eyes!

  9. Too funny! You are definitely not alone!!

  10. I hear ya....I think all my eyebrows are migrating to my chin for some reason!!!! Love the pic of you...that is too cute!

  11. Oh you're too funny!! My youngest has a unibrow, and I love it! Reminds me of Frida!!

    And I have a friend (who is also Latina) that has to shave under her chin too!

  12. Oh it seems the older we get the more it sprouts out of places it shouldn't and our hair on our heads keeps getting thinner and thinner!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  13. The things we women do to look beautiful. You're a hoot!

  14. Oh my too funny!!! You are one amazing woman to blog yourself so honestly! That is awesome! I have to say that I have never really had to do the bleaching or waxing myself. All of my hair is already bleached naturally, I guess. And I hate shaving my legs. I do that as little as possible to. Just a little plucking to the eyebrows is all I can handle. Every once in awhile, i will have my hairdresser wax them to give them a little more shape. I guess that is one benefit to being born blond.

  15. Girl, if I didn't already love you I would after this post. You are a hoot!

    I don't bleach the upper lip, I wax! BTW, who thought that whole waxing thing up anyway. Seriously, who came up with the idea of ripping the hair out by the roots????

  16. LOL! You are definitely keeping it real. ;)

  17. I love the way you said that God may give us women hair because he has a sense of humor :)


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