Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Little This And A Whole Lotta That

Oh dear, oh dear, it's Friday again! Why does this keep happening???? ~ Nan

I don't know, but all week long, I'm dying for it to get here... and then it arrives, and I realize we are due for a Saturday post! ~Erica

You know what they say...TGIF! But in our case we always say...YIKES it's Friday ~Mimi

Make dinner: Check. Do Dishes: Check. Friday Night post for Saturday....Uh, Check..I guess~ Tarah

Check for me too on the Friday Night post for Saturday...I guess *Phew* ~Mimi

Well, y'all know me. I'm a lost cause when it comes to ideas for a Saturday post. I think my CHECK ENGINE light just came on. Actually, I think it's been on since day one. ~ Miti

Um - Hello...I don't have time to create a 5 mom's post...can't you tell I have been working on my "PERSONAL" blog all week...Sheeeeeesh....~ Tarah

And it looks good Tarah. Go check out her cute makeover here. ~Mimi

YOU GO GIRL!!! ~ Miti to Tarah

That little linky love will cost you, so don't forget to post that post on your blog about how great your Cousin Mimi's blog is (with a link to my blog) & that everyone should be my friend. Thanks ~Mimi

I suppose it would be tacky to mention that I am giving away a free blog makeover on my personal blog to celebrate my one year blogaversary. So I won't mention go here to enter because that would be tacky. That's why I'm not doing it....... ~ Nan

Geez...why didn't someone tell me that having a job and blogging makes for a lot less time for blogging.....~ Tarah

Tarah, having a job and blogging makes for a lot less time for blogging. There, somebody told you, lol! ~ Nan

That is why I don't have a job, somethings gotta go & it isn't going to be Blogging. ~Mimi

I second that, Mimi!!! ~Miti

And I was in the middle of a great Bejeweled game when I had to pop in over here to add my two cents worth! ~Erica

And we always love your 2 cents worth Erica! ~Mimi

Erica actually gave up playing Bejeweled to come over here and add something to the post? Wow, we are truly honored! ~ Nan

Now, Erica, you know you're worth more to us than just 2 cents! I'd pay a WHOLE DOLLAR for your thoughts any day. If I wasn't a stay-at-home mom I'd pay more but I'm on a tight budget. Come to think of it, you're a REALLY good bargain! ~ Miti

I'm going to make brownies. Sounds like a Saturday kinda thing to do. ~ Tarah

When you are done with the Brownies, ship some to Michigan. Thanks! ~ Mimi

I just got done freezing chocolate-covered bananas. And I don't know about y'all but EATING them sounds like a Saturday kinda thing to do. I'd send you some Mimi but there's a little monkey here eye balling them and I don't think they'll make it much longer. ~ Miti

Does anybody care that I bought myself a cute top today for $10???? ~ Nan

I love new tops! I care, I care! Does it mention blogging? ~ Erica

{whispering} OH OH. I think Nan just changed the subject cause we were talking about
C-H-O-C-O-L-A-T-E :0 ~ Miti

WHAT? The "C" word? Nope. Nobody's talking about the "C" word around here, Nan. Right, Tarah?! {Changing the subject quickly} So, ummmmm, tell us more about that cute top Nan. I care. ~Miti

Oh no, you did NOT just mention *cough*chocolate*cough to me, did you? Did you????? ~ Nan

I do too Nan, but I got one for $9.99 today at TJMAXX a whole penny cheaper, maybe I should give the penny to Erica since she gave us her 2 cents. ~Mimi

Who will give Erica the other penny? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? ~Mimi

How about if I give her some belly button lint instead? I'm broke. ~ Nan

Ooooh, do I get the last word here? Do I? ~ Nan

Hello? Hello? Is this thing on?????? ~ Nan

I could do this all day, folks. ~ Nan

And all night. ~ Nan

BTW, who is putting this puppy to bed. Me? ~ Nan

Did I mention I'm having a free blog makeover giveaway?????? ~ Nan
AND SHOCK SHOCK! Guess who the LAST one up tonight was? It's 1:35 a.m., I was at our HOMECOMING FOOTBALL GAME tonight, then the 'after party' playing photographer, and now I'm exhausted! And yes, I'm so tired that I'm only adding my one cent at the end here... but I couldn't let Nan get the last word in.... could I? I think not! Goodnight all! ~Erica
Happy Saturday All! OVER AND OUT!
~ 5 Moms


  1. Yeah we finally got a Saturday post with all 5 of us in on it. I Love it Girls...A Masterpiece for sure!

  2. Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend. It was a rainy football night here in Va. and it is still rainy, today.

    I want to thank each of you here at 5 moms and a blog for your prayers for our family. You will never know how much we appreciate it.

    Blessings, andrea

  3. HAHAHA! Thanks for starting my Saturday off with a smile..I have to work today so I wasn't really happy about that, then I came to my computer and you cracked me up!

  4. You all are too cute and too funny! So much like all of us first thing on a Saturday morning. Thankfully I have a schedule of sorts put together to make this work better.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  5. You guys are just too funny! Makes me smile and I love to smile. Especially since Erica proved to me that pictures look better when you smile. Ask her about it sometime.

  6. Hey, like Mimi said we managed to get all five of us posting today. How'd we do that??

    Erica, I was so sure that for once I'd beat you to the last word, lol!

    Oh and did I mention I am having a free blog makeover giveaway?

  7. Whops...forgot the linky love for MiMi...uh what are you looking for 500 followers?

  8. I don't know how y'all do it! I barely have time to come post or read anymore. I need to friend y'all on Facebook. I could keep up better! LOL

  9. That is a whole lotta nothing that made me giggle..thanks gals and I hope ya'll have a great week! and I would love some of those brownies sent here Tarah...thanks!


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