Monday, November 16, 2009

♪ Uh-well We're Movin' On Up! ♪

"Where are we moving" you ask?

Well, let me tell you!
I mean... since you did ASK and all!

Yep, you heard me right!
This is our new place. Isn't it lovely?

Last weekend, Cameron, Riley and I had some time to kill while waiting on a photo shoot. We headed into BIG LOTS with no agenda; just browsing. After roaming down aisle after aisle of random STUFF, we found ourselves trying out every sofa and bed in the furniture section. Yea - we're weird like that. This is how we roll.
(Hey, don't judge me.... It's CHEAP ENTERTAINMENT!)

Riley suddenly exclaimed, "I think we could live here, Mom!" And with that, our aimless wandering turned into a weird sort of mission.

Could we live here?
Could we survive???
And if so, for how long?

Cameron quickly jumped on the band wagon and round the store we went seeking out the things we'd HAVE to have. We already knew we'd have a table to eat on, a bed to sleep on, and couches to relax on.....

(Proper English: "on which to eat", "on which to sleep", "on which to relax" - Happy Mom?)


Would we have food? Check!
But how would we heat it?

Microwave? Check!

Drinks? Check!

Toilet Paper? Check!

Bathroom? There was sure to be one in back, right? Right!

Entertainment? Games, toys, puzzles - CHECK!

Shampoos, brushes, blow dryers, curling irons...

Sheets, pillows, towels...

Clothing, jewelry, accessories...

And sadly, before I knew it, Riley was going, "Can we, Mom??"

Uh hello.... "THIS WAS JUST A 'GAME', Honey!"

Besides - it would never really work.
They didn't have a computer.

*Disclaimer: The writer of this post is not affiliated with the BIG LOTS retail chain in any way, shape, or form. No forms of payment, contribution or reimbursement were received for the mention of the BIG LOTS Retail Chain in this post. However, should they desire to, they can send said monies to the furniture section... where they will find me (and possibly my kids) on the 2nd couch on the right playing Yahtzee while drinking generic grape soda and eating Pringles.


  1. HA HA! That is just too cute.... and yeah, no computer, no way!!! I couldn't live there at all then.

  2. Bummer, no was almost PERFECT! Too funny!

  3. Too funny. My 2 have always wanted to live at Wal-mart. And guess what, they have computers!! lol

  4. The computer for sure would be a deal breaker...big problem for sure! Funny post.

  5. I love that has really great stuff ;) But the computer would for SURE be a deal breaker!!! ;)

  6. Hahaha good one :) I can just see all of this taking place! and by the way when you go back, my Big Lots is out of the fantastic Mutli-grain muffin mix on aisle 3 ~ it's only $1. Can you check your store and send me all they have please !! LOL

    Thanks for the laugh this morning

  7. {giggles} You are worried about no computer, but I've never seen a shower at our Big Lots!! Does yours have one?? All the toiletries in the world aren't going to do y'all much good if there's no shower!! LOL. Then we'll be saying 'who needs a computer-we can smell Erica from here!!'

  8. My kids love to think about such things, particularly my daughter! Yes, internet is a must too along with a computer!

  9. I swear I didn't just snort coffee out my nose. That wasn't me, honest. Thank you for this post and for making me laugh on this (oh-so-exciting) Monday morning! I think I need a trip to Big Lots to play this same fun!

  10. Too funny! I've only been in one Big Lots before, it was very cool. I think my kids would be perfectly happy to live in our Super Wal-mart (and it has a computer!) According to my family, we practically DO live there. They used to say if I didn't visit at least once a day, they were going to send me a "get well" card saying they missed me.

  11. I love to drop in our big lots and check out their great deals. Living in a big city, we have several.
    Blessings, andrea

  12. LOL! That would be interesting to live in Big Lots. :D There was a movie where a gal lived in Walmart for a while. I forgot what the name of it is.

  13. I love Big Lots too. They have some great deals. How fun and I love your disclaimer.

  14. Now you see, you could live at Costco as they DO have a computer, not to mention a bed, food, cookware, towel, clothes, books, t.v., etc.

  15. Ok, Erica! You're prolly not gonna believe me, BUT I thought about doing this same post. I'm furREAL! I LOVE BIGLOTS, A LOT!!!!! I would love to live there!!! Last week we went in and I think we managed to put the WHOLE store in our car. I think my favorite part about it is the food! I just can't get enough........

  16. This is a great post! I used to dream about doing things just like what your kids mentioned, come to think of it, it would sound really great to do this.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  17. hahaha! I love Big Lots too! WHAT! No computer, umm, never mind then. :D

  18. Our library is right down the road from our big lots so I say lets move into big lots and use the librarys free internet and if the computers crash they will pay to fix the.AHHH now that just sounds alright!


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