Thursday, November 12, 2009

I'm So Ear-responsible!

Dearly Beloved Bloggers,

Hope things are running smoothly in your lives and that you all are doing well. Everything's great here. (Thanks for asking.) Nothing new to report on. It's just another day. Looked after my little muchkin all day, did the usual cleaning, made dinner/supper (whatever you want to call it), and I also managed to perform emergency surgery.

That's right folks!

This momma had to slip on my surgical gloves and perform an emergency Play-doh removal. It was my first and HOPEFULLY my last case of Play-doh to the ear. Like I said, nothing new. It's just another day with a 3yr old, right?! Thankfully, God was gracious enough to provide me with a steady hand and the Play-doh extraction was a success. (Exhaling & leaving PANIC mode now)

But one more incident like that and I think I'll be tempted to just say, "Hands off the Play-doh." End of story! If he can't play with it right then he can't play at all!! It's for his own good and my sanity's too...

I'm sure many of you have been ear-responsible sometime or another. You just never know what these kids got up their sleeves (or ears for that matter), RIGHT!!!!

Yours (Truly!),


  1. I am very thankful to say that I"ve never had any of my 3 kids stick things where they didn't belong! LOL. In fact my oldest son used to pick stuff off the floor and instead of eat it like most kids do he would grunt to get our attention and then give it go us! LOL

  2. Stunt man stuck beads up his nose. Good times! For some reason they feel a hole on their body and something has got to go in it. I stuck green apple gum up mine too. doctor had to remove it. LOL

  3. Never had the ear or nose problem, but my youngest son has swallowed a quarter, oh, and there was the Christmas where he broke an ornament and put some in his mouth and ate it. His little baby teeth looked like they had blue fillings in them. Very scary! You're right, you NEVER know what they might do.

  4. Glad your surgery was a success. I have six kids and, while they don't usually stick things into body openings, they do tend to do damage to themselves such as broken bones, gaping holes that needs stitches and other forms of advanced surgery I'm not qualified to handle. I think they're in cahoots with my hair coloring company!

  5. I had a milk dud stuck in my nose at one point, the doctorplugged my ears and my other nostril...blew into my mouth and the thing went flying.....guess that is why they get the big bucks!!!!

    Hope Mason is doing well after surgery!!! LOL

  6. Oh wow.... Miti, after surviving MYSELF and then also having FOUR KIDS, I've done/seen it all.

    Let's see, we'll start off with ME --- at 3 years old, stuck a piece of foam (pulled it out of a hole in the couch) up my nose, tried to get it out myself (only 3 here) with tweezers, gave myself a bloody nose, got taken to the ER where they used these big pliers to hold my nostril open as they searched for the dad-gum thang! Never found it. Doctors to my mom, "Well, we're thinking it must've fallen out and she just didn't realize it."

    Yea.... or there was Riley swalling Jason's wedding ring, lodged in throat, yadda yadda yadda. Or there was Cam swallowing a penny (had to dig through poopy diapers for a week before going to get him exrayed).

    Fun times, I tell ya. Fun times!

    Is this a comment or a BLOG POST, Erica?


  7. Sorry to break the news to you, but one day you will wish play-dough in the ear is your biggest problem. Those are such sweet innocent days. Not trying to scare you, but YOU SHOULD BE SCARED...stunt man will one day be a "teenager."
    Blessings and hugs, andrea

  8. Good Grief!!! Y'all make Play-doh to the ear sound like a day at the park. Thank Goodness there was no blood at this surgery, I didn't have to search any poo poo, my wedding ring is still on my finger, no ornamental fillings and no broken bones.

    And Mimi, I'm just gonna ignore that you put green gum in your ear. What are you trying to do? Give him some new ideas? LOL!

  9. Oh, another note to self....

    NO MILK DUDS!!!!!!

  10. Glad the play-doh removal was a success! I have thankfully never had to remove anything from my kids ear but with three, I know my time is probably coming.

  11. These comments are pretty scary!! The only thing I remember doing as a child was drinking kerosene that had been stored in a Pepsi bottle. I was 2 and had to have my stomach pumped but no lasting damage.

  12. Play-doh....ugh!!! I never bought play-doh for my always came in the gift form. I am really wondering what those people were trying to say with those gifts? They came from the Grandmas...paybacks I guess!

  13. Lol...we've never had ear issues-it's always been noses at our house. Sydney and Jacob have both taken upon themselves to stop up a nosehole, and Jacob's ended us in the emergency room! Yeah, fun times!

  14. I swallowed my parents hearing aid battery when I was about 1. My mom had a heart attack because apparently I kept pointing to my mouth and then she couldn't find her battery. She rushed me to the ER and they did an ultrasound and there it was in my belly!!! The doctor said it would just come out the natural way and to watch for it!!

    Us kids have to keep our parents on our toes once in a while! haha

    Glad you were able to remove everything! Maybe you can put that on your mommy resume!

  15. at least it was something you could remove from a a place you could remove it!

  16. Play-dough in the ear? Oh no. That's terrible. At least you knew about it in time to get it out. My husband stuck part of a sponge up his nose when he was 2. His mom didn't know it until it started to smell bad. Oh so disgusting!

    Pray for Sarah

  17. I am thankful too, that my kids have never questioned the curiosity of wondering if they should put things in their external cavities. Thankfully I just to get to hear about it from other moms.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  18. Thank goodness, we've been lucky here. Never had them stick anything up a nose or in an ear. Sorry you had to deal with it, but glad he (and you) are okay. But since it happened....sure glad you told us. Cause between your story and the comments it sure gave me a good laugh before going to bed. Thanks and good night!

  19. rocks in the ear, up the nose..playdough in the hair, as well as gum...sadly, all a part of raising kids!!

  20. Oh, my goodness! Yikes! Glad you were able to get the play dough out without incident!


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