Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Conversations I've Had With My Husband

I love calling my hubby at work. After all, it's not like he's got anything better to do. I'll bet he just sits there by the phone, waiting for my phone calls. I tend to view calling my hubby at work as a cross between a twitter and a facebook status, only more fun. Because after all, sometimes I have some really important things to talk about.

  • Like asking him "What is the name of that thing that I like?" And he'll say "What thing?" and I will answer "You know, the thing. The thing! The thing that does the thing!" I get louder each time I use the word thing, because clearly he can't hear me. We do lots of talking about things and thingys around here.
  • Or saying "Did you see the link I put on my facebook status?" To which he will reply "No. I'm working." To which I will reply "Well, you get a lunch break, don't you?"
  • Or stating "I just cleaned the bathrooms" and my hubby will reply "I am happy for you."
  • Or "Hey, is it raining where you are?" because, after all, the church is sooooo far away.
  • Or asking him "Do you know if there is any chocolate in the house?" (No kidding, I have done this, chocolate desperation breeds strong measures. Just ask Kim or Lisa.)
  • Or "Do you think I should cut my hair?"
  • Or "I'm going to Costco today" to which he usually replies "And how is that different from any other day?"
  • Or asking him "Do you have a meeting tonight?" even though he's already told me so 50 times. These are the times that he seriously wonders if I ever listen to him. I do. I just forget everything he says right after he says it.......
  • Or asking him "Do you think I should buy another pair of jeans?"
  • Or the always exciting "Guess what I found at Goodwill today. Guess!!!!"
  • Or another thrilling question "Do you think it's going to rain?"
I have also been known to complain:

  • "The bathroom sink is plugged"
  • "I don't know what to eat for lunch. Nothing sounds good."
  • "The dog threw up on the bed." (I also made that a facebook status and a twitter so I scored three complaints for that one!)
  • "My car needs gas."
  • "I'm bored."
  • "I have a headache."
  • "I'm grumpy."
  • "I gained three pounds!!!!!!!!!"
  • "I have cramps"
My hubby is smart enough to know those last four statements are laced with danger and that he needs to tread lightly.....humor goes a long way to calming a hormonal wife....and so does chocolate. (Except when she's trying to cut down)

What I really need to do is learn to disguise my voice so nobody recognizes me when I call him at work. Oh, and if you go to the same church as me, I deny all of this and you can't prove a thing.


  1. this post made me smile...

    Happy Thanksgiving week!

  2. Hee! Hee! I love it. And uh, yeah on the chocolate desperation thing. Have a secret stash my friend, have secret stash!
    Okay stupid thought here. I just realized that the word secret is typed strictly with my left hand only! LOL.
    You needed to know that!Right?
    Can you see the trouble we would be in if we ever got together? LOL

  3. That is too funny! Thanks for the eye opener. I thought all my conversations with my hubby at work were so urgent and important. Looking at it from the other side, I'm thinking, maybe not so much. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

  4. Oh, I am soo glad that they he knows what is and what is NOT laced with danger...my husband is still learning after 11 years of marriage...how many more till he "GETS" it???? LOL...

    Great post today NAN!!! ;)

  5. OMG I am cracking up at this post!! I could have written this one. Seriously, I do this very thing and pretty much get those responses!

    Thanks for the laugh today :)

    He does you and is a great hubby ~ how do I know? bc he is just like mine 7hearts;

  6. Nan...you could have just put my name at the end of this post. I just have so much to tell him and share with him...there is no way it can wait until they punch out. Fun post...as always..thanks for the laughs.

  7. That sounds familiar. It's like I've had that same conversation with my hubby! hahaha

  8. i call my hubs all the time & his boss always says..."does she know you are working?" LOl of course, but knowing if he needs something from Target while I am there is huge. LOL

  9. the thing?? you know that thing ...oh the many conversations we've had about things. love the post girl! <3

  10. Sometimes you call just because you like to talk! I do that..my hubby gets annoyed with me and doesn't talk back...I loathe it when he does that!

  11. Ha ha ha, "if you go to church with me..." don't you just love that your thoughts and actions can be seen by ALL on here?

    I think that all the time: "My church family reads this stuff!" Oh well. They love us anyway, obviously!

    Funny stuff, Nan. Funny stuff!

  12. Hahaha! I've done the same thing, especially when I have your last four complaints:

    * "I have a headache."
    * "I'm grumpy."
    * "I gained three pounds!!!!!!!!!"
    *"I have cramps"

    I figure I need to give him fair warning to steer clear! ;-)

  13. Hee,hee - love it!! YES - the chocolate is VERY important!! :)

    I used to call my hubby at work with all of the same things. As he got busier, I finally learned to stop bugging him. He prefers e-mail and he does check facebook - so I still have ways to give him daily *spam* if needed. You know, like forwarding a Craig's List dining room table & chairs & saying "Wouldn't this look great? And what a deal!" Or putting up a facebook status of housework I have accomplished that will make it seem like I am very busy, but if I really were so busy I wouldn't have time to post a facebook status...

    Thanks for the laughs!! Have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving!!

  14. HAHAHA! My huband and I have those same conversations! Our work schedules don't mesh, therefore we hardly ever see each other so we do most of our talking on the phone.

  15. Hilarious, as usual. High five, Nan!

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  17. LOL!! love the convos. i may have had a few of the same with my hubby!! lol.

  18. Nan's hubby here.

    You must know that, speaking as a man, there are many "things" that I just don't "get" that come out of Nan's mouth... ;)

  19. dadstheword: lol! Very funny, honey! Hehehe!

  20. I love this entry!! We would so be friends if we lived close to each other!!

  21. LOL! I plead the 5th as I've said several of these, too. ;)


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