Thursday, November 5, 2009

(((((((((((( COME AND GET IT ! )))))))))))))

OH, Thank Goodness!!!!!
I was about to STARVE!!!!!
IT smells so good!
{sniff} {sniff}

what is IT exactly?

Is it LUNCH? Is it DINNER? Or, could it be SUPPER?!!!

My husband and I agree on most things, but when it comes to meals, we're on opposite ends of the table. You see, he grew up on good ole' country grammar and I, on the other hand, grew up on latin lingo. So, what I call LUNCH he calls DINNER. Weird, I know... As a little girl, I trusted I was being taught the proper way of speaking English by my teachers, but now I'm not so sure.

I'm so confused!!
I have no idea what I'm eating anymore.

When did LUNCH turn into DINNER and why wasn't I informed? You'd think all those teachers at school would have known better than to call the mid-day meal by the wrong name, right?! Aren't they supposed to teach their students the ways of the world. I guess they too were living in a different world than my husband. And don't even ask me how the LUNCH ladies got their names.

Come to think of it, they weren't the only ones living in La La LUNCH Land. The deception followed me all the way into the workplace. When I started my first job, they also told me I was going to have a LUNCH break and they specifically stated it would be at 12:00pm.

The invitation was right there in black and white.
WHEN - 12:00pm.

So you see now why I'm so confused?

All my life I've been mislead to believe that everybody eats LUNCH. But the truth of the matter is that there really is no such thing as LUNCH and there's definitely no such thing as a free one. You know, I've heard people say that before, but I guess I was just reading too much into it. People WERE trying to explain it to me all along and I just didn't wanna listen. I was in DINNER denial.....

Ok, so let me lay it on table. LUNCH is DINNER.
Got it!

But then I got to thinking, and the more I thought, the more confused I was again.

If LUNCH is really DINNER, then what do I call the DINNER I thought was really DINNER? Confusing, I KNOW...!!! I thought DINNER and SUPPER were the same thing- the last meal of the day. You could call it DINNER or you could call it SUPPER, kinda like you say tomato/ I say tomahto. But, NO, to my super SUPPER surprise they are two totally different meals.

What d'ya know?

You learn something new everyday. I hate to admit it, but I guess my husband has a point. After all, God didn't call it The Last SUPPER for nothing, right?!

So, now that we got all that straightened out, wanna go grab a bite to eat? YOU NAME IT. I'm up for anything.

See ya,

P.S. ~ Head on over to Pieces of Me when you get a chance. I've got something that'll BLOGGLE your mind!
(I hope =o)


  1. I love it! My husband is from Indiana and that's exactly what they call their meals: (breakfast, dinner, and supper), although he is now a changed man. This east coast girl has always called them: (breakfast, lunch, and dinner).

    In England, they call dinner: "tea". How confusing is that?

  2. Ok, personally I think lunch is lunch and dinner is dinner or supper. Always has been to me. I just asked my husband the question, "If I said I was eating dinner, when do you think I would be eating?" He said at night. So I rest my case. I think you were right all along Miti!!!

  3. Well, that was confusing and I skip the only meal that is not confused...breakfast. Ugh. I think I eat lunch and then dinner. Yep...I will stick with that.

  4. I always grew up calling lunch, lunch. Except on Sunday when we called lunch, Sunday dinner. Now that my kids are a little older, they are on their own for breakfast and lunch. That way I don't have to use the wrong word to tell them when the noon meal is ready.

  5. hhmmm I was born raised in Indiana, moved to the East coast at 19 where I stayed for 20 years and its always been Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner...

    but lets make it easy... we can just go do breakfast... or wait would it be brunch :o)

  6. As long as you're not renaming Breakfast I'll be ok! My son calls every meal dinner, so he's just as confused (and 2) as the rest of us!

  7. Breakfast, lunch, dinner in this corner of the world...or at least in this house, in this corner of the world!

  8. Well, here in Texas, we go wrastle up some grub and vittles for mornin', noontime, and that time when you ring the ole' dinner bell.

    Just kidding, we eat BREAKFAST, LUNCH & DINNER!

  9. LOL I like E @ Scottsville version the best :) too cute!

    Funny post but I am with you....keep it simple.

    the end.

  10. Looks like I was at the right side of the table after all....

  11. Just let me know what time we are leaving and that we are eating. I guess you can call it anything you want at that point.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  12. LOL! Just call me when it is ready! :D I'm hungry with all this talk of food. :D

  13. Well I'm agreeing with both you and your husband. When I was living at home (as in, with the parents in the country and was completely sheltered), it was breakfast, dinner and supper. I think that is the "real" country people's way of talking.

    When I went off to college and became a little more cultured, I started saying breakfast, lunch and dinner. It just sounds more sophisticated.

    How about all those stereotypes??? ☺

  14. My boyfriend and I have the same lunch is his dinner. I was raised to believe that "dinner" is your bigger meal. Since we always have that at night, that would be what we call "supper". But not Greg...dinner is the noon meal to him. We "argue" over that all the time! lol

  15. I'm gonna be honest. It's a geography thing I think. And I don't really care what they call it. I just go and eat! ha! Cute, cute post!


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