Monday, November 23, 2009

Thanksgiving Monday!

Tis the Monday before Thanksgiving,
and all through my brain...
Are thoughts of days off:
free of work, stress & strain!

As I sit here I daydream
of all that's to come,
Yes, the time spent with family
is sure to be fun.

The food will be great
and the pumpkin pie yummy!
Yet all I have now
is plain coffee for my tummy.

I'm bored half to death
as our office is bare.
I sit twiddling my thumbs
and twirling my hair.

Oh, just 2.5 days
til I'm off for the week!
I can do it! I can make it!
It is patience I seek!

I can make it til Thursday.
I can do it, I bet!
Just one hour at a time!
Is it 5 o'clock yet?

Wishing you and yours
the happiest Thanksgiving ever!!!


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  1. I took a guess at who wrote today's post as I was reading, and I guessed right! Erica, you are a crack-up. :) Enjoy your Monday!! I shall!

  2. Love the poem, Erica! Thank goodness I just have to work 2 days this week. Woo hoo!

  3. I don't want to wait any longer.I am ready to kick November outta the way and move on to December.I love the poem.

  4. Love your poem. I wrote one for today over on my blog too. Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Sorry to all of you that have to work this week. We get the whole week off!!! WOO HOO, sometimes it pays to be a teacher. Not money, but time!!!

  6. Your wit knows no end! You are too funny girl!

  7. That was too cute!! You're so good Erica! I hope your time at work flies by. I can't wait to have me some pumpkin pie. Yummy in my tummy!

  8. Very cute!!! I'm ready for Thanksgiving, too!!

  9. get to work you bum. ;o)

  10. Ha. Too cute! I was thinking, "Man, Thanksgiving means a LOT OF WORK for me." hee hee

  11. Cute Poem..I wish I could write poems! Oh well I can't guess that is left up to you!!! ;)

  12. So funny! I'm anxious too...I love getting together at Thanksgiving! It's too bad there is so much prep for the food and we all eat within minutes! haha! Mmmmmm...can't wait! Happy Thanksgiving!

  13. What a cute Thanksgiving poem! The holidays really bring out the multi talents of a lot of my blogging friends, including you! :)

  14. happy thanksgiving to all of you wonderful ladies!

  15. Cute Thanksgiving poem! Have a great Thanksgiving!


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