Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Letter To Target -

Dear Target,

I realize that you seem to think that you are in the business of making money.
Well, I beg to differ here, you seem to be in the business of making my children drain my wallet....and RATHER easily I might add.

Take for instance, this doozy..
Nothing says brotherly love like opposing colored vests, goggles and dart guns..

Yes ladies with not be jealous. This is how the boys in my home roll...

Honestly, if I step on another one of these foam darts,

I can't really say what is going to happen...BUT IT WON'T BE PRETTY!!!

Total Cost $23.99

(PS... you read the bottom of the box correctly...this is a 2 player dual system DO NOT try this with only one player, Not sure what happens)!

I also can't say enough horrible WONDERFUL things about this Zobmondo Game. I mean where else but Target could you find something that FINALLY answers the question: "Would you rather lick a hairy spoon or poke your eye with a fork?"

Perhaps not the most resounding review but for an evening at the dinner table with 2 boys who think that potty talk is still hilarious its an interesting grab to say the least.

Total Cost $19.99

With a new holiday slogan like "Wii Wish you a Merry Christmas" it is a little tough to choke down the word NO for all things Wii.

Wii don't like replacing the batteries in our controllers, Wii don't like all the money that we have spent on this little contraption. Wii don't like that on a random Friday night Wii feel the need to take down a certain 8 year old in Guitar Hero....;)

They better enjoy it or else Mii is going to be angry!!!

(Pss...this one can not solely be the responsibility of Target. Nintendo should also have a small portion.)

Total $49.99

So as you can see are sucking my wallet dry!!!

I only came into the store for a gallon of milk and I ended up spending $107.97 after I spent $13.99 on these....

Until Next Week....Tarah


  1. LOL! My parents buy us the Wii games since they bought us the Wii for Christmas last year! Aren't Wii lucky? LOL I'm hoping to get...err kids are hoping to get the Wii resort for Christmas this year!

  2. Just say no to Target. LOL I went in there yesterday and only spent 16.96. Woo Hoo. I am getting better.

  3. I was just saying the other day that from Mid October until after Christmas... TV should be banned from all children... every other commercial is another 'OH I HAVE TO HAVE IT' moment... sigh... so yes its even worse when you take them into the store..

  4. Very funny. With Christmas coming, I almost hate going into the toy section of stores. BTW, my boys have that "dueling system", but we're going to have to get another one because we have five boys! Try buying everything in doubles.

  5. That was hilarious! As a mom of two boys, I can definitely relate. I haven't seen that Zobmondo game, but I'm thinking at $19.99, I could make up my OWN game of gross questions!

  6. The standing joke between my husband an I is to see if we can ever make it out of Target without spending more than $ rarely happens. Maybe I need to write them a letter as well.

  7. I guess it's a good thing there is no Target here in my immediate town. There is one 30 minutes away that we go to... but it's not EASY ACCESS for me. =0)

    Same with Starbucks. But look out world, when I head that way, I'm slammin' both of 'em!

  8. My 8 year old was reading this post with me and he wants to know if you could sell these to him.

  9. Lol...I love that you're blaming TARGET for all this!! HEHEHE.

  10. Target sucks me in. i go there for one dang thing and never leave without spending 100 bucks at least!

  11. I know exactly why they call it TARGET, cause they get me ALL THE TIME!!! They really are on target when it comes to sucking the green out of me. I'm just a walking bull's eye.....

  12. Target has a way of doing that, don't they? They don't have Targets here, so I'm ok for now. Instead, I'll spend my cash at the local Tesco, Argos, or Asda, thankyouverymuch!

  13. *WARNING* Potty talk is still going to be hilarious for a very. long. time.


  14. LOL! I was just needing to check out ideas for CHRISTmas for my crew. We have a plethora of stores here - Walmart, Target, Kmart, etc. etc. Ugh! Thankfully, my children don't watch much TV and I don't have to hear the whining. :D

  15. Oh can Target suck us in like that? I went to Target TWO days in a row...and spent too much money! As if one day wasn't enough! We got our Target toy catalog today and the kids went crazy circling everything they want for Christmas! And Nerf dart guns were very popular! haha! Alex already has a small one and the cats love chewing on those darts! Too funny!

  16. LOL...too funny! I stay away cuz if I didn't we would be BROKE!! We have that nerf dart game and LOVE it! The boys run back & forth between the kitchen & foyer while Ryan and I shoot them! So much fun and the best part is that I got it on clearence a few Christmas' ago for 5 bucks!!! Best deal EVER!!!!

  17. Now see, Target doesn't get to me too much. I know I must be the only person around who isn't totally thrilled with the store. But the one thing they always get me on is their Christmas decorations. They always have some of the neatest lights and ornaments and Christmas bags and wrapping paper. See that's my vice this time of year.

  18. Yes Target is very good at sucking everything out of our wallet too! They need to figure out how to be alittle more frugle :)

  19. kids are prime for the picking for stores like target.. luckily for me , my son since a baby for some reason HATES those stores and cries and whines his whole way through... so we dont go there with children... thats right, Target... you cant suck my wallet dry!.... well not until I get to the home decor isle anyway.

  20. Like Target but Love! Wal-mart. Prices are lower at Wal-mart. ALWAYS!

    I think this year I am going to get a bunch of board games for the kids for Christmas - low tech family fun!


  21. kill me!!! Where do you come up with these things?? No wonder you don't get enough sleep..your brain NEVER STOPS :) Love ya girl..wish I had your creativity!!

  22. Girl, you gotta stop going to
    Target for milk!!!!


  23. oh yes..they are crafty--that Target crew!! I think they stay up nights plotting ways to empty our wallets!!

  24. Totally cracking up that you have discovered Zobmondo!

    I was stunned the first time we played it and people (grown adults) actually got in terrible debates/arguments over it like it was a real choice!


    But it sure was worth the laughs to hear people explain while they'd rather poop a bowling ball or pee a marble... (Yes, I have a little boy at home, why do you ask? :)


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