Friday, January 29, 2010

You Know What I Can't Stand?

Well, since you clicked on this post I guess you really want to know what I can't stand.

Here Goes...


*Clearing my throat*

I totally cannot stand it when I take a bit of something I really shouldn't be eating...
& it doesn't really taste that great...
& it really wasn't the thing I was craving...
& yet I still eat the whole thing...

& then I tell myself after it is totally gone...
That was so not worth the calories.

Why do I always finish it then?
I can't stand when I do that.

Is there anything silly you do that you just can't stand?
Come on...
Spill it...
Confession is good for the soul...
Well, I think that is what they say, anyways.
I'm off to eat another one of those not so fresh, totally not worth the calories donuts.

Somebody STOP me!


BTW...on my last grocery shopping trip, I spent most of my time in the laundry aisle sniffing all the soaps & fabric softners you all said you used. Snuggles with the blue lid is yummy!
Thanks for the suggestions!


  1. You know what I totally cannot stand? When my kids pull on my shirt. I don't care if it's my old raggedy "house" shirt, but if I'm wearing my "outside" clothes and they do it, TOTALLY IRRITATES ME!!!

  2. lol..I do that, too, Mimi!! And then I still have to go find whatever it was I REALLY wanted and eat it, too!

    I can't stand when kids "tap" on me. My students..precious little 6 yr olds...coming up and "tapping" on me to get my attention. OOOH, I hate that! I'm not a door, do not knock on me!

  3. I do the same Mimi. I think its a sickness or something and we can't help it. Its not our fault. At least that's my story and I'm sticking to it. lol

  4. I hate that too...especially if you had been looking forward to that certain something and it ends up not being nearly as good as you remembered! I love the knife in the box with all the cut up donuts:) I would just eat the whole thing!

  5. What do I do that I can't stand? Hmmmm....It's probably saying,"Just one more" and then having "Just one more" about 6 more times! *sigh* It's true. LOL!

  6. Obvious weight problem here but yes I do this as well!!! YIKES, I need to stop!

  7. Yes...I have that problem and I do hate it when it is not what I 'want' even though it was what I was 'wanting'! Does that make sense??!

    And I so cannot be stand to be poked by my kindergateners...ooohhhhh....stop poking me and use your words!!

  8. I can't stand it when I'm talking to hubby and he asks the same question over and over and I answer him and he repeats what I just told him as if he is surprised!

  9. Yeah, I hate that too! But not as much as NOT having the donut and does the scale or my clothes appreciate it, no. Everything stays the same, so I might as well have had the donut. hmph!

  10. I hate it when I spend time looking for my keys, only to realize they are in my hand! (Same thing with my sunglasses, finding them on my head!) :)

  11. I hate when something comes OUT of my mouth that I shouldn't have said - but then again, that's fewer calories, so who knows? Have another donut for me - they look too good ~ ♥

  12. I'm guilty too Mimi. I like to blame it on my Mom. She always said I had to clean my plate. My appetite is WAY too healthy (and I don't mean that in a good for you kind of way).

  13. I TOTALLY do the whole thinking it's not worth the calories, but finish it anyway thing. And I HATE when I do that.

  14. I am totally with you on that too. I am SO trying to find the willpower to stop that.

  15. I totally can not stand it when I sabotage myself by eating something I do NOT even like!!


  16. I can't stand walking into my parents house -- nice and clean, smelling like perfume, shampoo, soap -- NICE. I leave smelling like a stale cigarette! They don't even smoke around me, but since it floats in their home, it sticks to my hair and clothes. Now I want to take another shower. Hmph.

  17. I hate that feeling. I do it all the time. ALL. THE. TIME. I will eat something and be thinking, "why am I doing this?" *sigh*

    BOY those doughnuts look good. :)

  18. I used to do that. Now I tell myself that it's not worth the calories and guilt, and then I feel even worse because I still crave the item I denied myself-so you just can't win!

  19. Mmmmmm...I've been craving donuts in the worst way! Why did you show me that?! :) There's lots of things I can't stand about myself, where do I start?! haha! One wierd quirk I have and I don't even know I'm doing it until I'm done...I count sometimes when I'm washing my hands! So wierd...and once I realize it...I count to a certain number and then stop...that is crazy! I can't seem to keep a super clean, dust-free, laundry-controlled house...but I think i have really clean hands! LOL!

  20. My friend down the street made some homemade donuts this morning and covered in sugar and cinnamon...My son walked down in the snow and brought them home for us....DIVINE :)

    I ATE 2!!! bad bad bad!!

    love ya MIMI

  21. I hate that too! And it usually only happens with sweets. No matter what kind of donut, I've gotta have one!

  22. Oh friend! So there with you...

  23. I can relate to this one as well. I also can't stand that I twist my hair, but I do. :(

  24. I do the same thing. It's not a good feeling.


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