Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Odd 2010 News Stories...

Ahhh what to post about...some weeks I am on the verge of a blog block the size of
New York City. And what do I do when I just can't seem to "FOCUS" on the task at hand?
 I search Yahoo & Google for fillers!
 Here are a couple "FILLERS" to fill up your Wednesday...
(You can thank me in the comment section of this post)

An Israeli news station pleaded with Israeli's to search long and hard for an unclaimed lottery ticket worth an estimated $20 million dollars...(uh hem...I think I dropped my ticket at the airport on the way out...)
Any Takers on that one????

Bejing, China
Not only were they magnificent hosts of the most recent Olympics but now I am pretty sure that they have landed the MOST special place in Nan's heart as the 1st Country AND City to have an
(Did you guys hear that??? Nan just booked her ticket...1st class comes with all the CHOCOLATE you can eat)!

Google China

Yes, there is a Google China but perhaps not for much longer.
After having to make cuts Google decided to purchase 200 tickets to
the movie  AVATAR as a parting gift for its workers in China....
Hmmmm...Good thing they just opened up that theme park!!!
(PS...Nothing says we appreciate your work more than a movie ticket attached to your pink slip)!


Last but not least I could not leave the US out!
While vacationing in Hawaii with his family, the President and his family enjoyed
"SNOWBAMA'S" according to him they are a Hawaiian delicasy.
Nothing says vacation like Ray Ban's and a SNOWBAMA~
(PS..I want a vacation in Hawaii oh and while were at it, I'll take some Ray Bans too)

So what would you do with a $20 Million Dollar lottery ticket?


  1. Thanks for my news update...cause you know I don't watch it. A chocolate theme park...I might visit once a month. LOL
    I would pay off bills & your house of course & donate to missions & then move closer to Agent's work:)

  2. Now THAT's my kind of news update - short, sweet, to the point, and not depressing. All very worthwhile stories. :) tee-hee

    $20 million? I'd pay off my bills and my family's bills, buy a house not much bigger than the one we have, but with a bigger yard and one extra room to be turned into a crafting room, quit my job that I don't like very much and stay home with my baby that I DO like very much. :) There would also be a good deal of charity involved in the spending (american cancer society, UMCOR, Special Olympics to name a few)

    Fun dreams! :)

  3. If I had that ticket today I would go on a house hunt and purchase on then I would buy a truck and I would move!I would save the rest for rainy day's!Oh and since I would be single I bet the men would be flocking around and I would send them all packing :0)

  4. I like this post...nothing like being "FILLED" in! I wouldn't have had a clue if it weren't for you.

    20 million...hard to wrap your mind around. Make sure all my family was taken care of. Then I would go make a difference. Plain and simple. I might throw in a massage too. ;-) Keeping it real.

  5. Give lots of it away!!
    Blessings, andrea

  6. So that's what's going on in the world. All I get updated on these days are new Disney show premieres.

    What would I do with all that money? Well, let me just say that I had to do a whole separate post to answer that one. LOL

  7. I would build a new building for my church! Add on to my house! Support many missionaries! Set up my children's college funds for wherever they wanted to go! Tell my husband to quit his job and be home with me so we could go forward together and do whatever God leads us to do. Vacation like their was no tomorrow!!!!:)

  8. I could handle a chocolate theme park. I might have one in my pantry right now. :)

  9. I think you have way too much time on your hands...but very entertaining to say the least! The chocolate theme park seems very doable...YuM! And for the lottery ticket...hmmm...I will haveta get back to you on that one!


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