Wednesday, January 13, 2010

American Idol Addiction...

A guilty pleasure? Perhaps. A ratings monster? For sure. 
Something that a lot of us watch? Maybe.
Here are a couple things that I would change about American Idol if I were a judge:

1. Cut the poopy auditions....I mean do I honestly need to see a bunch of kids and ADULTS who can't sing try to push a 1 hour show into 2 hours? Lets get to the meaty part of the show...not this appitizer stuff!

2. No guest judges. Not that I don't like an occasional judge but I want ELLEN.
She is awesome so just put her on already!

3. A voice box for Simon. Something with funnier voices like
Bart Simpson, Adam Sandler and Conan O'Brian options. Spice it up a little BRIT! ;)

Alright, now I know I don't have the authority to change ANYTHING
but a girl can dream can't she????

Do you watch?

Till Next Week...


  1. Our family makes a big deal about it all. It's one of the major highlights of our week. Being in England delays it by a day which is poopy sometimes because we have to avoid our computer so as not to hear results. I guess we will not have to worry about it for awhile as they put the "appetizer" stuff on.

    Is Simon really leaving?

  2. I usually don't watch until later in the season if at all. I don't like to watch people making fools of themselves when they can't sing, but they think they can. I can't believe a friend or family member wouldn't tell them before they get on TV. It just makes me feel so uncomfortable for them. My girls love that part, but I really hate it.

  3. I've never watched. But I hear a great deal about it from EVERYBODY. LOL. But then again I don't watch regular tv so it's not just that show, I don't watch any show. You'd think I'd have a cleaner house! LOL.

  4. I used to be hooked but haven't watched it in a few seasons - I need to get back on track don't I?? I agree about the auditions - they were a total crack up the first 1000 times but now it's like, 'Get off the camera already!'. I just started watching Biggest Loser and that's my new hooked-on thing. I'll be watching for Idol though ~ ♥

  5. *RAISES HAND* I watch AND I love AI!!!

  6. I watch......and I'll admit it, I love the bad auditions! I believe that probably most of the time, they know they are bad, but can still take the 5 minutes of fame in front of famous people, so why not?! I allowed myself to just laugh last night. I love Victoria Beckham, I thought she was great!!

  7. I watch when it gets down to about the final 10. It should be a fun season with Ellen as a judge.

  8. I can't say that I watch, but I am lovin' the idea of a voice box for Simon. Too funny!

  9. My friend text me last night to see if we were watching...we weren't, but she said last night was HILARIOUS!

  10. My kids were watching that last night. I watch about 1 hour of it all season when they get to the top 12 so i can pick my winner:) I picked Kris last year when he was in the top 10.

  11. Yes we watch it every season if we remember to tune in for it. I agree with you that too many judges makes it difficult. Just move on!

    I also agree with you that they could host a separate episode of all the outtakes, but most of the times, we miss some really good auditions and all we get to see is them waving their golden ticket.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  12. I watched it the first season with Kelly and that was about it. My kids will occasionally drag me in to hear someone sing but generally I don't watch it.

    However, I did watch it last night because my son was. I really just feel so bad for some of these people and sometimes I just press "mute."

  13. I watch and I love it! But I like it after the auditions. I do not like seeing people get made a fool of or get rejected. It is sad.

  14. I usually start watching once they've gotten it down to the top ten...

  15. the only episode I've ever seen was the finale between Adam Lambert and Kris whats-his-face, whom I cheered for because he was an Arkansas boy, when I went to an AI party at a co-worker's house. I don't watch it, but can keep up with it through my co-workers and now through all the Facebook statuses!! lol


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