Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Finding the Postitive....

My family is the definition of Sports MANIA!
I mean my personal blog title is Eyeglasses & Endzones for a reason!

Yes, I live in Minnesota.
 Yes, we stole Brett Favre.
Yes my family is devastated by the loss.
I don't just mean devistated as in a little moapy.....
 I mean heart torn out, cry yourself to sleep, 8 year old thought HE was going to the Super Bowl sad!

So, I am trying to find the positive in this situation and ironically, there is a TON of positivity surrounding the VIKINGS NOT being in the Super Bowl.
Most of that positivity surrounds MY BANK ACCOUNT!
 Take a peak at exactly what would have happened at my house IF they made it to the Super Bowl.

Tickets to this little event would have been available to us for the bargain price of $1300.00 each ticket and since my 8 year old would have physically DIED if he did not attend, we would have spent $2600.00 on 2 tickets in a not so great area JUST to watch this guy:

Savings $2600.00 (CHA CHING)

Next on the list would have been all the things associated with the VIKINGS winning the Super Bowl
 (yes, I know this is lofty)

$38.00 Saved because I totally would have made my son wear this to the game.
 $76.00 saved, I would made BOTH of them sport this awesome garb...
(Yes, I know the Superbowl is in Miami..this is FUNNIER because of that!)

Next - I can almost guarantee that my husband would have spent his life savings to errect this beauty somewhere on our property...TOTAL SAVINGS $33,814

In addition to the Mother Ship we would be paying a lawn service
 to maintain his little art project in the back yard....Again with the savings $650.00

Moving onto the smaller things in life, like my families request to make everything dinner related with this ingredient

Yeah - A years supply of VIKINGS BBQ Sauce....
$388.00 (what a bargain)!

Did you think that there would not be a redecorating request from the boys?
Well, I am sure there would be:
@ $147.00 a pop this saves me $294.00 Smackers!

And I am sure that my husband would want to get me some GORGEOUS jewlery to commemorate the occassion, so of course I would be surprised and delighted when I opened these beauties up:

$847.00 - Nothing but the best for me (14K baby) !

Isn't it just what you always wanted? $230.00

So, I would just like to send out a THANK YOU to the MINNESOTA VIKINGS for not only devistating my family, but saving our wallet a total of $$$$  38,823.00 $$$$
Thanks to you one of my children can go to college for a year!

Till Next Week......


  1. Hahaha! I like the way you've put a positive spin on things. Way to save that money!! ;-)

  2. Lol...that's too funny! Brett Favre grew up less than an hour from here, so he's the local celebrity and EVERYTHING he does is plastered all over our local news all.the.time. It gets kinda old. I gotta admit, I'm a little glad that we aren't big sports fans! It's really crazy here and I can't imagine how it is in New Orleans!!

  3. Love this! Thanks for the rundown on the savings. I'm going to use it in this house. We are major Brett Favre fans. (YES! you stole him from us..we no longer root for the Packers) ;o)

    I totally understand the crying yourself to sleep. (and STILL moping around and being crabby)
    Only it's not my 8 year's my husband!

    Here's hoping Brett stays another season. We love watching him play.

  4. So funny! Always good to put a positive spin on things.

  5. this is soooo funny!
    and I am sorry but
    WHO DAT!!

  6. Way too funny! Love it. So glad you won't be sitting in the poor house now!

  7. If that is not a positive spin on things I don't know what is. I am so glad one of them will be able to further their education. ;-)

  8. Too funny. I love that you will be saving all that money so that you can go shopping a little more. Who knows...maybe you still can redecorate their rooms in the Vikings...Come on that poor 8 year old is still crying over it and come Super Bowl Sunday it is gonna be worse. Just order it online:)

  9. This is tooo funny :) What a blessing that you didn't have to spend all of this moo-lah ;0)

    We were all sooooo sad and heartbroken when they didn't win...they got robbed by the officials for sure!

  10. Wow! That is some kind of savings! Good thing for your pocketbook they did not win! LOL

  11. LOL! That's a lot of savings! Love the way you look on the bright side. :D

  12. Oh honey, I'm SOOOO glad those darn Vikings were able to save you some $$!! LOVE the pics, too funny ~ ♥

  13. Ah man, and that lawn decoration would have been sweet, too!! You would have been the envy of your neighbors. Just think, you probably saved them a ton of money, too, because they would have went out tryin' to buy their own mother ships, and stuff, and then their kids couldn't go to college, and, and... the list could go on.

    Tara, that was awesome! You are one funny chick.


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