Tuesday, January 12, 2010

If I Were......This Would Happen....

If I were on I Love Lucy I would not be so quick to get myself into trouble.

If I were on The A-Team I would want to be Murdock, because he got to act crazy and goofy and have lots of fun.

If I were on The Brady Bunch I would want to be Marcia. She had long blond hair just like Jan but she didn't have to bother with wearing glasses, she got the best room until she gave it to Greg, and she got to go to the prom with Davy Jones.

If I were on The Cosby Show I would want to be Rudy, because all she had to do was smile and look cute.

If I were on MacGyver I would be dead by now because there's no way I could escape danger using a paper clip and belly button lint.

If I were on Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman I'd be in a world of hurt as I am very squeamish.

If I were on Saved By The Bell I'd wonder if I was ever going to graduate from high school.

If I were on Star Trek I'd wonder if flying on starships would make me as sick as flying on airplanes does.

If you were on _______ what would happen?


  1. Oh Nan you got me goggling some of this shows...jejeje...now I am watching them on youtube.com
    If I were on Scare Tactics I would be the psycho alien chasing the victim.

  2. Oh, this was funny! If I were on Alias I'd probably look a lot better than I do now.

  3. If I were on Full House I would want to be Michelle so there would alway's be someone to pick up after me ;0)

  4. If I were on the Facts of Life I would want to be Blaire. She was fashionable AND pretty! But I'd act more like Jo! LOL.
    I could really go with this I hope you know!!

  5. If I were on Laverne and Shirley, I'd be Shirley because my best friend, Annette, always said she'd be Laverne. And the funny thing is, in real life she married a DeFazio! Before I got married, she said that I would have to find someone with the last name Feeney.

    Thanks for the memories.

  6. If I were on Leave it to Beaver, I would be June, because my house would be spotless even with two kids around, and I would have done it in pearls and heels. What a wonder woman!

    You know...Marcia did have to wear braces and she did think she was UGLY! And getting hit in the nose with a football doesn't sound so cool. But...ya...going to prom with Davy Jones cancels all that out.

  7. You are JUST TOO creative Nan! I didn't do much TV watching growing up so I can't really add to this, but thanks for the laughs anyway.

  8. If I were on the biggest loser, I would be BOB so I could punch Jillian in real life....

    Love this idea NAN!!!! ;)

  9. Oh goodness, it has been forevah since I have thought of these shows! I, too, always wanted to be Blair on Facts of Life...I thought she was beautiful!

  10. If I were on Gilligan's Island, I would have been Marianne. I thought she was smarter & prettier than Ginger, even though she didn't get much attention from the guys. I did think her shorts needed to be a little longer. If I were Marianne, I would have told the Prof. he didn't know what he was talking about and I would have found a way off the island!

  11. I always wanted to be Marcia too! She is singing country songs now. Did you know that? Or trying at least. :)

  12. If I were on Knight Rider I so would have wanted to be Michael's girlfriend so I could have rode in the cool car.

  13. If I were on Friends, I'd be Phoebe because she never had a real 9 to 5 job, but still managed to live a pretty fabulous life in NYC without scrimping.

  14. If I were on the Muppet Show, I would be Miss Piggy. We have three things in come - we love to shop, we LOVE to eat, and we've got great taste in guys. We know how to pick'em.

  15. If I were on 24, I'd be infatuated with Jack Bauer. Oh, wait, I already am.

    The Murdock and MacGyver ones were my favorite.

  16. What a fun post and comments.

    If I were on Survivor I would win just because I can dream can't I?!?

  17. If I were on the Peanuts cartoons, I'd be Lucy. My family says I'm totally crabby at times! lol

  18. If I were on Family Ties...I would want to be Mallory, so I could date Nick. :)

    If I were on Lost, I would want to be Kate....so I would have 2 HOT guys lusting after me.

    If I were on The Simpsons, I would want to be Marge, just so I could have a cool 6 ft high blue beehive hair do!

  19. If I were on Grey's Anatomy, I'd be Meredith, and just get over myself already.

    If I were on Desperate Housewives, I'd be Susan...b/c I'm just as much a klutz and non-cooker as she is!

    If I were on Army Wives, I'd want to be Claudia-Joy b/c she has the best husband EVER!!

    If I were on Survivor (which I don't even watch) I'd be voted off the island b/c I'm way too girlie girl to do all that gross stuff!

    If I were on NCIS I'd just sit and drool all day over Gibbs!! heehee


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