Friday, January 22, 2010

A Little Help Please...

I am the worst person in the world when it comes to GROCERY SHOPPING.
I don't like it because it is not my idea of Shopping.
I dislike spending money on necessities like Toilet Paper, Toothpaste, Body Wash, Etc.
I mean there really is no fun in there? Shopping should be FUN!
Here is where you come in...
Share with me some of your Favorite Toiletries, Household Products, maybe even Snacks that you can't live without, totally recommend & would cry if they were going to be discontinued.

I am a huge Gain fan...

but want the best smelling clothes so if you use something different & your clothes smell amazing...SHARE!
WE like Crest toothpaste
but if you use something different & you think your breath smells delicious than SHARE!

You get the idea. I am sure everyone will benefit from our favorites today.
Leave a comment with your RECOMMENDATIONS!
It is always FUN to try new things...RIGHT?

Thanks in advance,


  1. I also love Gain, but only if used with Downy Fabric Softener with the green lid (ONLY the green lid!). Our clothes smell AMAZING, and I get compliments on how they smell all the time. LOVE it.

    Favorite toilet paper...Cottonelle Aloe+E.

    Toothpaste...whatever is on sale :)

  2. I love TIDE. :o)

    My favorite snack: 94% fat free Orville Redenbacher's pop corn.

    My newest purchase that I'm excited over is: Swiffer SweeperVac! It is battery operated and is awesome for flying over the house each morning. It picks up the fuzzies and tiny things that can make a house look dirty.

  3. One of my favorite things is Shout Color Catchers! They are little sheets you throw in the wash and it absorbs all the dyes that come out of your clothes. It has helped a ton with stuff fading on lighter colored stuff:)

  4. I'm a Crest-only girl. I was raised that way and just can't bring myself to change on that one. :)

    I was raised a Tide girl, but have recently been trying to branch out with MUCH difficulty. It's REALLY hard to find detergent that is dye free, fragrance free (for the baby with eczema), and HE (for front-loaders). Tide is the only one I can find regularly with all those things.

    I love the 100 calorie packs of Kettle Korn from PopSecret. In fact, I love 100 calorie packs of ANYTHING!!! I found these new Mr. Salty pretzels covered in yogurt in 100 calorie packs and they are AMAZING!!!!

    The other thing I don't think I could live without (and I had a scare when we lived in Baton Rouge as only 1 store carried them and they only put out like 5 boxes at a time so I was always afraid I was buying the last 5 boxes available) is General Foods International's 100 Calorie packs (there it is again) Cappuccino mix in Cafe Mocha. I'm drinking one right now, in fact. :)

    My two non-branded things that I could almost LIVE off of (as could my 19 month old) are Clementines (so sweet, easy to peel, and NO SEEDS) and Honey Crisp apples (they stay crisp even after you have to cut bruises out - so good).

    Fun topic!

  5. Oh, I like Kelli's suggestion...I want to try the Shout Color Catchers! I like to try new things all the time...I'm always trying out new makeup...even though I don't wear alot...but fun to 'play' with! I use Crest and Colgate...{usually whatever my dental professional uses, haha...Dan...but he keeps switching too!} I really love my Clorox wipes the most....I use them so much and makes cleaning easier for me! OH and Magic Erasers! ;)

  6. I get the mack daddy All Natural ECOS 210 Loads with Organic Lavender at Sam's Club. It cost like $12.00. I admit that it doesn't give off a big scent but we have sensitivities in our family so it works for us and is really inexpensive compared to the name brands.

    For toothepaste we use Tom's from Maine Fluoride Free because fluoride isn't good for you and you get enough fluoride in your water.

    For a snack we love air popped popcorn with melted butter and hot sauce on it!!

    If you need me I'll be the one hugging the tree! LOL! NOT!


  7. I'm with you on the Gain, but I add in some Snuggle BLUE SPARKLE fabric softener. Not only does it make our clothes smell good, but it makes the whole house smell good too:)

  8. My husband laughs at me because if there's a commercial for a new product I HAVE to try it!! I used to be a Crest girl until I tried Aquafresh extreme clean... any flavor. It is unreal how clean your teeth feel!!! Also, Nutriserum body wash. I only use Tide with bleach but I use gain fabric softener. I really wish that Arm & Hammer made HE detergent because I love the smell!
    I could go ON and ON!!!

  9. I LOVE Tide and also use the Blue lid Downy :) Our clothes smell awesome and my husband says I am a freak bc I won't use anything else ;) Oh well! I know what I like, right? LOL

    Happy Friday girls ~ missed being here

  10. I, too hate grocery shopping. I use mostly organic stuff.
    Blessings, andrea

  11. Do we shop at the same store? I use the same items you do...are you following me, or am I following you? ;-)

  12. Tide {only the original scent},Crest {only in the cool bottle},Cottonelle {fingers don't go through it},Dawn {takes the grease off & I love the bubbles}.No cheap trash bags {I only want to bag it once!}.

  13. GAIN - totally! I don't care what's on sale, it's gotta be Gain. I also use Downey with the blue lid, Crest toothpaste (the blue gel, not paste), and Charmin - red label. Oh and it has to be Kraft Macaroni and Cheese. Besides that, whatever. I never thought of myself as a brand shopper but I do have to admit those are things I'm pretty loyal to. Have a good weekend ~ ♥

  14. I like Oxydol laundry detergent, but there's only one store in area where I've found it. But it smells really good. For toothpaste as long as it's cinnimon flavored I don't really care about the brand. Cottenelle for TP. Usually use Suave products for my hair,but I love one of the Aussie shampoos too, but can't remember which one it is and Dawn is all I want for my dishes.

  15. Well, I've always used Tide, but after reading all the glowing comments about Gain I might try some!

    I use Colgate Total, per my dentist's recommendation.

    I have very sensitive skin...I'm allergic to a lot of products. So, I only use BeautiControl makeup. I love it. I buy it online. For skincare, I use Aveeno facial products. I also use Aveeno body wash and Aveeno medicated 24-hour body lotion for dry skin.

    My favorite hand cream is Avon Moisture Therapy - Intensive.

    Favorite TP is Charmin Ultra-Strong...a MUST with my three guys! lol

    My favorite fella is my hubby - Bill. ;-)

    What a fun post...good job, Mimi!

  16. I guess I'm sort of a cheapskate (is that how you say it???) Oh well however you say it, I AM CHEAP. I'm always looking for a good sale. Big Lots is the place to go for detergents and softeners. I bought a softener called Suavetal Concentrated. It made the clothes smell so fresh and so clean, clean. And it was just $3 bucks. That's my kind of shopping. We do like buying products made in state though. Hunters Livermush, Dukes Mayonnaise, Mt. Olive Pickles, all made in NC. Gotta support the locals, right?! Anyway, I'm not picky about name brands as long as it's cheap.

  17. I love Tide 7 signs, our clothes keep their new look and smell nice, too.
    I have to have Scott toilet tissue. It lasts longer and saves me money.
    For dishes, Dawn is my favorite.
    How could my bathroom sparle so much without Scrubbing Bubbles?
    Colgate Total is great. My kids haven't had any cavities for 3 years.
    I can not even begin to describe how much I love Yoplait Delights.
    Pantene Restoratives shampoo works wonders. I also love Herbal essence products, like tousle me softly. They really do work.

  18. Crest toothpaste
    Tide laundry soap
    usually Downy but am using Snuggle now and it smells good!
    Coast, Lever 2000 or Irish Spring soap
    Soft Scrub, I love
    Clorox wipes
    Dawn dish soap
    Aveda hair shampoo, conditioner, hair color
    Method liquid hand soap
    Aveeno lotions
    Mary Kay lip gloss

    how's that for a list? I could type all night

  19. topic! I am all over Clorox wipes...I would die without them...use them for EVERYTHING! We use Crest toothpaste and Dove soap and All detergent (just becuz it's the cheapest!) I think I need to try the Shout Color I am bad at separating clothes!

  20. I have only a few household items that are a MUST...CLOROX, original gotta have it! DAWN dishwashing liquid, SCOTT bathroom tissue, lasts forever! We switch around on the other stuff! Fun post!!

  21. Isn't it amazing how much you can spend on groceries that you can't even eat? I buy the Costco brand of laundry detergent. I use vinegar as a fabric softener (although I do have a few sheets).

    I do think that the "Magic Eraser" is an amazing product, I love it!

  22. Well, I was bummed recently when I went to pick up my beloved Bounce dryer sheets with Febreeze in them, AND THERE WERE NONE! nada! zip! zilch! no place on the shelf even for them. So, I reverted back to the Downy ones, which are almost as good, but DANG I miss my Bounce w/Febreeze!!

    I also must have White Rain Pearberry pumpspray hairspray. And the only place I can find it now is the Dollar know, that "everything for a dollar" store where discontinued products go to die? I do stock up on it. I dunno what I'll do when they run out.

    And I must have Dawn dishwashing liquid. The regular kind for $1 a bottle works just as well as the big fancy fru-fru smelling ones they have out now, but it has to be DAWN.

    I'm such a creature of habit...I don't like change.

  23. What a fun post, Mimi! You know what I've found that's so funny is that most of the things I use are things that I was raising using too. For example, I have to use Cheer laundry detergent and Comet (not Ajax) because my mom used those. After reading all the comments above, I may just have to check out Gain!

    I also love Crest but only the kind with Scope.
    I used to use Charmin toilet paper and Bounty paper towels until I switched over to the Costco brand for both and that's what I always buy now. The paper towels from Costo are the best!

    What else...I LOVE the blue capped Downy fabric softener. I usually use Dove bar soap but my mom recently got me hooked on Oil of Olay bar soap instead! Love it!

  24. Let's see. I use Purex Natural for laundry detergent. We use Scott tp as it lasts for - ever or at leasts for quite a while. I use mostly what is on sale for toothpaste. I make my own cleaner with peroxide, lemon oil, and tad of dawn dish soap. I use Burt's Bees liquid bath soap. I try to go with as much organic as I can although not completely yet, so am I slightly crunchy? LOL!

  25. Things I'd be so sad to see go:

    Mr. Cleans Magic Eraser! This thing is like MAGIC, it took off PERMANENT marker off my walls, scuff marks, dirt, grease, oh gosh the list is endless! Love it Love it Love it

    Fibre One snack bars, I love these snacks (well acutally it's usually my early breakfast), best 5 grams of fiber I've ever had in a bar


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