Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Word Verification Wednesdays...1st Installment

I am Tarah. I am crazy. It is Wednesday.

Without further ado, I am introducing a little number on the mom blog for Wednesdays titled ♦♦WORD VERIFICATION WEDNESDAYS♦♦

What is this you ask?
Well, it is where I (Tarah) make fun of word verifications that pop up on your (various followers, picked at random) blogs! Always truthful..this is what pops up. I can't condone it,
I just MOCK it!

Is it fun you ask?
Obviously. I mean, I am creative, silly, sarcastic and a blogger...
that makes this a marriage made in word verification heaven!

So, lets get started:

Runbalfurun (Run-Balfur-Run)
Yes, in case you were wondering Forrest Gump really does have a brother. Of course, with the name Balfur no real movie deals are in his future but of course...he does run like this brother!

Hateurcore (hate-your-core)
Honestly, I am curious how Word Verification knows that I workout 5 days per week and I still hate my core...sometimes it amazes me the things he knows. No thanks to those numerous amounts of sit ups, YES I still hate my core! (Wonder when Tummy Tuck will pop up ;)

Indomock (in do mock)
Again, always stating the obvious..Yes, I am indomock. Word Verification Wednesdays would not exist without a little indomock! Hopefully you are indomock also!

Kinja (kin-ja)
This is your brother,sister,aunt or uncle (heck any kin) who THINKS he or she MIGHT be a NINJA. It is absurd, but please don't tell them they are NOT a Ninja or Kinja!
Trust me I have learned from experience,
they might not be Ninja's but they can still punch pretty hard.

Yesafe (ye-safe)
Need I say more?
Beearthur (Bea Arthur)
Of the one and ONLY Golden Girls. Yep, not quite sure how this popped into word verifications head but it did...and all I have to say is "THANK YOU FOR BEING A FRIEND".

Last but not at all least...DBAWITY this is where I say
Don't Believe A Word I Tell You.
This is ALL word verification Baby!!! If you ever have a word verification that you would like to submit, please click on my profile and email me.
I will be happy to mock it, just as any other word. Until Next Week....

No blogs have been harmed in the making of this post. Some blogs may have been offended, however it was their own word verification that did it to them. The words selected have been protected and will never be allowed to tell which blog they originated from.


  1. So funny! I love word verification. Or is it I hate word verification. I guess it is a love hate relationship. I am constantly making words out of them and saying them as I type the annoying time consuming blurb!
    This ought to be fun! You´re good at it too! LOL
    Glad to meet ya! I will be heading over to your blog soon. ;)

  2. Girl,

    You are so creative and funny. My post. Crash and burn for sure. LOL
    I still love that picture of you wearing my hair do. :)
    I will have to start saving my verifications and passing them on to the master!

  3. Oh Tarah, that picture is a hoot!!! Ahhh, those were the days, hey?!

    I do read every word verification and try to make 'sense' of it, too. This should be a fun run!

  4. LOL! Too funny! I try to make sense of them, too. :D

  5. Funny what pops up on those things! I get a good laugh at some of the ones I see, but never quite like you put it! You are hilarious, I love it!

  6. Tarah,

    How creative and fun! You're definitely onto something here. I have had some doozies and next time, I'll let you know about them.

  7. I have a love-hate relationship with word verification as is currently 'hate' as I am working with a slow internet connection this week! These posts are great!
    I love the fact that the 5 of you got together on this blog...can't wait to see what else you come up with on here!

  8. Oh, and thanks for disabling the Word Verification on this saved me 20 seconds and I can post twice!! lol

  9. Oh, and thanks for disabling Word Verification on this blog :) You saved me 20 seconds and therefore, I can post twice! lol

  10. Too funny!

    I never thought of mocking the dreaded word verification, being slightly dyslexic it always takes me at least 2 tries to type it correctly. If I could I would eliminate all word verification. Just sayin.


  11. This is so very funny! Thanks for the laughter to start my day!

  12. Hey Tarah! You rock my word (verifications)! These are so funny. Boy am I in trouble following you tomorrow. Love that pic. I did one of those a while back on my blog.

  13. you are so good at this...hi.lar.ious!

  14. This was hysterical! I never really thought about word verifications as being funny, lol! Love that kinja.....hehehe!

    See you have a little "my hair is bigger than your hair" going on.....ahhh, I remember the day!

  15. Wow, talk about creative...thanks for the laughs.
    I don't believe that I will EVER look at word verification the same way again. Thank you! ;o)

  16. LOL..there is another blog gal that was doing the exact same thing! I was getting a kick out of all her "definitions" too! :)

  17. I'm always wondering and sometimes laughing at word verifications! SOmetimes I think God is trying to speak to me through them! LOL!

  18. Yeah I always wondered where the heck these words came from? Thanks for enlightening me! LOL!

  19. I am SHOCKED to know there is someone else out there as demented as me to actually sit there and make words out of the word verification. Thanks for the laugh and saving me money on some therapy.

  20. Hee heeee...I just laughed about one today "thebust"!

    I don't seemed funny at the time! LOL!
    Can't wait to see which one I get when I hit the post comment....

  21. Oh, never don't have that on here...ha ha! Bummer!

  22. I LOVE your sense of humor!!!

    Word verific. =not so much

    But, now it is a lot more fun with you around ")

    Lovin' that pix!!!!


  23. What? No word verfication? Boy, i feel ripped off!


  24. I always enjoy your interpretation of word verification....that was a mouthful

    I got the word awkful one day....yes a cross between awful and awkward yes pretty much how I feel about word verification.

  25. Hello Moms! Just wanted to let you know I left a Lovely Award for you at my place :) Not sure who wants to accept it, you all are this lovely little blog!!!


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