Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Word Verification Wednesday

Ah, already on the 2nd week...
my how time flies when word verification is throwing out some doozies!

Outsnot (Out-Snot)

Boys tyically try to Out Snot each other. I mean have you ever seen a boy that WANTS to wipe away his snot? No. The reason being....his older brother hasn't wipped his off his face either....its just the beginning of that competitive nature. Of course, it works with girls as well, only with them, we are talking about eye rolling! Sheesh.
Lets see who I can Out Snot this week
(insert eye roll).

This lovely number was submitted by Tamela...thanks so much for allowing me to rack my brain endlessly to only come up with something that is HIGHLY lame. Its not my fault it is word verifications fault. He wants to see me fail..I am certain of it! So, here we go:

Bedupsyn (Bed UP Syn)

This is something that you might hear at say about 3:30 in the morning when your toddler waddles into your bedroom and mentions that they might need a little medicine BEDUPSYN.
Of course that little fever and head cold has you completly woken up and feeling miserable for that poor thing!

Pansag (Pants Sag)
The word verification man is hard at work at his little keyboard this week. Last week he mocked me for not having a core and this week he is noticing that my Pants Sag.
TRUST ME on this one....I'm flattered (even if he is a liar and it should really read PANTSWAYTOOTIGHTHONEY)! What Ev.

Fortstu (pronounced Fort Stu)
Well.. this is obviously a little competition for the lovely blog Fort Thompson!
You should really head over to FortStu and check her out!
I hear she is a really funny lady who need LOTS of followers!

Now that I have tricked all of you onto clicking on FortStu, you might want to administer some virtual Slappens. This is also word verifications way of letting me know the he is still boss...

YES SIR! I hear you loud and clear!

Till next week......


  1. Well, aren't you little Miss Clever?! Yep, I fell for it and went to visit Fort Stu.


  2. Shew....glad to see it up now. I was thinking I was gonna have to miss out on some word verifications. You KNOW I have word verification Infatuation!! I think maybe Mr. Blogger and Mr. Word are in cohoots cause they don't want anybody laughing at them. FortStu - very sneaky. I LOVE IT!!

  3. Laughing at you FortStu, and thanks to last weeks post, every time word verification has come up, I now start trying to make the word into a WORD. Thanks. ;o)

  4. haha love them this week! Bed up Syn could also mean too many nightly potty breaks! hehe Can't wait till next weeks!

  5. I may slappens you for sending me to Fort joker! LOL You are so good at these.

  6. Lol! These are hilarious!! :D Now each time I do a verification I'm trying to figure them out. LOL!

  7. I will havta keep my eyes open, cuz these are HILARIOUS!!! I am not so creative, but I will throw them your way....cuz you crack me up! LOLROTF!!

  8. I tell ya..>I hate the word verifications! you would think that everyone would have figured it out and taken them down but then you wouldn't have anything to make fun of :)

  9. ahahah funny...ok I saved some from this week. here are mine-

    horga= Helga's twin sister

    yoryopp= Scooby's "Alleyoop!"

    exuably= indubiitably my dear Watson

    grrless= without grr.

  10. o.k., so I didn't fall for it but only because I highlighted it and looked at the URL and recognized it as yours.....sneaky girl!

    You have forever changed how I look at word verifications. I used to just type them in, now I actually READ them (how annoying, lol) to see if I can actually make something funny out of them......I don't have time for this and it's all your fault!!!!!

  11. Ok. So I guess I should take this as a compliment? LOL You are too much! Sister you just crack me up! Love what you guys are doing here, GREAT WORK!!!

    FortStu? PLLLLLEASE... LOL ;)

    Love and Prayers,


  12. Cute...blessings and prayers, andrea

  13. I am most definitely going to pay more attention to those words. I will mention some if i notice some good ones.

  14. Tehehehehe!!! These are cracking me up!! I didn't go to FortStu, nananabooboo!! :D

  15. Love the Snotout! that´s my boys alright! YUCK!!!
    and the slappen! too funny! hahaha
    I just found one and I have been on the look out.
    This is a really bad pain! like a bad word pain! if you get my drift. jeje don´t know if anyone else would get it. anyway...

  16. ...or...can I give a 'Snotout' to my friend...LOL...instead of shout out...I know, not as funny, but that's what came to my mind...and it's been a looooon day! And I did NOT fall for Fortstu...! :)

    LOVE these...thanks for making us laugh!

  17. Love it, love it, love it! I'm with you on the snot, girl! I'm surrounded by testosterone as well. I think it is a constant competition to see who can be the grossest, ha!

  18. Pretty funny. I hate snot on kids faces so that one got me gagging. Bedupsym, I thought would be like "up chucking" in the night or something. Oooh! Having fun reading these. have a great night.

  19. So Tarah, are you as amazed as I am that you possibly could have just blogged about Snot...maybe even boogers, who knows!! :0) I'm sure the other 4 moms are completely jealous! The next time one of you has blogger block, just think to yourself, "What is funny to little boys?" Oh me, maybe I think that is funnier than it is...I'm fighting the urge to type lol!! (Oops, I guess I just did, ha!) Just wanted to stop by & say thanks for following me! Little ol' me...I can hardly believe it!!!

  20. Lovin' the Tarah word verfication interpretation.

    I am going to use my new powers and say:

    I'm ROTFL (thanks Miti ")


  21. LOL. I particularly like the BEDSUPSYN. We could use that at least once a night in our house. My husband swears the cure for it is children's advil, which to my dismay, he believes should be given with complete and total abandon for everything that brings a "should be sleeping" child into our room during the night. From a runny nose and fever to the leg cramp and the "I can't sleep whine" that may pop up in the middle of the night he dishes out the same remedy of good old orange goop. But who am I to complain, when he gets up with them in the middle of the night???

  22. I have a great captcha for ya!! When it popped up I jusy knew I had to save it to my computer. Let me know where to email it and I'll send it to you!! Can't wait to see what you come up with for this one!!!

  23. Sounds like fun! I'll be following you moms now, and I'll look forward to more of these!

  24. I just got "hertin"... I can see where that would apply sometimes!


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