Saturday, May 23, 2009

Things That Make Ya Go "Hmmm?"


  • Why sour cream is yummy but sour milk isn't? ~ Nan
  • Why "W" is the only letter in the alphabet that has more than one syllable & it's got THREE? ~Erica
  • Why when someone puts on a "pair" of pants they are really only putting on one set and not two? Yet it's still called a pair? ~ Nan
  • Why people wear fanny packs on their pelvis & not their fannies? ~Mimi
  • Why Mimi's name is very similar to the word meme, which she loves to do? ~ Nan
  • Why sheep don't shrink up when you put them in the dryer? Oh wait... nevermind. ~Erica

  • Why Erica is obsessed with putting sheep in the dryer?????? ~ Nan

  • What Tarah's nickname was growing up? - Tarah

  • What Mimi's nickname was growing up? - Tarah

  • How often do you change your bed sheets? - Tarah

  • Why some people say Pop and some say Soda? - Tarah

  • How did we meet our spouses? - Tarah

  • Why the light always changes just as you are halfway across the street and then you have to run? ~ Nan

  • Why women shave their legs and underarms and men don't? ~ Nan

  • Why I am always to full to eat another bite of dinner but I always have room for dessert? ~ Nan

  • What 2 mints are in double mint gum? ~Mimi

  • What I will do to Tarah if she tells my nickname from childhood? ~Mimi

  • Why people want to know secrets so badly? ~Mimi

  • What kind of toothpaste the fifth dentist recommends? ~ Nan

  • How much money it will take to bribe Tarah to tell us Mimi's nickname? ~ Nan

  • Why children can't hear you calling them from three inches away but they can hear the words "Do you want to eat at Mcdonalds?" from three blocks away? ~ Nan
  • Why eating asparagus makes your tinkle smell? {P....U!!!} ~ Miti
  • Why birds suddenly appear every time you are near? ~ Miti

  • Why tight rolling your jeans was ever cool? ~Miti
  • If it's still cool to say cool? ~ Miti

  • Why monkeys have bare bottoms? ~ Miti

  • Why monkeys like to pick their bottoms? ~ Miti

  • If zebras are black with white stripes or white with black stripes? ~ Miti

  • What Mimi's nickname was growing up? ~ Miti

  • Why the chicken crossed the road? ~ Miti

  • Why can't I stop asking why? ~ Miti

  • Why do some people like to count sheep and others like to dry them? ~ Miti

  • Why Goofy talks and Pluto doesn't? ~ Miti
  • Why the phone only rings when you're in the bathroom? ~ Nan

  • Why somebody came up with a game about hitting a ball with a stick and running around in a big circle and people pay to watch them do it? ~ Nan

  • Why chocolate isn't a food group? ~ Nan

Now it's your turn!



  1. Why do I not have any mail?
    It has been 4 days now and I have no mail?
    WHy does the water heater break on a week-end the plumbers are no where to be found?
    Why doesit look like rain coming in when I am taking little girl to a park to take her tu-tu pic's myslef?
    Why does the water heater break when we have company coming today at 3?
    Why does my leg hair grow the minute I step out of the cold shower?
    wHY wHY whY ME?
    ANy answers anybody....anybody....

  2. How do crumbs suddenly appear when I JUST vacuumed? Hmmm...where did those come from?

    Why "not me" is always to blame when I find something spilled, broken or left on the floor?

    Who eats asparagus, anyway...hee heee...just kidding!

    Okay...I'm no good at these...I give up! ;)

    Have a great weekend!!!

  3. Why my singing in the car with the radio/cd doesn't sound as good when it's off?

    Why men say "I'm listening" and then when you ask them what you said they can't repeat it back?

    Why they say "you eat like a bird" when I've seen what birds eat - try 5 pounds of bird food in 2 days?!

    Why non-fat cool whip still makes you gain fat when you eat the whole container?

    Why do I sit in this chair typing when I should be doing household chores?

    Why do they say "Get your beauty sleep" when I don't know about you but I don't look more beautiful in the morning?

  4. Okay, my brain is boggled. I can't think of any questions, but those were cute. How come I am drawing a blank at Mimi's nickname?!?!

  5. Hmmm....what was Mimi's nickname growing up?

  6. LOL...those are good ones!!

    I want to know what the 5th dentist recommends too!

  7. Oh...this is fun! I have a few...

    Why is it that we put "our 2 cents in" but it is only "a penny for your thoughts"? Where is the extra penny going?

    Why does a round pizza come in a square box?

    What disease did 'cured ham' actually have?

    Why do we say we 'sleep like a baby' when babies wake up every 2 hours?

    If a deaf person has to go to court, is it still called a hearing?

    Why are you ON tv, but IN a movie?

    Why is bra singular and panties plural?

    If Jimmy cracks corn and no one cares, why is there a song about him?

    If vegetable oil is made from vegetables and corn oil is made from corn, what is baby oil made from?

    If electricity is made from electrons, is morality made from morons?

    Why is it that dogs hate it when you blow in their face, but as soon as they are in the car, the stick their heads out the window?

    That was fun...thanks!
    Oh, and I LOL while reading all of yours...and WHAT WAS MIMIS NICKNAME AS A CHILD ANYWAYS?!

  8. Where does my lap go when I stand up? That's all I

  9. Oh, I like all the comments back about what we are all thinking...what a bunch of messed up people we are!!! LOL!

    I am loving this...and now I will be around to make some comments!!! ;)

  10. Why I didn't make time out of my busy day yesterday to read you blog?!!! Going back now ")

  11. Melissa: I can't leave a comment on your blog, so just wanted to say that I totally get the whole leg hair growing thing!

    And why do things break or kids need a doctor on the weekends, lol!

    ~ Nan (for the Five Moms)

  12. Too funny!! Here are a few of mine...
    Why do your babies always wait until you sit down for dinner to have a "blow-out"?? (I SO do not miss that!!)

    Why does a store that is open 24-7 have locks on the doors?

    What hair color does a bald man have on his driver's license?

    Why do geese always fly in a "V"? Is that the only letter they know?

    Does my dog think I'm barking when I cough?

  13. Who is everybody talking to when they must be on the cell phone at 7:00 AM? Do they speak constantly at home, too?

  14. Why am I sleepy when I am suppose to be awake and awake when I am suppose to be sleepy?

  15. Okay, so we get a few "Whys" in there, then I head to the beach with my kiddos, and while I'm gone you other four gals add a million and I look like I was "dumb founded" or something!!!

    Man! That'll teach me to leave for the weekend. =0) {wink}

    Great job, Gals!

    PS - Don't try the sheep in the dryer. All you hear is "Clunk, BAAAHHHH! Clunk, BAAAHHHH! Clunk, BAAAHHHH!"

  16. If it wasn't midnight here and my brain was still functioning, I just might be able to come up with something clever!
    I love the new blog. Great job, girls! What fun! :)

  17. where are the answers? or is that not the idea? LOL I want answers!

  18. Why does your hair look really good on the days when the weather really bad?

    Why do my guys offer to help with a chore when I'm practically done??

    My computer was down for a week (A WEEK WITH NO BLOGGING...AHHH!) Anyhow, all is well now and I am back and caught up on your blog. You girls are so HILARIOUS!!!


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