Friday, July 2, 2010

Summer Time Blues...Because I Have A Lack Of Green

Is it just me or does Summer Time drive any one else just a little crazy?

I mean when you have kids it is Bitter/Sweet.

Sweet Because:
• It is FUN doing things outside...
• You get to sleep in...Sometimes
• Lots of time spent with family...
• Vacations...

Bitter Because:
• Being on a Budget can interfere with all the Fun Summer Activities
• Later Bed Times because it is light until 9:30 PM
• The words "I'm Bored"...
Because you can't do something fun everyday...

I need your help to make my Summer Sweeter...

Leave me a comment with some FUN, FREE or SUPER CHEAP Summer Activities your family enjoys.

This broke Mommy thanks you in advance!

So spill...Share...PLEASE!

*But if you leave me some suggestions I will*


  1. There is the kids bowl free thing. You have to pay for shoes.

    AMC has $1.00 movies every tuesday.

    We haven't done the movie thing, but we have gone bowling.

    Thats all I can think of right now.

  2. I heard a great reaction to the words I'm bored. and I don't remember where. But, every time this person's children said "I'm bored" she made them clean... and she said things that made a point like the toilet or kitchen floor or all those mommy hates to clean things

  3. Well you are coming to the lake to see me and that's free...Yay! Can't wait to see you!

    ANd I have started using the whole cleaning thing when they say they are bored as well!!!

  4. There is a library show every Wednesday at 11am to 12n they get a ticket to win a free book and a reading log to earn little prizes. I think there is a library program in all the cities. But this one is in Southgate.

  5. I am buying a family pass to the city pool. For 140 dollars I can get a lot of use out of it. I enjoy listening to the water and going into to cool off and the kids meet up with their friends and when we get home they are too tired to even utter "I'm bored". I hate to spend the money but for this it is a good investment.

  6. We never spent much money on summer fun either. One year we bought a zoo pass, another year a Children's Science Center pass, and another year we bought a pass to the amusement park. Of course these cost money and take you away from home.

    We usually tried to meet friends at least once a week at the park or McDonald's or somewhere. At McDonald's we wouldn't eat, just bought a coke (which does add up).

    We also scheduled play dates during the week so the kids would have someone to play with. Also encouraged a little creativity at home. I always had paper, glue, wiggly eyes, construction paper, modeling clay, paint, etc. on hand.

    The library usually has a summer reading program which the kids liked to do for the prizes (plus kept them entertained). We went to free things when we could.

    Went to garage sales where the kids could buy a toy for 50 cents or so. Of course, there is always VBS going on, but that's only for a week.

    We went to free concerts in the park and they also had free plays too. They had farmer's markets and fairs and we visited those as well.

    Also occasionally put the kids to bed and then "woke" them up a few minutes later and took them out for ice cream. They were still in their jammies and very surprised and excited as they had no idea.

    We tried to be consistent with a family night where we'd watch a movie, play games, etc. Also, got together over the weekend for a BBQ or fun with a family who had children near our kid's ages.

  7. I always took my kids to the park for picnic lunches. We waded barefoot in the creek. We had silly contests...seeing who could hold an ice cube between their toes the longest, trying to walk with a cup of cold water on their heads, etc. They had water gun fights, they "washed" my car....anything to do with water. Plus, we went to the library every week. They checked out books and I had them read for at least 20 min. every day. They learned to read chapter books that way.


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