Friday, July 16, 2010

Lazy Days Of Summer...

I have to admit...
I am not a huge Fan of Summer itself.

I do not do HOT well & I am not a Fan of the great outdoors.

Here in the Midwest it is so HOT & HUMID!
I could so do without the Humidity!
I do not like to feel sticky
I do not like to be shiny
I do not like to feel as though I am walking around in a Sauna.
Double YUCK
*Unless I could shed a pound every time I walked out the door*

On the flip side...
I am a Fan of The Lazy DAYS of Summer!

• Sleeping in just a bit

• Lounging in my PJ's longer than I should

• Chilling by a pool

• Vacations

• Iced Coffee
*It just tastes better in the Summer*

What do you love about the Lazy days of Summer?

The lady with no A/C in her VAN...
Remember me in your prayers.
I kid


  1. lol, those fireworks look familiar.

  2. I think my favorite thing is BBQ anything with sliced tomatoes, deviled eggs, corn on the cob, etc. Those things are so summery to me and like you, I DO NOT like to be outside a lot and sweat. No thanks. Have a great weekend ~ ♥

  3. I like many things about summer but I am also not a big fan of a couple of things...mainly that I have to entertain my children EVERY day.....I don't know what to do with them...honestly, they are sooo "BORED" all the time.

  4. I love grilling and swimming!

  5. Much like you, I hate the humidity and heat and I work during the summers, so no huge break for me, BUT I LOVE all the fresh veggies and fruits! YUMMY!!! Tomato sandwiches are my favorite thing ever!

  6. Vacations are what I like about summer. Since the kids have been in school, that's when we usually take them. However, this year we plan to take a Disney vacation in December because our oldest is in college and our youngest is going to try a virtual online school this year. So we'll be free to travel during the school year as long as there is WiFi wherever we go.


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