Monday, July 19, 2010

God's Promises!

He never promised it'd be easy.
He never promised no storms in life.
But He did send me a rainbow last night...

...and it did remind me of His promises!
He is ever faithful.
His love is ever true.
He will never leave me!
and He'll always see me through.
If it weren't for the storms, we wouldn't have
God bless you all on this beautiful Monday!


  1. amen to that. i saw a sign the other day it really hit home. It said "God uses every storm". I totally believe that. He will use the hard times to grow us & for HIS glory.

  2. Beautiful picture...whenever I see a rainbow, I think of his promises as well. AMAZING!

  3. Who made the beautiful rainbow, I know, I know, God made the beautiful rainbow, because he loves me so!! (Little Man sings this so sweetly!)

  4. Beautiful picture of God's promises and faithfulness!

  5. So true my friend! But in the storms of life He is always faithful!

  6. Gorgeous picture and I love your poem. I remember when I was little and hearing the promise of the rainbow. I thought that was so cool and still do!


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