Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Is this an aPEELing post?

When kind of potato peeler are you? I am a wild one. When I have potatoes to peel, look out people.

Peelings are flying everywhere, and I mean everywhere. Although I don't usually watch cooking shows, I have seen a few in my time.

Let me tell you, those people peel potatoes as if they are performing surgery and every peeling counts.

"Now I am about to insert a cut into the potatormorpheous umbilicperditus. It's very tricky so please everyone, let's have silence. We have got to pull this poor potato through. Steady, steady now....keep those hands steady or you'll mash him. Watch out! What're you trying to do? Fry him?"

They peel potatoes as if they were meeting someone very important and wanted to be polite.

"Pardon me, Mr. Potato. Do you have any Grey-Poupon? No? Oh, so sorry to have bothered you. Why, thank you sir, nice chatting with you, too. Many kind regards to your wife."

That's. Not. Me.

No. I peel potatoes as if my life depended on it. I peel potatoes as if I were a mad scientist who is determined to take over the world.

"Today, the kitchen. Tomorrow, the world. Mwahahahahahahaha!"

When I peel, it's every potato for itself. Hands, feet, and potato parts are flying.

I am flinging potato pieces all over the kitchen and parts unknown. Sometimes I am amazed where those things wind up.

Oh sure, you can tell me to peel over the garbage or over the sink, but that is for amateurs. I, my friends, am an artist!


  1. Nan, you are so funny! I too am a mad potato peeler. I like to see just how fast I can get that potato peeled, no looking back!

  2. I ususally peel them over the sink, but I have been buying the little redskin potatoes, so I don't have to peel at all. After boiling, smash the little guys.

  3. I love peeling potatoes now thanks to a brand new, ergonomic peeler. Makes all the difference in the world. My mom, still prefers to do it with a paring knife and she can still beat me.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  4. Haha! That was hilarious! I too peel as if my life depended on it...because getting dinner done and me out of the kitchen as quickly as possible depends on it! lol

  5. Nan, you crack me up!! I am about as bad with potatoes. Oh, and carrots. And cucumbers . . . anything else with "appeal" (haha, catch my pun there?)

  6. Funny post...makes me smile!

    I don't peel potato's I am the one who leaves the peels on...

  7. I NEVER peel my taters anymore. Too much work! LOL!

  8. hahahha!
    I knew that post would be great,I'm a crazy peeler too. I usually cover the area with newspaper and roll it up after I'm done.

  9. I line my sink with paper towels and peel my potatoes there, then roll up the mess and throw it away. I use a potato peeler by Rada knives. It's awesome!

  10. Peels go everywhere when I peel them too...but if I can leave the peels on then I do. I'm lazy like that.

  11. Hey Nan! How've you been??? I've been doing a lot of peeling these summer days. But potatoes aren't my victims, it's cucumbers. We have them growing in our garden and Mason LOVES them. I did learn a tasty trick. I peel them right down til there's nothing left. I take all those little slivers and pure vinegar and sprinkle with some salt and VIOLA. A yummy little cucumber salad in no time. I'm sure people reading this are sayin', "GIRL, I DO THOSE ALL THE TIME!" oH, it's a new discovery for me and I LOVE'EM!!!!

  12. And once again, dear Nan, you have me laughing!

  13. Have you ever gone ever so slow and carefully around a potato or apple, desperatly trying to do the whole thing and end up with one long curling peel from the process? After a try or two, I snap back to reality and just get the job done!

    I know people who save their potato peelings and fry them up with some onion the following night as a side dish with their dinner. If you fry them in saved bacon grease, it's actually pretty tasty.

    I so-o-o-o enjoyed your sarcastic humor in this posting!!!!

    My motto is, a 'clean' cook is more concerned with the condition of her kitchen, than the taste of the food! (oh, and yes, I am sticking to that!!! o;-p your welcome to join me in doing so ;->)


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