Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sugar Is Sweet And Very Painful

Have you ever had your kids or hubby or someone startle you?

Last night I was "watching" t.v. and my hubby leaned over to kiss me goodnight and I jumped. I may even have let out a small screech.

My hands may or may not have connected with his face. I don't know. My eyes were closed.

Hubby then said something incredibly brilliant and enlightening. He said "Did you fall asleep?"

Another time, I had a small five pound ball of poodle fluff jump on my stomach. Now I know why cartoon characters say "ooof!" if they're playing football or punched in the stomach. And you always thought it was because the artist made them say it, didn't you?

Five pounds of ninja-dog may not seem like a lot to you. If it doesn't, please ask someone in your family to drop a five pound bag of sugar on your stomach the next time you're sleeping. You're welcome!

If I am concentrating on something, I can startle easily. I can really block things out sometimes, so if my hubby or someone comes up to me, I can jump about ten feet high. I can also come out swingin.'

Nice to know those years of karate weren't wasted, ya know?


  1. LOL!! I hate it when I get startled. I will yell at my step son for hours for doing that to me! And five pound pups SEEM light. Until they land on your stomach. Or your bladder.

  2. Sometimes my washing machine does that to me.

  3. Oh crack me up!! I'm the SAME way but I always chalked it up to having 3 older brothers who made it their life's mission to jump out from behind every wall to scare me. I think I'll try the sugar idea tonight and have someone drop a bag on me just to see how it feels. HA HA You're too much ~ ♥

  4. Agent does that to me all the time when he yells at the TV randomly. Sheesh. scares me to death.

  5. My husband LOVES to scare me. When we first got married, he would crawl around all the time and pop up and scare me. (He's old enough now that his joints crack so he's not as good at the sneaking.) However, one time, when we'd been married just a few short months, he snuck down the hall, around the corner of the couch (with my back to him still) and reached up and grabbed me. It scared me so badly that my scream was quickly followed by sobbing. Which, of course, scared him right back. :) We made a "no grabbing" rule for scaring me after that. :) haha!


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