Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I Can See Clearly Now

I have trouble committing to a windshield wiper speed in my car. Does anybody else?

When it's raining I will turn on the wipers. It's like Goldilocks. First, the wipers are waaaaay to fast. Then they are waaaaay to slow. Then they are supposed to be just right. Right?

However, I can never seem to get them "just right." I don't like a ton of rain on my windshield but I can't stand it when the wipers are going into convulsions on my windshield either. So I turn them way down or off.

Then I have trouble distinguishing a car from a passing rhino.

So I turn them back on again, only to get a headache as I watch those suckers fly back and forth on the windshield, trying to do their job.

They chase each other back and forth across the windshield until my eyes cross just trying to watch them. Then I get the headache, as I said. Then I practically wreck my car because I am supposed to be watching the road.

By the way, have you ever had a bird do its "business" on your windshield and tried to get it off using the wipers and some spray?


That's all I'm saying.

Unless you like it all over the windshield. If you do, by all means continue. Frankly, I prefer one small spot rather than one gigantic smear.

Of course, I can't help myself and turn on those wipers and make a huge mess on the windshield, making it harder to see and then starting the vicious cycle of turning the wipers on and off again. I just can't commit.


  1. LOL ... Nan.

    I hate it when it is drizzling out. That definitely makes it hard to adjust the wipers. Of course you could be like my husband who prides himself in NOT using wipers. He will put rain-x or something like that on his windshield and just view through a million beads of water. Scream!

  2. Where do you live that has rhino's on the road? I don't like the wipers either, but in Michigan, I think we use them 75% of the time.

  3. Funny!!! That very same thing happens to me! Is there REALLY a wiper speed that's just right :-)

  4. I'm the one that likes them at lightening speed and then feel weird when I look around and everyone elses wipers are going so slow or are off. LOL
    Hubs keeps them way too slow and when I am riding with him and I can't see I panic. Sheesh.


    I have them on as low as I can stand it. Or I have them off until I can't see anymore, then turn them on once. Or twice.

    Hubby deals with the bird bombs.

  6. I do the exact same thing as you, fast, slow, fast, slow!! And YES I have tried to get the bird stuff off and smeared it all over the place, UGH!!!

    Too funny!!

    Love and Blessings

  7. Seriously, I am a bit obsessive about cleaning my windows... NOT when I could use windex and a paper towel- no, just with my windshield cleaner. Cleaner fluid light came on this week and it is driving me crazy. What if a bird poops on my window? What if?! I gotta go get some more cleaner!!

  8. You are TOO funny!!! I so relate!!! Don't forget about the people who forget to turn them off AS SOON AS it stops raining! LOL Wipers are so distracting for me...my husband prefers that he drive when its raining...I guess my wiper obsession distracts him a little bit. LOL This is my first time visiting your blog. I LOVE IT!!! You are all SO fun!!!

  9. Funny Post and i can relate. My pet peeve with my windshield wipers is the winter time when it drags all the ice accross the windshield and then it stays there... while you are driving. uuuuuggggghhhhh


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