Friday, July 23, 2010

Pets R People Too

If you have a pet then you will totally understand this post.

Our Doggie is part of our family.
She is loved & spoiled.

This weekend we have to leave her at the Boarding Kennel.
This will be the first time she will be away from us for more than a few hours.
We are nervous...
We are going to miss her...
We hope that she will do OK without us.
We hope she still loves us when we get back.

We are concerned because she is great with people, but other dogs...not so much.

Have you ever had to Board your pet?

How did it go?

Please leave comments that will help ease my mind...
Or comments that can prepare me.

Thanks in advance,


  1. We board both of our dogs 2-3 times a year. Try not to worry, she'll be in good hands!

  2. I've had to board Abby and she did great. We board her at our vets which I love since I know she is in good hands.

  3. We have boarded ours several times. She loves to go to the kennel, hates the vet, but loves the kennel. She's always ready to come home when we come back though, except one time she acted like she wanted to stay. Kinda hurt my feelings, but she got over it real quick and now is always glad to see us come back.

    She'll be fine I'm sure!

  4. Hi,
    Leave a t-shirt of your husbands along with her toys and pillow from her own bed. I don't know if the smell really works but it always makes me feel better that our puppy has something that she can reconize from home.

  5. You might think this is nuts, but I wanted to sign my dog up to go to this place called "Happy Tails Hotel and Playland" like once or twice a week just for the day. It was SOOO neat there - your pup will do fine - those places are all decked out for their fun and exercise and enjoyment. You might sign yourself up! HA HA Of course my husband nixed the part-time doggy daycare idea, but I think Frosty would've liked it. :D

  6. I felt the same way when I left Annie at the kennel. Actually I cried but when I went back the 3rd and last time to check on her before I left,she was happy and wagging her tell.She did great and I enrolled her in doggie daycare because she loved it so much!!

  7. Awww, well, I know what you mean. Petey had his visits to the boarding house. He was always so pitiful whenever we'd drop him off. He was a little dog, about 30 pounds, but boy was he strong! I had the hardest time trying to DRAG him in there and there were times when he'd have a little accident. I felt so bad for him but I knew he was in good hands cause the vet was watching out for him. When we'd pick him up, he'd be so excited to see us that he'd have another accident. Then on the way home, he'd ride on my lap, wanting to lick my face, while I TRIED to drive. I wish he was still with us. Just today, Mason asked me where Heaven was and I pointed to the sky and said that's where Jesus lives. He said, well, when is Petey coming back from Heaven?? :o(

    I agree. Pets are people too and we miss them just as much when they are gone.

  8. We only boarded our dog a couple of times, while we were on vacation. She's a timid dog, hating loud noises, so the barking of other dogs got to her. After that, we arranged for someone to babysit her. She's much happier that way!

  9. P.S. I'm sure your dog will do just fine, though! :-)

  10. We are a family that has boarded our dogs. We just boarded our puppy for a whole week last month while we were on vacation. She did great and still loved us when we got back. I always call while I'm gone, just to check in. Most places are happy to take your calls and give you updates. Some boarding tips -
    take her food and treats so she's eating something she's used to
    take a toy and a blanket, something with your smell on it
    you'll want to give her a bath when you bring her home

    if you're worried about her being with other dogs, let them know. we opted not to have our puppy play with other dogs during her stay. she was walked and taken out of her area several times a day, but didn't have any playtime with other dogs.

    oh - the most important tip, have your hubby drop her off. Then you won't have to feel like the bad guy. :) Your doggie will do great - enjoy your trip!

  11. Don't worry about Angel. She will do fine, and will still love you when you come back. Enjoy your trips.

  12. We were shaking the first time we dropped off Sky (pit-bull/whippet mix) at a daycare -- and it was only for a few hours. She was always hit or miss with other dogs and terrified lots of people [even though sweet, loud bark, big teeth, etc.]. It went unbelievably well. I was actually more nervous doing that than the first time I dropped off my infant at daycare. Funny to read this as I just posted on my blog about how I cannot tell my dog apart from my toddler.


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