Wednesday, May 5, 2010

When bad things happen to GOOD people {me}

You know when you need a pedicure...BAD?
Yeah like where your flip flops actually break because they are TIRED of carrying your pathetic toes...
{NOT an actual photo of me you know that I don't own those pants anymore}

So, I am rushing...and rushing....and I should have pulled into here:

But somehow, I decided to park here.....

C'mon..they look alike!!!

So..Did I get one of these?

Nope...Because I am blessed AND because I am a
{Sweet Talker}

So tell me..when was your last BRUSH with the law???



  1. You are going to love this one. It was when my husband confronted a lady parking in an handicapped parking place at costco. She was NOT displaying a tag. She called the cops on him. However, the cops told her if she was handicapped she must display the tag or get a ticket. It is a pet peeve of his, b/c our oldest child is handicapped. I stood behind him, but it was a bit embarrassing.
    Hugs, andrea

  2. Cute! Sweet talking really comes in handy! :) My last brush with the law was earlier this year when I had a headlight out on my car. I thought I was really in for it when I saw the flashing lights. He did kind of act like I was a serious was a little humurous actually. I got off with a stiff warning. Whew.

  3. Why yes...I just had a run in a few months ago. I fought the law and I won. LOL

  4. I had a run in too, but I got out of it...glad you did too!

  5. OOOHHHH....YOU are SO lucky!! That is a HUGE ticket! Glad you have that sassy sweet talkin' mouth...

  6. Oooh, I fought the law recently adn they won (rightfully so). I was speeding (the same speeding everyone else in my town was doing on the same road at the same time) and I got pulled over and lectured for not only speeding, but speeding with my baby in the back. She officially inducted me into the "Worst Mommy in the World" club when she wrote ON THE TICKET "2 year old in rear seat." Geez, it's not a cheap ticket and I am so sad for having to pay it and for having been shamed so. :(


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