Tuesday, May 11, 2010

It's A Sickness.....Really......

I have a thing about groceries. I do a lot of my shopping at a store where you pack your own groceries. I don't mind bagging my own, and I think it's because deep down, I am a frustrated bagger. It's like a game. Or a challenge. Or a sickness.

Ever since I was a little girl I would go to the store with my mom and watch them put her groceries in a bag. It just looked like so much fun. Now, I get to go shopping and have my own fun!

How fast can I load a bag? Can I beat the other person loading their bags across from me? Who will win get their bags packed first? The fun part is winning a race that they don't even know they're in!

How many items can I cram into one bag? Yeah, you heard me. I try to cram as many things into the bag as I can. I consider it a special challenge and a personal affront to my dignity if I only get a few things in.

I also prefer to use only one bag per cramming. Anybody can use two bags at a time instead of one. The art is to use one bag at a time and cram away. Can I put 50 pounds of canned goods into a single plastic bag and NOT have it rip or break?

How far will I get before the bag breaks? Five feet is my personal best. My son once got a couple of steps before his bag broke, dropping 5 pounds of apples that then proceeded to roll down the driveway. Clearly I have corrupted him. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Can I carry 18 bags of groceries into my house at one time? Seriously, I have a thing about two trips. I would rather burden myself down with 50 bags than make an extra trip. I have bags hanging off my neck, my ankles, my ears, my nose..........anything with a "handle" on it, and anything to avoid making a second trip.

I love pairing strange things up. Eggs. What can you pair with eggs and still be safe?

Bread is good. Paper towels are good. Toilet paper is good. But cans? What if the cans fall on the eggs?

Can you pair up eggs with a five pound bag of sugar. You cannot!

By the way, it is always good to tell a teenager which bag the eggs are in. I'm just sayin'.......


  1. I always pack my own bags. I bring my own cloth bags and the baggers never seem to understand that you can put more in them than they do the plastic ones. I usually take four bags and it is plenty of room for the two of us for a week or two. No matter how many times you tell someone they can put more in than just a few things, it doesn't help. Plus, I'm usually shopping on my lunch break at work, so I like to put everything that needs to be refrigerated in one bag so I can take it in to the fridge. Though I have to say I've never made it a competition...yet :)

  2. Yes, my friend, You have issues!!! But who doesn't that reads this blog! LOL!
    Love you Nan!

  3. I save myself all that hassle and shop with large plastic bins! Once home, the bins go in my girls' wagon and only one trip is ever necessary!! ;)

  4. hehehe, I've raced a person before who had no idea that they were in a race...thought I might be the only one who has ever done that, though. :D

  5. I love to grocery shop when I am alone. Not with the kids. Then it is crazy and i am in a race to beat the kids...I mean the clock and get out of there before they drive me to buy nuts...I mean nuts. I use the recycle bags so they have the great handles. Sometimes I only take a few with me and I am challenged to cram them all into the few bags. I refuse to use the plastic ones. LOL I have a mountain still from a years ago before I started using recycleable bags. :) I like to only make one trip too:)

  6. Gee Nan....have I said this week..."I love you!"??? :) You make me laugh!!! I am the opposite. I like my bags light and airy...not overly packed, hee hee. Eggs MUST be alone, MAYBE with bread,...maybe.

  7. There is nothing worse than watching a high school student start bagging your groceries and you just want to say "Hey wait a second ~ let me show you how it's done!" LOL

    I bought some reusable bags at whole foods and they are my fav!! You can get sooo much in there :)

  8. How funny! We bag our own groceries too and I definitely try to see how much I can get into a bag(a reusable one though) Like you, I will take 30 min to get into the house with bags hanging off of every limb(who knew toes were so strong) not to have to make a second trip. You're too much fun!or funny or both:-)

  9. My husband can carry an amazing number of bags in from the car at the same time. Not me- not on any of it. You are my grocery shopping hero. Now, won't you please come shop for me? ;)

  10. This is such a cute post and like me, I hate making extra trips out to the car to carry them all in. I try taking every bag in one trip and then watch my arms lengthen by the time I set them on the floor because there is no way I can lift them all to the counter.

    Great and fun post!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  11. I am a crammer too! 1 - I hate grocery shopping, 2 - I hate coupon clipping (especially when I beat my neighbor to their paper to check out the ads, ahh, the joy of apartment life).
    Happy shopping!

  12. Nan, once again you crack me up. You make even the simple things (packing groceries) so much fun.

  13. LOL! I'm the same way. :D I try to get as much as I can in them, so I don't have to waste any. :D

  14. You aren't right. lol

    I just bought some of the cloth bags -- and made the mistake of buying BIG bags! They fill them up and I can barely carry them. I should weigh one next time.

    Go cloth and you'll be able to carry in less bags and make one trip. lol

  15. LOL.......you can cram so much more in those cloth ones for sure!...
    I'm totally a one trip person....from the time I was a child....I have many memories of my parents suggesting I make 2 trips, but I would never have it....one trip is all I need!......

  16. I'm pretty good at loading myself up with bags. I look at it as being good time management and a really good bicep workout.

  17. Wow! This does sound a bit like a sickness! I would not like to have to bag my own groceries. I like it done for me, even better if they'll bring them to my car. Then i time the grocery trips for the late afternoon so my husband will be home to help me unload by the time I get there. I wish some of your bagging enthusiasm would rub off on me!


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