Tuesday, May 25, 2010

It's My Onion And I'll Cry If I Want To

I wish I could slice an onion without crying. I really do. But slicing an onion is always an emotionally wrenching experience for me.

I have tried all sorts of suggestions from people. I even tried opening windows, wearing sunglasses and on one attempt, goggles.

The only thing I got from that was some very strange expressions from family members. Not that I could see them clearly through the blur of tears. Hey, it's my onion and I'll cry if I want to.

If I wanted to cry, I would just cry or watch a sad movie. I wouldn't chop up an onion.

I just don't get it. I just don't get how some people can chop onions and their eyes don't water and their nose doesn't run.

Did I mention my nose runs? This is not attractive. Let's just say that I never chopped an onion during the entire time my husband and I were dating. Well, not in front of him anyway.

I couldn't. Where would I do it? The kitchen is no good, not a tissue in sight. Chopping an onion in the bathroom is not very sanitary, but where else would I find a sink, toilet paper or tissue, and privacy all at the same time?


  1. Because I were contacts my eyes don't water when I chop onions. There is something about covering your eyeball that stops it. If I wear my glasses, I ball like a baby.
    It's the first time I've ever been thankful for my poor eyesight. LOL!

  2. I have tried absolutely everything too! I always end up bawling like a baby when I chop onions. maybe if we did it blindfolded?

  3. I don't do onions but I did hear once how to keep from crying and I can't remember what it was. You should ask Dr. Oz.

  4. They did a test on Food Network with all different kinds of ideas. The one that seemed to work the best was to stick it in the freezer for 15 minutes I think it was? I haven't tried it yet though.

  5. I don't always cry when I chop onions. Don't know what the difference is. But if it happens, hey, I let go and have a good cry. I probably needed it.

  6. Have you tried chewing gum while doing it? I heard quite some time ago that you can't cry when you are eating or drinking. Worth a try and helps keep you from munching in the kitchen too!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  7. I do not do onions and that is the reason!!! I bawl like a baby every time! LOL

  8. My husband has threatened to buy me these goggles:


    I do like them, 'cause they're pink. LOL. Who knows!

  9. They make me cry too and the onion smell seems to stay on my hands for days too. No matter how much I wash them. So I found the cure...hubby does the onion cutting! lol

  10. I bawl when I chop an onion and it takes me quite a while to get over it! Have you heard the comedian Mitch Hedbeg say this - Onions make me sad, a lot of people don't realize that. When I'm cutting onions, I'm sad. Because the plight of onions, it's sad. But people don't realize I'm actually crying - they think I'm just reacting.

    I always tell myself that while I'm chopping. It makes it just a little bit easier to deal with.


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