Friday, May 7, 2010

What Makes You Comment?

I am just wondering...
What makes you comment on a blog?

If you read it do you always comment?

Do you comment on only the blogs that comment on yours?

Do you just read blogs without commenting?

Do you only comment when you post?

Do you comment back on new bloggers that pop by & comment on yours?

Do you comment on blogs because they are having a giveaway?

Like today? I'm kidding. I am guilty of leaving an extra comment for an extra entry.
Winning is fun!

I'm curious.
I have my thoughts on Commenting...
But it is nice to hear what other blogging friends think about commenting.

Share your thoughts...we are all friends!

Leave me a comment and I will comment back,


  1. If I take the time to stop by and read a post, I almost always comment. I think it is just nice to let others know that I was there and paid them a visit. There is usually always something that I can say to encourage them to keep blogging. I would not take the time to get around and read if I did not plan on adding a comment. I know that everyone loves comments because it makes you feel as if someone is listening and paying a little bit of attention to you. I like to make others feel good when I can. I do try to stop over and visit people when they have visited me. I think that is only courteous. But if I get a comment and a follow from the same person. I make sure to go over and meet them and comment a thank you and it was nice to meet you.

    I make a lot of efforts to get to know a lot of friends in blogland. And I usually keep returning to extend my friendship even if it is not returned for a little while. But I have had some never ever return a visit and after awhile I get the hint and move on to others who are looking for the same kind of blogging friendships that I am. I love the friendships that I have made here in the blogging world. My life is richer today because of the relationships that I have encountered since I started blogging. And I expect that to just keep getting better and better. :) Well, that is my two cents worth. :)

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  3. (sorry that was me...I reread it after I published it and it did not sound coherent!!) If I blog by I more times than not comment. If someone now comments on mine I am quick to go and 'meet' them and thank them for visiting! I do comment on giveaways to get extra...doesn't everyone?! And I try to comment (when I have time) even if I don't post...and if I miss days I will try and comment on older ones or read the olders ones but comment on the most recent telling them that I am catching up! Wish there were more hours in the day!! BBBHHHHHAAA NOT!

  4. I comment when I have something that I feel is worth saying or if I like something or want to encourage/support the blogger. However, if you comment on my blog I do try to comment back as a thank you for stopping by. :)

    I don't comment when I feel I would just be repeating what someone else already said or if I just don't have anything to say about the post.

    I guess ya'll get that. It's late and not sure I'm coherent enough to be posting tonight (which is sometimes another reason I don't comment all the time. lol)

  5. I try to comment as often as possible. If the blog entry is too long and I don't make it through the entire thing, I will either log off my computer because I ran out of time or jump over to another blog. Mostly, though, I like to read them and leave some comment love. I especially like to go over to a new reader's blog and leave a comment thanking them for stopping by or following my blog. And most commonly, I try to visit my favorite blogs daily and leave a comment for them although lately my life has been a little hectic.

  6. I try to comment those who leave me comments, but (and that's a BIG BUT) lately I've been slacking a little cause I've been pretty busy. However, when I do leave a comment, I try to leave one that says a little more than "that's cute" or "great post". Sometimes they end up being really looong comments, but I like letting my personality show through. (That's kinda weird cause I'm not really a talkative kind of person - unless I know you really well.) I also try to thank the bloggers that start following. Gotta give them props cause I love seeing new followers. See I told ya I like to go off on a rambling tangent. I also love running into giveaways and commenting to win. After all, that's how I got to know my girls here :o)

    So that's my comment about comments.

    But let me just say this...

    Mimi, HOW DO YOU DO IT???? You are the best commenter EVER!!!! How do you keep up with everyone here AND at home??? Nobody does it like you!

    I wish you a beautiful, sun-shining, hug-able, lovable Mother's Day!

  7. It all depends on what I'm reading. The sites I read for inspiration on home decor'. I rarely comment on unless totally blown away by something.

    The more personal blogs I will only comment if I've had the time to read the whole thing and give more than a "That's nice!" kind of reply.

    Personally I'd rather someone NOT comment if I can tell that they didn't even read my whole post. But that's just me.

    I admit that if a blog post is too long or doesn't hold my attention right at the beginning I move on. So many blogs, so little time.

    I do have my favorite blogs that I will visit no matter what and read every word and comment.

    And then there are days that I simply don't have time to comment but do read the blogs.

    Like lately I've been so busy I haven't had time to read hardly any. And I hate that! LOL!

    Did I answer your question? What do I win? LOL!

  8. I often wonder this myself. I don't comment on every post I read in my google reader. I do tend to comment more on the people who read and comment on my blog on a regular basis, guess it feels like there's a connection. I actually tend not to comment on give-aways. I don't do them myself so I don't feel right partaking in them.

  9. I comment, if I have time, on interesting posts. I think I comment more on my favorite blogs and I've been known to leave extra comments on a giveaway :-)

  10. 1. lack of laziness
    2. no
    3. no
    4. sometimes
    5. no
    6. yes
    7. sometimes

    (this is a partial laziness comment)

  11. I do NOT comment on every blog I read. I read lots of them in my feed. I only comment when that blog appeals to me. I do not comment every time.. and besides if I did comment on every blog I read and every day.. mmmm.. they may think of me as a stalker. hahah

  12. I don't comment on every blog I read. Sometimes I feel like a stalker when I read a blog and don't comment though. I do enjoy it when others comment so I guess I should realize that they probably feel the same. Reading some of the responses here I guess it's okay to pop in and say hello to other bloggers even if I don't know them IRL.

  13. I have a hard time commenting on blogs because I am never sure what to say or if I say something I worry that what I say is stupid.

  14. i'm on board with christy rose... i always try to comment on each blog i read because i like it when people comment on mine! :) and i like to make blogger friends! like you, mimi!! :)

  15. When I first starting blogging I commented on every single post I read. Now, I still try to comment on most things, but sometimes if I really don't have anything to say{or I am SUPER busy} I will read without commenting. For the most part I, I like to hop over and visit new followers when they comment. But I don't always follow back which I kind of feel bad about! I would love to follow {and comment on} tons of blogs, but then I feel like I wouldn't be able to keep up all of them! I don't know how you do it Mimi! It seems like every blog I click on you follow them and also find the time to leave sweet comments!

  16. On blogs that I consider to be my "bloggy friends" I'll comment almost every time. I say almost because if I really need to be leaving or doing something else, but "had" to read just one more, sometimes I won't comment. But if that's the case I'll try to come back and comment. I sometimes comment on new blogs I visit depending on the subjest and/or whether or not I'd like to come back again. Some blogs, nuh uh. I always visit a blog and comment back if they are new to my blog, or part of a blog carnival.

  17. I had a whole comment and I failed to post it...urgh! I said something along the lines of you being my hero when it comes to commenting. I always try when it is a new follower to comment on every post that I read to get acquainted, but if time has gone by and they don't visit and leave comments...I have to let them go. Because what I seek is a friendship...and friendship is two sided...that and there is not enough time in a day anymore. What makes me sad about my when I got the follow widget...all my close friends and family stopped commenting. :-( I guess they figure I get enough comments that they don't have too. Still makes me sad...but what is a blogger to do. I love your open heart and your comments, but I certainly hope it has not become a burden to you.

  18. Basically, my commenting is based on my time.
    I always try and comment back if someone leaves me a comment. It may take a day or two to get back to them, but I try. They went to all the trouble to leave a comment and I appreciate that!

    Sometimes I have to do it by email because I just can't get over and read their blogs, and that makes me feel bad. I prefer leaving a comment and reading their blog, which is why it may take me awhile to do that. Sometimes I just "give up" if I can't catch up on busy weeks and just comment when I can.

    I always try and visit new readers who leave me a comment.

    I read some blogs in my reader, and I don't always comment on those. I comment if I want to encourage or support sometimes, or add something.

    But usually my commenting time starts FIRST with those who have left me comments. Then, if I have extra time, I can go leave comments on other blogs.

    I don't comment if I just feel like I can't add anything to what anybody else said. Sometimes I take to long to comment as it takes me awhile to think of what I want to say that's not just a "Great post" comment. This is partially why I have so little time to comment, lol! It takes me awhile!

  19. those are really good questions Mimi! I also have those Qs in my mind sometimes. Now to answer some:

    What makes you comment on a blog? -- honestly most of the time, i am returning the love that was sent to me. and if i happen to see such an interesting posts when bloghopping, for sure I will leave one. But time do limit my commenting most of the time.

    If you read it do you always comment? -- yeah :) i'd love to!

    Do you comment on only the blogs that comment on yours? ---- no :) but pretty sure, ill return the love!

    Do you comment back on new bloggers that pop by & comment on yours? ----- yeah :) love to meet new bloggers :)

    Do you comment on blogs because they are having a giveaway? --- yeah hehehe

  20. If I read it, I almost always comment.
    I comment on lots of blogs that don't comment on me.
    I don't just comment when I post.
    I do try to comment back.
    I do comment on giveaways, but they are usually blogs I would have commented on anyway.
    Love your questions, I have wondered some of them too!!

  21. Gosh, these are some really good questions!

    I really try my best to leave comments every time I visit a blog of someone that I consider a blog friend. If I don't have time to leave comment, I will probably not even hop over to a blog until I do hae time. I really enjoy receiving comments from others and really try to reciprocate that. Sometimes it can be tough when you follow a lot of blogs so as much as I'd like to make new blog friends, I'm finding that I just don't have the time right now to be able to do that and be a good friend.

    I guess it's just important to not let the whole thing stress a person out. Blogging, at least for me, is meant to be for fun and that's how I want it to stay!

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  23. It depends on if I have anything to say. I may read the blog and not comment or read and comment.

  24. I do not comment on every post. Sometimes I do not have time. Especially on decorating/crafting blogs unless I am blown away.
    I tend to comment more on blogs that I feel I have a connection in some way with the blogger. I also try to meet new followers or people who have just popped by and left a comment.

  25. I have blogs I faithfully follow and I try to comment on every post (there are two i follow that have a huge amount of followers so I don't usually comment on those)

    If someone new stops by, I always go and say hi and thank them for stopping by. If I like a blog immediately, I follow it.

    I always thank new followers, but I only have 33 and that number has been the same forever. I have new regular commenters but they don't follow me publicly in the google thingy.

    I never follow a blog just to get an extra comment in a giveaway. That is unless I would follow the blog anyway despite the giveaway.

    I love the new friendships I have made through my blog and would love to make some more.

  26. I follow about 10 blogs or so because I marvel at how together everyone else is and I'm just a mess!! I'm a single parent, mom of 3 (18f, 16m and 8m) and love reading about other's lives...anything but clean my house. I don't have a blog or a google sometimes that's why I don't comment but would like to so those that have that as a requirement I still read every day but can say anything, but as you can see I'm real wordy and ramble and would probably come across as a stalker!! Mimi's is one I follow every 16 and 8 yo boysare soccer players (and baseball and basketball) as well (16yo is select/club soccer) so its hard with just me to do all the running, etc. sigh....its nice to slip into someone elses's life for a while!! ;)

  27. Commenting is really an interesting thing, isn't it. Great, probing questions to really get at the heart of the matter too! I have at least 2 dozen blogs that I follow regularly and try not to miss a post. I comment on every one of them because I have become friends with them and I know that I will have something to say on each post! I am not as good about visiting people who just pop by and even if I did go visit, I still wouldn't guarantee that I would comment. If it is a post I don't have a particular interest in or don't agree with for whatever reason, I will either skip it or read it and not comment. I'm of the philosophy that if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. I think that should hold doubly true on blogs because nobody likes a nagger in their comments!

  28. 1. no
    2. no, but if they are frequent commenters on mine, I definitely make more of an effort to comment on theirs
    3. sometimes, especially if it's a "famous blogger" who has like a hundred comments on every post. I still read, but I don't feel like my comments would be adding to the conversation.
    4. No, I post maybe 5-6 times a week and spend at least a little time reading 8-10 times a week
    5. Yes
    6. Yes, I'm really lucky at giveaways and almost always enter, but if there's a bunch of hoops to jump through for extra entries I don't usually do all that

    It lights up my day when I get comments, and often email back to respond to the comments. Lately I've seen a decline in comments and I'm not sure why that is but I've been trying to be extra good about commenting on everyone else's so they'll come back or something. Maybe my content just hasn't been that good lately?

    I don't necessarily follow everyone who follows me, because I feel really bad when I stop following someone and just end up marking all as a read again and again because I don't really like their blog but I hate for the number of followers to go down.

  29. Arrgghh, see I tried for 15 minutes now to set up a google account so I can post at your blog and it keeps flipping me back to my password and the secret letters!! I give up!! I read you and enjoy...just can't comment!! Have a great weekend.

  30. SailorMoon, Here is a link to a tutorial on how to set up a google account. The whole thing can be frustrating I know, but maybe this will help. Would love for you to be able to comment as "you!"

    Just do a copy by pressing the "Control and C" keys to copy this, and then press the "Control" and "V" keys to paste it into the top left corner where the URL goes.

  31. Hey Gals!!! What makes me comment? Or NOT comment lately? TIME.

    I used to LOVE reading everyones posts, blogs, lives... and now, my own life has taken OVER!!! My life is so different from what it was just a year ago.

    Please don't think I've forgotten a one of ya. I miss you all! Do you want to fire me and find a new 5th MOM? Sometimes I feel so guilty for not being around....

    {{HUGS}} to you all!

    PS - I already have my Monday post ready to roll!

  32. I comment when:
    1. I have a thought on the subject
    2. There is a fun question to answer
    3. To enter for a prize
    4. When it's one of my bloggy friends and there's something cute/sweet/funny about their family
    5. If I get a new reader - I usually pop to their blog

    I don't have set-rules. Some days I comment more than others - depending on how much time I have at the computer and energy I have. :)

  33. I don't always comment on everything I read, but I do a lot of the time. I love getting comments, so I like to comment on others. But if I really have nothing to say, I don't.


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