Friday, May 28, 2010

I'm Back...But Not Really.

I totally spaced last Friday.
Forgot my responsibilities at the 5 Moms...
Not on purpose...
Life just got in the way.

I'm Back...
But not really.

Just want to wish you all a wonderful Holiday Weekend.
Nothing special going on this weekend over here...
Just Soccer
on Monday a BBQ with family.

I love BBQ's!
Each family member has their signature food that they bring.
I look forward to our family BBQ's!
What is my signature food?

If you know me then you know I bring the CHIPS.
I am not good in the Kitchen & someone has to bring the CHIPS...Right?

Do you have a signature dish that you bring to potlucks or family gatherings?

Getting Hungry,


  1. Okay I'm just cracking up at the first comment. Hmmmm.... spam maybe? LOL!

    I like to bring salads when I go somewhere. I make a good chunky salad.

    You have issues my friend, but I love ya anyway.

  2. LOL at the chips, but I guess somebody has to bring them. I am the dessert person. My family usually expects cookies of some kind at get togethers!

  3. I'm usually the one that brings the cheesy bacon dip with crackers, as it is requested a lot.

  4. Yep, I'm the chip person or the pop person or sometimes I'm allowed to bring a toss salad. lol

  5. I often bring what we call "crunchy slaw" - the slaw with sunflower seeds, almonds, and ramen noodles uncooked. I've also been known to bring a mean jambalaya. :)

  6. And you bring the best chips!! lol We are having a BBQ here on Monday with coaches and families...we will provide the meat and fixin's!! When I go somewhere I usually bring Taco Salad...YUM!

  7. Hey, chips are a must at Bar-b-ques! I'm back but not just to enter =o) Have a great weekend!

  8. I love bring chips or bagged salad because it's so easy, lol! Sometimes we bring bbq meatballs, and sometimes we bring the cheese dip that's posted on my blog. That guess requested a lot. The last potluck we went to I brought a casserole that's a family favorite.

  9. We are the designated drink bringers!

  10. I am a salad girl...I have a great recipe that I always bring and {YES} you can make it too!

    1. Tri-Color Pasta
    2. Sliced Pepperoni
    3. Chunks of Mozzerella and Cheddar Cheese
    4. Onions & Olives if your family likes
    5. A jar of Fat Free Italian Dressing...

    Toss and enjoy!!! YUMMO!


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