Monday, May 10, 2010

The String On the Finger Ain't Cuttin' It!

So does anyone find it odd what they CAN remember.... and hate what they CAN'T remember?

At my work, I'm needing to learn the names of our clients. But our clientele at our investment firm is primarily ELDERLY. And I'm not trying to be mean, but they all kinda start to look alike after a certain age. Know what I mean? After all, they all have gray hair, they all have wrinkles... Oh, now I'm just sounding mean, aren't I? *sigh*

But seriously, I've been there since February 1st, and most of the clients already know 'of me' and know my name even if they've yet to come in and meet me. They all had to go from "Liz" (my predecessor) to "Erica". They only had to learn ONE new name and one new face. Plus there's a little name plaque on my desk should they forget.

I, on the other hand, have to learn.... uh.... 500+ clients?! Yikes. {{shiver}}

And yes, it's been quite the challenge.

So...... my boss is now planning a two-day Meet-n-Greet with all of the clients and has told them in the invitations to "wear their smiles" when they arrive as "Erica" will be taking their portraits as our gift to them. Oh boy!?!

Then we're gonna give them all a copy of each picture and we'll keep one --- flash cards for Erica maybe? Ha ha ha.

So yea, my memory is struggling.
Yet, I can say this NAME in its entirety (which takes a whole six seconds just to say) with no problems.... WHY? Because it was on a commercial one time, and you know me.... MEMORIZE commercials with no problem:


So what silly, stupid, crazy things can YOU remember that you really have NO need for?


  1. You know what drives my family crazy? My one liners from songs. I don't know the whole song but maybe one or two lines. I'll sing them and then walk away and then 10 mins. later I'll get a yell from one of them saying "Thanks, for getting that stuck in my head." Yup, useless one liners are what's stuck in my head.
    I hope you can get the elderly memorization side of your brain functioning properly so you can memorize all the names. LOL! Maybe if you drink some Preparation H or something, it might help. *sigh* Sorry! I'm no help.

  2. I struggle with short term memory loss. It is frustrating, but I am learning to just laugh.

  3. I'm so with you on that!!! Hope the flashcards help :D

  4. I have a freakish memory for song lyrics and great lines from my favorite TV shows and movies. Why I walked downstairs or called my husband, however? Not so much!

  5. Hope you are able to match the names with the faces

  6. I feel for you! I have the same thing at church. Seems like everyone knows the pastor's wife don't they? So they know my face and name before I've even met them. Someone points me out to them, and then when I eventually meet them, they're like "I know who you are. You're the pastor's wife."

    So the next time we meet they know my name and I'm trying to remember if they're Kathy, or Kim, or Terri, or whoever the other new people were that I met the week before.

    I am lousy with remembering people's names anyway. I have always been terrible at that.

    Oh, and I remember something someone said years ago that was funny. I remember some lines from songs, and I even remember what my hubby was wearing the day he proposed to me.

  7. I was gonna say something here, but I forget what it was. ;-)

  8. I have no memory...but Model is a crack up with all her one liners from movies and TV shows that she just busts out in the middle of a conversation for no reason. We always laugh because they are always funny liners. Good luck with all those faces and names:) I am terrible with names but will never forget a face.

  9. I'm terrible with names and faces too. Always have been. But when someone comes up to me, I just talk to them like I know who they are and then when they walk away, I ask my husband, now who was that and where do I know them from. Most of the time, he remembers. But after all, he is 4 years younger than me. lol

  10. Good luck on your elderly recognition program :o)

  11. Ugh, hope it went well and your flashcards are working wonders! I can't remember a name to save my life. The key is (as if I'd know) to associate it with something. Like oh she's Helen, like of troy or something like that. LOL! I just started a new job and can't even remember my co-workers names. But now I know every song that comes on the radio.......


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