Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Why Don't Vegetables Taste Like Chocolate?

O.k., here's a question. If I said to you that I was going on a diet, you would know that meant I was going to watch my calories, be careful what I ate, try and do some exercise, etc. You would probably even work with me and encourage me. Not go against me. Not sabotage me. Right?


So......how come when I tell my body that I am going on a diet, it ignores me or acts like it has no idea what I'm talking about? Hmmmmm? How come my brain doesn't seem to remember that fact and instead reaches for the Dove chocolates that somebody bought me? Hmmmm?

And why did somebody buy me Dove chocolates anyway?????

How come my body seems to have no interest in exercise? How come my tummy keeps reminding me how good ice cream tastes? How come my willpower always says "There's always tomorrow. Tomorrow looks good. Start tomorrow." How come "tomorrow" never comes?

Why, people? Why????

Why did I zip up my slacks yesterday, only to discover that I can barely fasten them and have nothing that fits and why isn't my body cooperating with me????? Ugh.

Why don't vegetables taste like chocolate? Why doesn't chocolate taste like liver? Then I would never eat it. Why??? Hmmm, maybe I should have some cheese with that whine.


  1. I totally can empathize with you here...having the same trouble. Someone is shrinking all my clothes!! I just need to figure out who, and make THEM eat liver!!

  2. Why does chocolate have to have calories? Why can't it be like water?!?!? I'm with you! I just posted a picture of chocolate and cookies stuck to my bottom. I should have a tag of CHEESE stuck to me too. Yeah, I'll have some cheese with your whine. Pepper Jack please.

  3. If vegetables tasted like chocolate they would be called...well...candy. Sorry. I started that comment and had no idea where to go with it!

  4. LOLOLOL...Oh Nan...may I share an awful story with you? I put on my jeans the other day and as I pulled them up, I thought..."oops, I must've pulled out my 'skinny' jeans by mistake"...then I checked the tag, nope these are my everyday jeans...Um, they were a little bit snug...SCARY! LOLOLOL
    Did that make me throw away the secret chocolate stash? No.

  5. There seems to be a them going on in blog world....veggies and chocolate do NOT taste the same....Kim @ Homesteaders Heart is agreeing with this statement and concurs on her blog!

    Nan, my body does the same thing and it drives me crazy!! Whatever will we do???

  6. We are in the same boat Nan! My body just doesn't listen to my mind either. or vice versa:)

  7. I'm pretty sure that if you pour some Hershey's chocolate syrup over your vegetables, they'll still be healthy. Seriously, dieting is no fun! There's temptation everywhere!

  8. I am struggling with the same thing. I packed up the chocolate chip cookies that I made for my hubby and sent them with him on the plane. That way they are in DC and I am here and can't touch them.

  9. Nan,

    I think we should just invent a way to diet while eating chocolate. It would be the best diet ever and great for your heart at the same time. No exercise is needed because the fat melts away like chocolate.

    Sounds good in theory right?

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  10. Man...this is the way I see it...if chocolate were vegetables then vegetables would have TONS of calories and I would never eat them either....bottom line. It doesn't matter...cuz you know, we are gonna eat chocolate!!! ;)

  11. Totally feel ya on this one!! My clothes being tight is SO not cool!

  12. I LOVE liver - so do my boys. Go figure! I'm trying to lose the 20 lbs I gained with our move. I'd just like to know why my mouth has a will of its own - My mind says, "Don't eat that." And my mouth just doesn'tlisten until too late:)

    Best of luck tomorrow:)Except I don't think it's about luck at all - it's a willpower thing that keeps beating me - like arm-wrestling with a 200 lb football player.

  13. Oh my I guess I am lucky I allergic to chocolate...♥but I am not allergic to donuts, chips, or soda.... =(

  14. Oh I wish that vegetables tasted like chocolate!!! LOL And that my body listened to my mind more often or that my mind would be tougher and stand up and take its proper position over my body and make it behave. LOL

  15. OOOOOO it´s that post Christmas hangover! YIKES.

    I have a post Christmas plateau. but I am bound and determained to get off of it. Wanna join me? You know where to find us! =) Love ya and am right there with you.

    Dani Joy


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