Wednesday, February 24, 2010

5 Mom's Masterpiece

It's Official.
I'm a lunatic.
No matter how hard I try, sometimes I see the world in different shades of green, red, blue.
Kinda like Andy Warhol {but without the funky glasses}.

I'm not done collecting my photos of wacky-ness.
I had only 2 poor souls awesome bloggers send me their goods, and I need more to create a masterpiece!

 5 ~ Moms~ Masterpiece

So, while you are pondering what you are going to send me,
I'm going to give you a little laugh at the expense of the "other" 4 Moms.

I always thought she would look great as a punk rocker! Watch out Cyndi Lauper....

Oooo...somewhat dark and mysterious, but so Beautiful!!!
Does anyone else think that Miti Toots Rainbows..
I mean after last weeks post we know she has issues!

Somehow E gotta little green boog coming outta her nose...
sorry E, I tried to fix it but gave up after try 25!!! ;)
{She still looks amazing inverted}
I tried something fun and funky and I was not expecting Marge Simpson's hair color. I know that Nan will forgive me for this one because as you can see there is NOOO beehive anywhere in this photo!
 PS, Nan DOES not condone Marge Simpson's behavior...she is a MUCH nicer wife ;)
Does anyone else think that I look like Boy George? Kinda weird.


Boy George Lookalike

*Note, this is unauthorized use of their photos.*
All legal complaints can be sent to:
Who Cares
1111 Right Back Atcha Ln


  1. Oh what fun, Tarah! I love what you did here. You guys have a ton of fun in this blog.

  2. Or is it, "at this blog," "with this blog", or "on this blog". Whatever! You get the idea. :-)

  3. Oh Tarah, you are too funny! Thank for puttin a little BOOGIE in my step today. =0)

  4. Very funny! It's interesting that, other than the blue hair, Nan's turned out almost "normal"! These pictures are a riot.

  5. Fun pictures...
    Blessings, andrea

    PS: Update on prayer request for amden on arise 2 write.

  6. to fun! love all the picture editing, and funky colors! JGG

  7. Oh I think these are so creative and fabulous! I love all the fun colors that are captured and seeing just where they all pop in at the pictures.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  8. You're all beautiful no matter what color you are.
    I love your work!

  9. Hey, blue is my favorite color! (Well, blue and red are tied). I'm thinking maybe there is a dye in my future.... Although I have never seen the Simpson's I have heard enough to agree that you're probably right, I wouldn't condone her behavior, lol!

    ~ Nan

  10. Baa Haa. You do look like boy george. I kindof like my look...thanks. LOL

  11. so fun!!
    my son does stuff like that with his pics. I have no idea how!

  12. LOL! What fun! I have a tinge of green with jealousy over those awesome photos. LOL!

  13. Wow!!! We're glowing and we're not even pregnant! I love it!

    (btw, you weren't supposed to tell anybody about my rainbow toots)


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