Friday, February 19, 2010

I Need To Patent Something...

Don't you wish you could be the proud owner of some great patent? I mean, wouldn't you like to be THAT person that made someone else's life just a little easier...or more fun by something you invented?
Way Back in the day...
My dad was tearing his HOT coffee cup lids at McDonald's so he could sip it with the lid on. Years later some smart person invented the lids that you can now drink out of.

My Dad totally should have patented that idea...I might be on EASY street right now.

Don't get me wrong...I love the street I live on, but EASY Street sounds fun too...Kind of like Sesame Street.

I have to say I am THANKFUL for many of the GENIUS people out there that bring their ideas to the shelves of AMERICA!

I have ruined countless loads of laundry because the colors from my clothes have bled...but now my laundry is saved THANKS to some very smart person & their color catching idea!
My husbands pinks SALUTE YOU!

I'd like to personally thank the person that put the lotion in the Kleenex.
Now THAT was PURE Genius!
No longer do I have to look like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer during Allergy season!
God Bless YOU...person that put lotion in my Kleenex!

How about the maker of the Snuggie? Really? I think that person accidentally put their robe on backwards & fell into millions of dollars.
This Christmas my family definitely put that person in the next Income Tax Bracket. *I Kid*

Do you have any patent ideas in the can go here for help.
Your Welcome...but remember to share the wealth when your idea is a success.
What are your favorite things people have created that make your life easier?

Happy Friday!


  1. I like the "sleeve" on a Starbucks cup that keeps me from burning my hand.

    And I love the inventor of the curling iron. Without that little tool I'd have no control over my hair whatsoever!

  2. I got a pink Snuggie for Christmas too and I love it. I know I look silly, but it's comfortable and keeps me I go with it. You all look so cute in yours.

    I love the one that made the computer into a laptop so I no longer have to sit at the desk to blog. I go all over the house. Yesterday I was in the living room in front of the window with the sun pouring in. Loved it!!!!

  3. I love the person who came up with a straightening iron. Before this invention, I used my curling iron to straighten my "golden arches" (the name I've given my ridiculous cowlicks dead smack in the middle of my forehead). That was dangerous and I have more than one burn scar from that.

    I also have this AMAZING grapefruit knife that I'm SO GRATEFUL someone invented. One end has the standard grapefruit knife curved blade (so what, you're saying), but the OTHER END has a double blade close together side by side - PERFECT for cutting both sides of the membrane separating those little pieces of wonder AT ONCE! (Maybe I need to see a therapist for my intense love of grapefruit.)

  4. Having severe allergies...I am ever so thankful to the person who invented kleenex!

    Thank you for your encouragement and prayers.
    Blessings, andrea

  5. I pay homage to the person who invented the 1 cup coffee maker...thanks to him, I drink 10 cups a day myself and I would never finish a pot of coffee...I also have a couple of inventions that I am going to register {when I win the lottery}

  6. How great it is, and how many times have we thought to ourselves..."Why didn't I think of that?" Oh well. When you move to Easy Street I am going to come visit. ;-)

  7. I LOVE Color Catchers too! There are so many times when I think...I thought of that years ago!

  8. Hmmm, the maker of the frozen skillet dinners. You are awesome, and make a good dinner so easy!!

  9. My great idea was that I told M&Ms to put the ABCs on them and call them "M&Ms & ABCs" and people can spell things on birthday cakes and stuff. They told me their marketing dept. may have already thought of something similar and sent me coupons. YEAH RIGHT - I just gave them a billion dollar idea! That was years ago so when you see those come out, think of me and I won't be on easy street. They're so lucky I still eat M&Ms aren't they??

  10. Right now, my favorite invention is the electric blanket! I love that person!!!

    and the person that invented Febreeze!

  11. I have no invention of my own but am so thankful for many. For example the In Styler is FANTASTIC!!! I never knew I had good hair before that one:-)

  12. I am so grateful to whoever invented micro fleece. I love my micro fleece pjs! So light, yet soooo warm!

    I'm also so thankful to the person that created Harry and David's Dark Chocolate Truffles....just sayin'! ;-)

  13. Oh, how many things I have said "Now why didn't I think of that?!" LOL!


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