Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Worst Christmas Gift EVA...TRY TO BEAT THIS ONE!

Welcome to the 1st installment of the
You know it has happened to you, maybe your just too nice to admit it, but deep down inside you were thinking "WHAT WERE THEY THINKING WHEN THEY BOUGHT THIS"???

Maybe you even thought to yourself.."Does this person even really like me"?

So we flash back to the 80's.
A period in time where my hair looked like this:

And my CHRISTMAS presents looked like this:

Yes, you might be thinking to yourself  I did not know Tarah was a drummer....
well surprise surprise...SHE ISN'T but somehow my aunt
(not Mimi's mom) thought that this just screamed Tarah!!!
(It screamed something that is for sure)...
 So what did I do with this lovely? I tried to return it to KMart only to find that I would not be able to get a pack of gum with the amount that it cost..
That was one sad sad day- Only to be followed by another sad sad day.

Yeah, for a really long time I thought that I was cool but according to my Christmas gifts,
I am the EXACT opposite of cool. I mean honestly, did I request socks that had every bone and muscle listed so that I could give myself the best food massage ever?
 I must have been so annoyed thankful when I received these.

Next, I can barely contain my excitement. Because of all people, you know that your Grandmother should give you something special. She always went the extra mile to find something great and then later in life she crocheted baby blankets and quilts but she had some kind of relapse this particular year in the 80's because on Christmas morning in Hawaii Detroit, Michigan I opened these:

YES, I went to public school. Yes, it was negative 15 outside.
 No, not any pair of tights was going to cover up the plaid. NO I never wore them.
I think unless you are Hansell or Gretal you can't get away with this.

The moral of this post????
It's the thought that counts....OR IS IT?

Till Next Week......


  1. Oh my! how funny .. but sad in a way. Sad for your Aunt and your Grandma. What were they thinking???

    I honestly can´t think of a bad gift. maybe from those White Elephant exchanges.

    WEll, I am off to pack for our New years trip! Maybe this will become tradition.

    Hope you had some really great gifts this year.
    Dani Joy

  2. LMBO!!! I love this post:) I loved the 80's photo and the outfit, you know you could have rocked that with a high shoulder pad blazer(the kind Janet wore in rhythmnation), cut the shorts shorter and put on some thick winter tights and boots:)
    I think it's always the thought that counts at least that what my mom said.

    Thank you for the compliments on my blog, and your fav 5!

  3. Wow, those are pretty good. This year my Mom, who is 74 bought me a Mauve knit, short waisted, button up sweater. It screamed elderly person all over the place. I'm 6 foot tall, I don't do mauve OR short waisted knit sweaters. I don't need any more attention drawn to me then I already have. As I opened it she says,"Isn't it lovely?" So I politely smiled and put it down until later when I had to tell her that it just wasn't me and told her it would look good on her! LOL.
    Hidden agenda on her part? Maybe! LOL

  4. Those gifts cracked me up. But I think you could have pulled off the plaid look if you paired it with the eighties hair!

  5. Yikes.....
    Blessings and hugs,

  6. Those are more than hilarious! The outfit looks like Pinnochio.

    My husband once received two very special gifts from two aunts who lived together, when he was about 16. One gave him a pair of fuzzy underwear, and the other gave him some sort of super hero action figure. They LIVED together, for crying out loud! He has been traumatized over gifts ever since, HATES them! Maybe next year I will give him a gift certificate for counseling. :-)

  7. Too funny! I wonder if those socks really would work. Interesting concept at least. =0)

    Hey, air drums are the best kind to play. You can't ever screw up!

  8. Oh this post is so funny to me because i lived through it with you. I got some doozies too. LOL I love that you are sharing so much of your beautiful past with us:)

  9. You are truly something else!! How did you find photos of these lovely gifts? That last outfit closely resembles lederhosen. Scary! I think Ms. Wanda is right on the money with how you could have made that little outfit work.

    One Christmas I went all out and bought a boyfriend a gold necklace. What I went through to afford that! He then proceeds to give me a bottle of "Charlie" perfume with a black teddy bear. Thanks pal!

  10. LOL Oh my goodness! Don't you just wonder sometimes??? I hope none of the gifts that I have bought over the years actually are that ridiculous! You are right though, the gift does usually reveal the thought or the lack of it! :) I will definitely keep that in mind in my coming years, especially as I get older. LOL

  11. Oh my word...too funny! Sorry you couldn't even get a pack of gum out of it....that is saying a lot! Hope your gift getting this year was just a tad more useful. ;-)

  12. Hilarious!! One year my brother in law got us a really nice wise man about 2 feet tall. Yep, one wise man. I don't know if his plan was to finish up each year and get us another one but we've never seen #2 or #3 - or a manger or a star...I think if you're going that route, maybe start with Jesus and then if you can finish, great and if not, well then you've got the most important part! ♥

  13. Those are pretty bad!Way to to turn into a good post though!

  14. Too funny...though I kind of think the socks are cool! They probably weren't a good gift for a teenager, but they would be great for a mom with achy feet!

  15. Ok, I am hardly with it so far this morning... but THOSE SOCKS... wow. I bet they would have been the hit of the party I went to before Christmas. We all brought "white elephant" gifts. :)

  16. So sad, but so true:-) Some gifts are given just to be re-gifted, a.k.a."white elephant"

  17. I alway's wanted drums lol.I do re-gift alot of the things I recieve or just plain throw it in the trash.I guess it's suppose to be the thought that counts but...........

  18. A friend and I were discussing "re-gifting" once and she made an observation that I liked and have held onto. "Just because a gift isn't perfect for me, doesn't mean it wouldn't be perfect for someone else." I've been guilty of regifting...when the item has suited the recipient more than it would've suited me!

    but oh my! the plaid!! LOL

  19. Oh my, I think we've all been there at a time or two. I think to it was before the thought of re-gifting was ever created. I simply tossed them out in the trash without my parents seeing or I buried them in the back of my closet for one day when I would undoubtedly have to clean it out.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  20. do you still have them???? how is it that you have pictures? Confess. You secretly love them and wear the little overalls still!!!

  21. I'm laughing...I got nothing to add to this!!

  22. I'm dying, such a funny post. Gotta love that outfit! I had hit stix btw, thanks for the memory of a bad gift, lol.

  23. WOW! I don't think that in this case it is the thought that counts, lol! Not sure where you would even find those, lol! I really hope this christmas was better for you.

    PS- I ahd the same hair at one point in my life!

  24. and that is the way to make lemonade....

  25. Fisrt time here...came from Mimi's.

    Love the site and this post was fUnNy!

  26. seriously???
    give the drum sticks to the neighbor boy, re gift the socks to MiMi and burn the outfit.....just kidding.
    I don't know if this post was true or fiction but I am cracking up and that was probably your intention.

  27. Those are certainly some interesting gifts. You received those short thingy's in the 80's?

    I've seen some strange sox, but never ones showing the muscles & all. Very interesting.

    I've received some ugly clothes from loved ones, but I know they meant well. I even wore some of the things at least once.

    Happy new year.



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