Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Failure Is Not An Option

Today I am braving the crowds, people. Yup. I am going to do some shopping. Yup. If I'm not back in thirty days please send out a search party.

If you hear about some wild woman who was screaming hysterically and pulling her hair out and crying.....that won't be me. If you hear about some woman who couldn't find a parking space and so drove her car through the doors and into the building and parked next to the cash register, that won't be me. Because I have a plan.

You ever heard of a Park and Ride? I'll be doing the Park and Run. That's because you can't find parking close to stores right now. You usually have to park in the next zip code.

My plan is to park and run into the store and grab the first thing I see, toss some cash, and then run out again. I figure, barring any long lines, I oughtta be out in about 30 seconds. Tops. Failure is not an option. Have no fear, I used to do a pretty mean 100-yard dash back in the day.

I thought I bought my mom a certain present but I can't seem to find it. Which leads me to believe that I probably didn't really buy her something at all. I just thought I did.

I have looked everywhere. Well, not everywhere, just everywhere I thought it would be. Boy, when I hide things I really hide things.

So today I will run in and grab the first thing I see. It may be olives. It may be a dvd. It may be an empty plastic store bag. Whatever I see first, she gets. I hope she likes it.

Sorry this post isn't much but I am in training for the big event. I have to practice my dash and grab, dash and grab. Shove and push, dash and grab. Sprint, catch my breath, ice my shin splints, shove and push, yell "Move it!" Dash and grab.

Or maybe I'll just slow down, relax, be polite, and enjoy buying a gift for someone I love. Maybe I'll just relax and appreciate the true meaning of Christmas, the birth of my Savior! Merry Christmas everyone!


  1. I too have to do some "dash and grab" this week. But I think I may have to do it after midnight because that's the only time I have left. Good thing Walmart's open 24/7! Merry Christmas!

  2. You crack me up....I love the visual!

    You know, I do the same thing with not being sure if I did something, or just thought it was a good idea but never fully executed it. I think it all goes with brain cell loss and being a mom!

    Merry Christmas Nan....I hope you choose to take a deep breath.....relax.....and enjoy these last few days of The Season.


  3. Oh we so need to go shopping together. LOL!
    Next year we are so hooking up!

  4. Well, I was hoping for a real plan, but I got a laugh instead, which is a good thing because braving the elements and the crowds with a baby right now can be daunting! I just resolve before I go that I WILL accept the parking spot in the next zip code, I WILL accept the long lines, and I WILL zip my lip when others are totally rude and ugly...they're just stressed out to after all and didn't leave home with the resolve that I did. lol

  5. Ha. Nan you crack me up! Sounds to me like you will be on the move all day!!! Get that shopping done and with only 3 days to spare the countdown is here!!! ;)

  6. Man I have to do that today also.I really should have went at midnight last night to beat the crowds but I didn't.Good luck on that perfect gift.Merry Christmas!

  7. I love it. so glad I am all done. But just for fun I may go up and walk around the mall and laugh at those that are frantically searching for the perfect gift. LOL I'm kidding I would never do that...or would I? Good luck!

  8. I took off last Friday to finish up my shopping (my only day off from work to do so). I had an ENT appointment for the little one, 3 returns (at different stores of course), a trip to the post office, and then some serious shopping to do. So, of course, it decided to POUR rain all day long. It was cold, windy, and the kind of rainy that makes your pants wet up to your knees in the short (yeah right) trip from your car to the mall. I dashed in and out with the 18 month old, had the most frustrating post office experience I think I've ever had, showed up at the ENT to be told my appointment was an HOUR after I thought it was, walked in through the slosh TWICE only to realized I'd left the item I was trying to return in the car, and went in THREE different stores looking for a silly stocking stuffer I REALLY wanted for my husband without finding it at any of them. Yet through it all, I remained calm and in a pretty Christmasy mood. I kept reminding myself that the point of this day wasn't to RUSH or beat others to some imaginary savings. The point was to find things to make the people I love happy, and so I did and I enjoyed myself (though I fear I may have to have a toe removed from all that cold, wetness). :)

    Merry Christmas and good luck out there!

  9. Thanks for the laugh my friend! I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who forgets where I puts things. I pray you have a great day shopping. Merry Christmas my friend!

  10. Oh Nan,...I do love you! :) LOL Wonderful post my friend. Today we (son, girlfriend and I) are going to do some shopping too, but the good thing is we don't NEED anything, so it'll be nice just to watch all the dash and grab shoppers around us, hee hee!
    Have fun, BE CAREFUL, LOL

  11. LOL I have to get out for a few things today too! I am not looking forward to it either. But I think I will just follow your last paragraph. That sounds like a great idea! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas Nan!

  12. Today is my day off and my last opportunity to finish up my shopping...the dash 'n grab sounds like it could work ;)

  13. Uhhhm, I hate to break it to ya Nan, but I doubt your mom will appreciate the plastic Wal-Mart bag too much. Somehow I bet she's already got one of those. =0)

    I sure hope it goes well for ya today. I'll be heading out soon too... but not because I still really 'need' anything for Christmas. Just cuz the kids and I are bored and we wanna go out! ha ha ha

    See ya round the shopping lines maybe.

  14. You are so funny! Merry Christmas!

  15. So, what did you get for your mom? I started my Christmas shopping on the 21st & finished the 22nd. Good thing I have a small family and my extended family decided we adults wouldn't exchange gifts.

    Bought a few small gifts for them anyway.

    Next year I hope to have a plan to shop earlier.

    Take care,


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